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1 DRP003924 DRA006356 Identification of chemosensory genes expressed in legs of nymphalid butterflies Other Araschnia burejana
Nymphalis c-aureum
Vanessa cardui
Vanessa indica
82.6G 2017-11-23 TOHOKUGL
2 ERP012009 ERA477982 Evolutionary history of host, rather than plant phylogeny, determines gene expression in a generalist butterfly Transcriptome Analysis Vanessa cardui 256.4G Stockholm University Department of Zoology Population Genetics
3 ERP108426 ERA1356565 Tracking long-distance Vanessa cardui migrations by pollen metabarcoding Other Vanessa cardui 5.8G Institute of Botany, Polish Academy of Sciences
4 SRP059310 SRA358875
Vanessa cardui Transcriptome or Gene expression Transcriptome Analysis Vanessa cardui 21.2G BioProject
5 SRP062599 SRA290023 Vanessa cardui Raw sequence reads Other Vanessa cardui 79G BioProject
6 SRP071859 SRA385509 Vanessa cardui Transcriptome or Gene expression Whole Genome Sequencing Vanessa cardui 57G BioProject
7 SRP106661 SRA560615 A single master regulatory gene optix underlies both color and iridescence in butterflies Other Junonia coenia
Vanessa cardui
19.2G GEO
8 SRP128067 SRA644032 Vanessa tameamea Raw sequence reads Other Vanessa atalanta
Vanessa cardui
Vanessa indica
Vanessa tameamea
Vanessa virginiensis
12.8G BioProject