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1 DRP002286 DRA002208 Diet disparity in the coexisting herbivorous cichlids in Lake Tanganyika revealed by metagenomics approach Metagenomics biofilm metagenome
gut metagenome
mixed culture metagenome
47.6M 2014-04-07 EHIME
2 DRP002366 DRA002561 Shrew fecal metagenome Other gut metagenome 1.7G 2014-10-03 HU-RCZC
3 DRP002680 DRA002537 Fecal analysis of gnotobiotic mice harboring 15 predominant species Other gut metagenome 4.8G 2014-09-25 MORINAGA
4 DRP002681 DRA002536 Fecal analysis in gnotobiotic mice gnotobiotic mice harboring 15 predominant species of human gut microbiota Other gut metagenome 346M 2014-09-22 MORINAGA
5 DRP003130 DRA004750 Analysis of gut microbiome correlates with honey bee productivity Other gut metagenome 1.4G 2015-09-18 CGBIU
6 DRP003197 DRA003479
Novel probiotic bacteria retrieved from wild rock ptarmigans Other gut metagenome 23.4M 2015-04-07 KYOTO_PREF
7 DRP003638 DRA005779 Diet analysis of adult female Calanus sinicus Other gut metagenome 1.2G 2017-05-02 FISHRA
8 DRP003664 DRA003589 The accuracy of DNA barcoding for dietary analysis of deer Other gut metagenome 10.3M 2015-05-29 NIES
9 DRP003907 DRA004176 Sea cucmber gut microbiome Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
4.6G 2015-11-17 HOKU_FS
10 DRP004132 DRA006667 Bacterial community structure in the intestine of Sika deer Other gut metagenome 888.2M 2018-03-26 NIHS_BFR
11 DRP004155 DRA004621 microbiome study on bat intestine Other gut metagenome 141.2M 2016-04-05 TOKYO_AGRITECH
12 DRP004297 DRA005413 Microbiota of patients infected with HCV Other gut metagenome 2.2G 2016-12-31 NAGOYAC_U
13 DRP004330 DRA005782 Disease distrupts shrimp gut community assembly Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
1.7G 2017-05-08 ISSCAS
14 DRP004339 DRA005256 Prediction of shrimp disease via the ecological processes and temporal variations of gut microbiota Other gut metagenome 1.9G 2016-11-11 ISSCAS
15 DRP004489 DRA005153 Unravelling the association between the gut bacterial community assembly and the shrimp body weight Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
386M 2016-09-29 ISSCAS
16 DRP004641 DRA006843 Leopard Coral Grouper Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
skin metagenome
2G 2018-04-11 JFREA
17 DRP004644 DRA005322 Community structure difference of gut eukaryotic microbiota among cohabitating retarded, overgrown and normal shrimp Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
448.4M 2016-12-06 ISSCAS
18 DRP004675 DRA005412 Microbial Community and Ovine Host Responses to Early and Late Haemonchus contortus Infection Other gut metagenome 26.8G 2016-12-15 CAU
19 DRP004773 DRA007961 Microbial community analysis of feces of wild western lowland gorillas Other gut metagenome 503.8M 2019-01-22 NIG
20 DRP005635 DRA009061 Longitudinal dynamics of bacterial community structure in chicken caecum intestine Other gut metagenome 1.4G 2019-10-02 NIHS_BFR