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1 DRP005243 DRA008626 complete genome sequence of Thermus thermophilus AA2-20 and AA2-29 Other Thermus thermophilus 8.1G 2019-06-18 AIST
2 DRP005278 DRA008651 Draft genome sequence of Thermus thermophilus HC11 Other Thermus thermophilus 827.8M 2019-07-08 AIST
3 DRP006893 DRA011331
Whole-genome sequencing of novel Thermus thermophilus strains isolated from Mine Onsen hot spring. Other Thermus thermophilus 3.9G 2021-01-06 AIST
4 ERP007191 ERA367352
RNA-targeting by the Type III-A CRISPR-Cas complex of Thermus thermophilus Other Thermus thermophilus 13.4G WAGENINGEN UNIVERSITY
5 ERP105299 ERA1138227
Check the genomic profile of colonies grown from an horizontal gene transfer event through a cell-to-cell conjugation between two different strains of Thermus Thermophilus. Other Thermus thermophilus 3.1G Centro Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO)
6 ERP111483 ERA1625068 De novo assembly of Thermus thermophilus strain NAR1 Other Thermus thermophilus 2.7G Centro Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO)
7 SRP009852 SRA048673 A genome-wide view of the expression and processing patterns of Thermus thermophilus HB8 CRISPR RNAs Transcriptome Analysis Thermus thermophilus
Thermus thermophilus HB8
25.3G 2011-12-15 GEO
8 SRP093542 SRA496393
Recovery of nearly 8,000 uncultivated bacterial and archaeal genomes substantially flesh out the tree of life Metagenomics Acetobacter orientalis
Acetobacter pasteurianus
Acetobacter sp. UBA5411
Acetobacter syzygii
Acetobacteraceae bacterium UBA6159
Acetobacterium sp. UBA5558
Acetobacterium sp. UBA5834
Acetobacterium sp. UBA6819
Acetothermia bacterium UBA2187
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3560
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3563
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3564
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3565
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3571
Acetothermia bacterium UBA3574
Acetothermia bacterium UBA4777
Acetothermia bacterium UBA4801
Acetothermia bacterium UBA7521
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA2284
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA4853
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA4870
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA4904
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA4950
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5000
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5222
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5250
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5264
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5282
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5354
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5386
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5409
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5430
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5453
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5468
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5491
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5617
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5635
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA5769
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA6150
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA6181
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA6190
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA6235
Acholeplasmataceae bacterium UBA7643
Achromobacter denitrificans
Achromobacter insolitus
Achromobacter sp. UBA2119
Achromobacter sp. UBA4530
Achromobacter sp. UBA5777
Achromobacter sp. UBA5986
Achromobacter xylosoxidans
Acidaminococcaceae bacterium UBA2453
Acidaminococcaceae bacterium UBA2812
Acidaminococcaceae bacterium UBA2842
Acidaminococcaceae bacterium UBA2873
Acidaminococcaceae bacterium UBA7746
Acidaminococcus fermentans
Acidaminococcus sp. UBA2733
Acidaminococcus sp. UBA2908
Acidaminococcus sp. UBA7736
Acidilobaceae archaeon UBA158
Acidilobaceae archaeon UBA162
Acidimicrobiaceae bacterium UBA2093
Acidimicrobiaceae bacterium UBA668
Acidimicrobiaceae bacterium UBA6895
Acidimicrobiaceae bacterium UBA7323
Acidimicrobiaceae bacterium UBA7830
Acidimicrobiales bacterium UBA7543
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA1281
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA2766
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA4461
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA4744
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA5794
Acidimicrobiia bacterium UBA6912
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA3006
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA3010
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA3029
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA3116
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA4025
Acidimicrobium sp. UBA4028
Acidithiobacillus sp. UBA2486
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2140
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2161
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2167
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2990
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2994
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA2999
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA5166
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA6628
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA6911
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA7540
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA823
Acidobacteria bacterium UBA890
Acidobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1307
Acidobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1795
Acidobacteriia bacterium UBA6623
Acidovorax delafieldii
Acinetobacter baumannii
Acinetobacter johnsonii
Acinetobacter junii
Acinetobacter lwoffii
Acinetobacter nosocomialis
Acinetobacter pittii
Acinetobacter radioresistens
Acinetobacter schindleri
Acinetobacter seifertii
Acinetobacter sp.
