Study Detail

TitleIntermittent Air Exposure on Four-Stage and One-Stage Anaerobic Semi- Continuous Mixed-Acid Fermentation Microbial Communities
Study TypeMetagenomics
Abstract This study evaluated the effect of intermittent air exposure on fermentation performance in anaerobic countercurrent fermentations for the carboxylate platform of the MixAlco Process. Anaerobic mixed-acid fermentation is the core step of the MixAlco process, which converts lignocellulose into chemi .. [more]
Description The goals of this study were to 1) identify the organisms present in the reactor communities and 2) evaluate the effects of fermentation train configuration and air exposure on microbial community structure. Samples of reactor slurry were collected at the end of each fermentation run. Community DNA .. [more]
Center NameTexas A&M University