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DescriptionProtocols: The Decepentaplegic receptor Thickviens (Tkv) was over-expressed using the UASp-GAL4 system. pUASp-tkvQD was obtained from this original stock yw;pUASpTkvQD/TM6B (Casanueva and Ferguson, 2004; Development, 131(9): 1881-90). Gal4-Tub:VP16 was obtained from the original stock, Bloomington 7062. At the 3-3.5h time point after egg lay (AEL) embryos over-expressing TkvQD, derived from Gal4-Tub:VP16/+ ; P{UASp-TkvQD}/+ adults were collected. As an experimental control, 3-3.5h embryos derived from Gal4-Tub:VP16/+ ; + were also collected. RNA was extracted from 30ul of Drosophila embryos per sample using Trizol (Invitrogen) SOLiDTM Total RNA-Seq Kit (PN 4445374)

Organism Info

Taxon ID7227
Common Name
Scientific NameDrosophila melanogaster
Anonymized Name
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