Acinetobacter sp. UBA1297
Acinetobacter sp. UBA1496
Acinetobacter sp. UBA1497
Acinetobacter sp. UBA2063
Acinetobacter sp. UBA2069
Acinetobacter sp. UBA2531
Acinetobacter sp. UBA2567
Acinetobacter sp. UBA2581
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3025
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3060
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3098
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3106
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3132
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3450
Acinetobacter sp. UBA3461
Acinetobacter sp. UBA4567
Acinetobacter sp. UBA4600
Acinetobacter sp. UBA4611
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5709
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5716
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5927
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5934
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5983
Acinetobacter sp. UBA5984
Acinetobacter sp. UBA6007
Acinetobacter sp. UBA6526
Acinetobacter sp. UBA6571
Acinetobacter sp. UBA6641
Acinetobacter sp. UBA6720
Acinetobacter sp. UBA7341
Acinetobacter sp. UBA7614
Acinetobacter sp. UBA7654
Acinetobacter sp. UBA797
Acinetobacter sp. UBA801
Acinetobacter sp. UBA991
Acinetobacter ursingii
Acinetobacter venetianus
Actibacterium sp. UBA681
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA1414
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA1526
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA1967
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA1985
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2184
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2236
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2272
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2279
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2286
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2519
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2541
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2594
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2641
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA2967
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3007
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3009
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3012
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3016
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3028
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3030
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3066
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3085
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3086
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA3120
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4016
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4426
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4444
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4592
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4670
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4719
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA4738
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA5176
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA5182
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA5693
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA5975
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA5976
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA6100
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA7398
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA7422
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA7442
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA7524
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA912
Actinobacteria bacterium UBA959
Actinomycetaceae bacterium UBA4104
Actinomycetales bacterium UBA1383
Actinomycetales bacterium UBA1416
Advenella kashmirensis
Aequorivita sp. UBA1846
Aequorivita sp. UBA1901
Aequorivita sp. UBA3101
Aequorivita sp. UBA3180
Aequorivita sp. UBA3185
Aequorivita sp. UBA3599
Aequorivita sp. UBA3995
Aequorivita sp. UBA3997
Aequorivita sp. UBA5053
Aequorivita sp. UBA5087
Aequorivita sp. UBA5094
Aequorivita sp. UBA5096
Aequorivita sp. UBA5106
Aequorivita sp. UBA5531
Aequorivita sp. UBA6784
Aerococcus sp. UBA6277
Aeromicrobium sp. UBA7512
Aeromonas hydrophila
Aeromonas veronii
Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Akkermansia sp. UBA3271
Akkermansia sp. UBA5128
Akkermansia sp. UBA7059
Akkermansia sp. UBA7090
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1009
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1011
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1090
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1315
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1506
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1507
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1518
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1527
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1955
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA1982
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA2367
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA2381
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA3157
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA3385
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA4145
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA4581
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA4589
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA5020
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA5688
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA5689
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA6138
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA6541
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA6946
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA7329
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA7331
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA7421
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA7811
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA7890
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA956
Akkermansiaceae bacterium UBA985
Alcaligenaceae bacterium UBA6179
Alcaligenaceae bacterium UBA971
Alcaligenes faecalis
Alcanivorax jadensis
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1092
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1475
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1504
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1608
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1614
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1911
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1913
Alcanivorax sp. UBA1972
Alcanivorax sp. UBA2114
Alcanivorax sp. UBA2509
Alcanivorax sp. UBA2512
Alcanivorax sp. UBA2685
Alcanivorax sp. UBA2694
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3183
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3194
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3353
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3585
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3985
Alcanivorax sp. UBA3989
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4150
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4152
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4485
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4488
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4521
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4527
Alcanivorax sp. UBA4543
Alcanivorax sp. UBA5084
Alcanivorax sp. UBA5099
Alcanivorax sp. UBA5163
Alcanivorax sp. UBA5595
Alcanivorax sp. UBA6607
Alcanivorax sp. UBA679
Algoriphagus sp. UBA3586
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA2076
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA3448
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA4115
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA6560
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA6761
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA7619
Alicycliphilus sp. UBA880
Alistipes sp. UBA1686
Alistipes sp. UBA1813
Alistipes sp. UBA1825
Alistipes sp. UBA3274
Alistipes sp. UBA3409
Alistipes sp. UBA6068
Alistipes sp. UBA7106
Alistipes sp. UBA928
Alistipes sp. UBA934
Alistipes sp. UBA936
Alistipes sp. UBA940
Alistipes sp. UBA943
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1002
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1172
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1185
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1218
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1254
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1271
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1301
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1303
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1324
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1326
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1330
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1485
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1509
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1632
