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1 DRP000498 DRA000477 fish_related environments_microbiome Metagenomics fish metagenome
food metagenome
freshwater metagenome
freshwater sediment metagenome
209.2M 2011-10-28 HYDRO_CAS
2 DRP001329 DRA001264 Bacterial community in carp intestine Metagenomics fish metagenome
freshwater metagenome
106M 2013-12-19 HYDRO_CAS
3 DRP002298 DRA002220 Microbiology of drinking water distribution system Metagenomics freshwater metagenome 43.5M 2014-04-15 DELFT
4 DRP002438 DRA002414
PAB-DWDS Other freshwater metagenome 60M 2014-07-31 DELFT
5 DRP003135 DRA004160
Microbiota composition in healthy Japanese Other freshwater metagenome
human gut metagenome
4G 2017-05-10 MORINAGA
6 DRP003262 DRA005093 16S rRNA amplicon sequencing (V4+V5) from Japanese deep lakes Other freshwater metagenome 48.9M 2016-09-05 KYOTO_CER
7 DRP003663 DRA005422 Microbial community of various water sources in Kathmandu Valley Other freshwater metagenome
groundwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
955.8M 2017-01-05 YAMANASHI
8 DRP003684 DRA004882
Environmental DNA as a tool for animal biodiversity monitoring Other freshwater metagenome 730.6M 2017-09-25 RYUKOKU
9 DRP003908 DRA005118 Bacterial composition in precipitation collected in Japan over one and half years Other aquatic metagenome
freshwater metagenome
synthetic metagenome
74M 2016-09-08 UT_CB
10 DRP003941 DRA004779 The gut bacterial communities of crucian carp (Carassius auratus) associated with water quality and disease Other fish gut metagenome
freshwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
1.1G 2016-05-27 CIB_CAS
11 DRP004163 DRA006698 shogun metagenomic analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 14.4G 2018-04-02 HU-RCZC
12 DRP004164 DRA006697 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 8.5M 2017-02-09 HU-RCZC
13 DRP004181 DRA006774 Metagenomic analysis in Bangkok, Thailand Other freshwater metagenome 9.1G 2018-04-12 HU-RCZC
14 DRP004196 DRA006806 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in BKK Other freshwater metagenome 547.9M 2017-02-06 HU-RCZC
15 DRP004422 DRA006454
Culture-independent metagenomic and metaepigenomic analysis of prokaryotes in Lake Biwa, Japan Other Escherichia coli
freshwater metagenome
21.3G 2018-01-24 UT_CB
16 DRP004514 DRA006237 Microcystis CRISPR amplicon sequences Other freshwater metagenome 368.7M 2017-10-11 KYOTO_AG
17 DRP004586 DRA005271 The detection of eDNA from all 19 species and subspecies of the genus Anguilla Other freshwater metagenome
riverine metagenome
seawater metagenome
synthetic metagenome
91.5M 2016-11-18 NUBS
18 DRP005026 DRA006959
Developing techniques of DNA/RNA analyses for studying ecological communities in nature Other freshwater metagenome
seawater metagenome
881.2M 2018-06-10 RYUKOKU
19 DRP005031 DRA005775 Usefulness and limitations of sample pooling for environmental DNA metabarcoding of freshwater fish communities Other freshwater metagenome 2.6G 2017-05-01 KYOTO_CER
20 DRP005259 DRA007786 Studies of fungal DNA assemblage in terrestrial water Other freshwater metagenome 136.3M 2018-12-25 KYOTO_CER