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1 DRP000380 DRA000376 Metagenomic analysis of rice shoot-associated bacteria Whole Genome Sequencing shoot metagenome 1G 2011-04-14 TOHOKUGL
2 DRP000568 DRA000542 Simultaneous RNA-Seq Analysis of a Mixed Transcriptome of Rice and Blast Fungus Interaction Transcriptome Sequencing Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Pyricularia oryzae
shoot metagenome
10.6G 2012-04-26 NIAS
3 DRP001003 DRA000965 Rice-associated bacterial community Metagenomics shoot metagenome 205.3M 2013-03-21 TOHOKUGL
4 SRP224781 SRA974983 WHEAT RHIZOSPHERE AND TISSUES Raw sequence reads Whole Genome Sequencing rhizosphere metagenome
root metagenome
shoot metagenome
3G BioProject