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1904
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1908
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1925
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2041
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2562
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2662
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2723
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2784
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2903
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2931
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2947
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2954
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2964
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2966
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2973
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2984
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3002
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3203
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3205
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3307
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3437
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3439
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3447
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3502
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3504
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3612
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3635
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3637
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3650
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3760
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3768
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3773
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3864
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3994
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4436
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4588
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4623
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4642
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4684
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4704
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5046
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5058
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5086
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5103
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5181
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5343
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5885
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5951
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5956
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6038
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6062
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6149
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6178
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6187
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6189
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6324
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6334
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6347
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6349
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6358
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6372
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6376
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6411
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6467
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6471
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6477
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6544
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6605
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6615
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6830
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA685
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6864
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6868
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6962
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7083
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA723
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7314
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7371
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7488
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA756
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7577
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7691
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA780
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7887
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7893
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA815
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA828
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA830
Alphaproteobacteria bacterium UBA998
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1089
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1099
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1282
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1334
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1517
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1974
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA1980
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA2620
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA3345
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA6945
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA7296
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA7313
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA7387
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA7799
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA7877
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA820
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA858
Alteromonadaceae bacterium UBA884
Alteromonas australica
Alteromonas macleodii
Alteromonas mediterranea
Alteromonas sp. UBA1848
Alteromonas sp. UBA2493
Aminobacterium sp. UBA1031
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4834
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4902
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4908
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4919
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4934
Aminobacterium sp. UBA4987
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5257
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5277
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5367
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5393
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5410
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5437
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5475
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5495
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5514
Aminobacterium sp. UBA5845
Amoebophilaceae bacterium UBA1467
Amoebophilaceae bacterium UBA6012
Anaerobaculum sp. UBA3949
Anaerobaculum sp. UBA5826
Anaerococcus sp. UBA2626
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA1024
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA1363
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA1415
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA2178
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA2260
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA2274
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA2275
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA3924
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4063
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4081
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4775
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4781
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4784
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4799
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4841
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4864
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4890
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4918
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4929
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA4931
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5199
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5211
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5224
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5229
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5241
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5243
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5311
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5344
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5355
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5358
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5365
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5404
