Study Detail

Title16S rRNA gene characterization of microbial communities associated with a semi-industrial scale lignocellulosic bioreactor system that produces mixed alcohols
Study TypeMetagenomics
Abstract Bacterial communities associated with a semi-industrial scale, anaerobic bioreactor facility were sequenced at six time points across an 80-day batch fermentation of high biomass bioenergy sorghum. These communities included periods during which reactor productivity was ramping up, at peak productiv .. [more]
Description The goals of this study were to 1) identify the organisms present in the reactor communities and 2) track their changes over time. Samples of reactor liquid were collected at days 0 (marine sediment inoculum), 7, 30, 48, 62, and 78 of an 80-day fermentation run. Community DNA was extracted from the .. [more]
Center NameTexas A&M University