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TitleZHBTc4 mouse ES cells stably expressing Flag-H2A.X variant
DescriptionZHBTc4 is derived from ZHTc6 and maintained by tetracycline (Tc)-regulatable Oct-3/4 transgene. Both of Oct-3/4 locus are disrupted by IRES-zeocin and IRES-BSD KO vectors. It should be cultured in the absence of tetraycline to maintain the undifferentiated state. pCAGGS vector was used to generate the transgenic ES cell lines constitutively expressing Flag-H2A.X variant. A DNA fragment coding the histone variant tagged with Flag on its N-terminal was inserted into EcoRI site of the pCAGGS vector. Puromycin N-acetyl-transferase (Pac) gene obtained from salI digestion of pCre-Pac was inserted into the salI site of the vectors. The vector coding a Flag-histone variant was transfected into the ZHBTc4 cells by lipofection, and the cells were selected in the ES medium with 100 μg/mL of puromycin. A single colony of the cells thus obtained for the variant was picked up and cultured.

Organism Info

Taxon ID10090
Common Name
Scientific NameMus musculus
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