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1 DRP000946 DRA000912 discovery of GH genes using metatranscriptomic approach Transcriptome Sequencing compost metagenome 773M 2013-01-17 JAIST
2 DRP000947 DRA000912 eukaryotic community analysis Pooled Clone Sequencing compost metagenome 76.1M 2013-01-17 JAIST
3 DRP001357 DRA001286 Persistence or attenuation of antibiotic resistance genes during full-scale swine manure vermicomposting via housefly larvae (Musca domestica) Metagenomics compost metagenome 57.5M 2014-01-18 ZJUT
4 DRP002335 DRA002286 Subsurface bacterial community of Musashino Upland Other compost metagenome
groundwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
26.6M 2014-04-04 SAITAMA
5 DRP002679 DRA003598 structural analysis of microbial community for feild soil and compost made from coffee lees Other compost metagenome 440.8M 2015-06-02 FASMAC
6 DRP003250 DRA005067
Diversity of Ktedonobacteria in terrestrial environments Other compost metagenome
leaf metagenome
sand metagenome
soil metagenome
terrestrial metagenome
1.2G 2016-09-02 TOHOKU
7 DRP003285 DRA002540 Evaluation of the potential for ammonia biofiltration using mature composts based on bacteriome analyses targeting 16S rRNA genes Other compost metagenome 506.7M 2014-09-29 TOKYO_AGRITECH
8 DRP004924 DRA008178 Diversity of dead bacterial biomass consumers in compost Other compost metagenome 423.2M 2019-03-22 HARC
9 ERP003625 ERA240757 Changes in bacterial and fungal communities across compost recipes, preparation methods, and composting times Other compost metagenome 48M CCME-COLORADO
10 ERP003626 ERA240758 Changes in bacterial and fungal communities across compost recipes, preparation methods, and composting times Metagenomics compost metagenome 2.7M CCME-COLORADO
11 ERP009006 ERA394163 Enriched Hetertrophic-Methantrophic Cultures from Different Soils Other biogas fermenter metagenome
compost metagenome
marine sediment metagenome
sediment metagenome
soil metagenome
12 ERP013856 ERA557581
Wheat straw mixed microbial community metatranscriptome Other compost metagenome
25.5G University of York
13 ERP016434 ERA1170056
Metagenomic study of composts produced onfarm Other compost metagenome 17.6G CREA-ORT
14 ERP023280 ERA944976 16S and 18S amplicon sequencing of compost wheat straw composting microbial community Other compost metagenome 1.8G YORK UNIVERSITY
15 ERP110079 ERA1552674 16S amplicon study of compost tea, teku kana and litters Other compost metagenome 6G CREA-ORT
16 ERP112283 ERA1664460 Compost community evolved with and without copper present Other compost metagenome 311.3K University of Exeter
17 ERP121555 ERA2547893 The microbial community of liquid cultures, containing wheat straw as a sole carbon source, were investigated over eight weeks using ITS and 16S sequencing Other compost metagenome The University of York, United Kingdom
18 SRP001130 SRA009487 Tropical urban market crop waste composting in Uganda Metagenomics compost metagenome 54.1M 2009-09-17 SLU
19 SRP001140 SRA009753 Pyrosequencing of the 16S rRNA gene to reveal bacterial pathogen diversity in biosolids Metagenomics compost metagenome 185.4M 2009-09-21 Yale University
20 SRP001561 SRA010300 Composting bioreactor sample metagenome Metagenomics compost metagenome 287.9M 2009-12-21 JGI