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DescriptionProtocols: Vespa crabro gut isolated strain, Stefanini et al., 2012 (PMID:22847440) Cells were grown in YPD liquid medium for genomic DNA extraction DNA was extracted from 10^9 pelleted cells with the Qiagen Genomic DNA Isolation Kit following the manufacturer's instructions. Libraries were constructed using Illumina TruSeq DNA Sample Prep standard protocol. Briefly, 5 ug of high molecular weight genomic DNA (gDNA) was fragmented by Covaris sonication device. Following sonication, DNA fragments were end-repaired and A-tailed. Adapters were then ligated via a 3′ thymine overhang. Finally, ligated fragments were amplified by PCR (10 cycles). insert sizes were 400-500 bp as evaluated in an Agilent DNA 1000 Analyzer Chip.

Organism Info

Taxon ID4932
Common Name
Scientific NameSaccharomyces cerevisiae
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