Sample Detail

DescriptionProtocols: ES cells were maintained in Ndiff N2B27 media in the presence (ES conditions) of CHIR99021 (3uM) and PD032590 (1uM). Control RNAi, Oct4 RNAi or Otx2 RNAi, in the presence (ES conditions) or absence (Differentiation, 12hr) of CHIR99021 (3uM) and PD032590 (1uM). RNA was isolated using RNeasy plus mini Kit (QIAGEN) followed by DNaseI treatment (Ambion, Turbo DNA-free) and re-purify by Agencourt RNA clean XP beads (Beckman coulter) then stored at -80C SENSE mRNA-seq library Prep kit (Lexogen)

Organism Info

Taxon ID10090
Common Name
Scientific NameMus musculus
Anonymized Name
Individual Name