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5440
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5728
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5823
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA5838
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6073
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6086
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6105
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6107
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6133
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6170
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA6801
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA700
Anaerolineaceae bacterium UBA7644
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA1136
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA1429
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2029
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2181
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2200
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2232
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2285
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2317
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2323
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2356
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2374
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2378
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2395
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2414
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA2796
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3001
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3071
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3082
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3499
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3905
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA3940
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA4142
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA4811
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA4823
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA4826
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5069
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5195
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5215
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5587
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5796
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA5797
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6055
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6092
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6128
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6131
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6663
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6665
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA6668
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA7227
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA832
Anaerolineales bacterium UBA877
Anaerovibrio lipolyticus
Aneurinibacillus sp. UBA3580
Aquabacterium sp. UBA2148
Aquabacterium sp. UBA666
Aquificaceae bacterium UBA2488
Archaeoglobus sp. UBA230
Archaeoglobus sp. UBA231
Archaeoglobus sp. UBA234
Archaeoglobus sp. UBA236
Arcobacter sp. UBA1348
Arcobacter sp. UBA2431
Arcobacter sp. UBA2434
Arcobacter sp. UBA2438
Arcobacter sp. UBA2443
Arcobacter sp. UBA4038
Arcobacter sp. UBA6788
Arcobacter sp. UBA6789
Arcobacter sp. UBA7394
Arenibacter sp. UBA3178
Arenibacter sp. UBA3199
Armatimonadetes bacterium UBA1398
Armatimonadetes bacterium UBA5352
Armatimonadetes bacterium UBA5377
Armatimonadetes bacterium UBA5419
Armatimonadetes bacterium UBA5829
Arsenicicoccus sp. UBA2120
Arsenicicoccus sp. UBA6765
Arsenicicoccus sp. UBA7492
Arsukibacterium sp. UBA3155
Arsukibacterium sp. UBA3189
Arsukibacterium sp. UBA4203
Arsukibacterium sp. UBA4212
Arsukibacterium sp. UBA5043
Asticcacaulis sp. UBA2476
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA1025
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA1367
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA2890
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA2902
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA3639
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA3698
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4299
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4384
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4833
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4852
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4884
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4927
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4955
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA4973
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5228
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5303
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5321
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5363
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5372
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5415
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5428
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5465
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA5513
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA7016
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA7288
Atopobiaceae bacterium UBA7734
Atopobium sp. UBA1382
Atopobium sp. UBA2085
Atopobium sp. UBA2090
Atopobium sp. UBA2729
Atopobium sp. UBA3664
Atopobium sp. UBA3697
Atopobium sp. UBA4279
Atopobium sp. UBA4302
Atopobium sp. UBA5378
Atopobium sp. UBA5910
Atopobium sp. UBA6362
Atopobium sp. UBA7261
Atopobium sp. UBA7291
Atopobium sp. UBA7740
Atopobium sp. UBA7741
Atopobium sp. UBA7748
Atopobium sp. UBA7756
Atopobium sp. UBA7774
Atopobium sp. UBA7788
Bacillaceae bacterium UBA1651
Bacillaceae bacterium UBA4111
Bacillaceae bacterium UBA7792
Bacillales bacterium UBA1070
Bacillales bacterium UBA1073
Bacillales bacterium UBA1078
Bacillales bacterium UBA1083
Bacillales bacterium UBA1106
Bacillales bacterium UBA1110
Bacillales bacterium UBA1188
Bacillales bacterium UBA1231
Bacillales bacterium UBA1245
Bacillales bacterium UBA1261
Bacillales bacterium UBA1361
Bacillales bacterium UBA1423
Bacillales bacterium UBA1424
Bacillales bacterium UBA1427
Bacillales bacterium UBA1624
Bacillales bacterium UBA1709
Bacillales bacterium UBA1719
Bacillales bacterium UBA1737
Bacillales bacterium UBA1744
Bacillales bacterium UBA2253
Bacillales bacterium UBA2289
Bacillales bacterium UBA2298
Bacillales bacterium UBA2450
Bacillales bacterium UBA2730
Bacillales bacterium UBA2753
Bacillales bacterium UBA2919
Bacillales bacterium UBA3206
Bacillales bacterium UBA3207
Bacillales bacterium UBA3210
Bacillales bacterium UBA3221
Bacillales bacterium UBA3260
Bacillales bacterium UBA3375
Bacillales bacterium UBA3384
Bacillales bacterium UBA3566
Bacillales bacterium UBA3620
Bacillales bacterium UBA3631
Bacillales bacterium UBA3634
Bacillales bacterium UBA3668
Bacillales bacterium UBA3789
Bacillales bacterium UBA3835
Bacillales bacterium UBA3853
Bacillales bacterium UBA3935
Bacillales bacterium UBA3945
Bacillales bacterium UBA3946
Bacillales bacterium UBA4045
Bacillales bacterium UBA4089
Bacillales bacterium UBA4100
Bacillales bacterium UBA4244
Bacillales bacterium UBA4278
Bacillales bacterium UBA4365
Bacillales bacterium UBA4401
Bacillales bacterium UBA4622
Bacillales bacterium UBA4682
Bacillales bacterium UBA4686
Bacillales bacterium UBA4691
Bacillales bacterium UBA4694
Bacillales bacterium UBA4695
Bacillales bacterium UBA4837
Bacillales bacterium UBA4855
Bacillales bacterium UBA4856
Bacillales bacterium UBA4869
Bacillales bacterium UBA4895
Bacillales bacterium UBA4940
Bacillales bacterium UBA4944
Bacillales bacterium UBA4951
Bacillales bacterium UBA4956
Bacillales bacterium UBA5026
Bacillales bacterium UBA5254
Bacillales bacterium UBA5348
Bacillales bacterium UBA5360
Bacillales bacterium UBA5364
Bacillales bacterium UBA5376
Bacillales bacterium UBA5421
Bacillales bacterium UBA5455
Bacillales bacterium UBA5578
Bacillales bacterium UBA5600
Bacillales bacterium UBA5603
Bacillales bacterium UBA5632
Bacillales bacterium UBA5729
Bacillales bacterium UBA5732
Bacillales bacterium UBA5900
Bacillales bacterium UBA5913
Bacillales bacterium UBA5914
Bacillales bacterium UBA6120
Bacillales bacterium UBA6259
Bacillales bacterium UBA6325
Bacillales bacterium UBA6331
Bacillales bacterium UBA6332
Bacillales bacterium UBA6338
Bacillales bacterium UBA6352
Bacillales bacterium UBA6356
Bacillales bacterium UBA6371
Bacillales bacterium UBA6380
Bacillales bacterium UBA6390
Bacillales bacterium UBA6400
Bacillales bacterium UBA6414
Bacillales bacterium UBA6415
Bacillales bacterium UBA6423
Bacillales bacterium UBA6448
Bacillales bacterium UBA6449
Bacillales bacterium UBA6456
Bacillales bacterium UBA6465
Bacillales bacterium UBA6476
Bacillales bacterium UBA660
Bacillales bacterium UBA6768
Bacillales bacterium UBA6769
Bacillales bacterium UBA6865
Bacillales bacterium UBA6877
Bacillales bacterium UBA6879
Bacillales bacterium UBA6883
Bacillales bacterium UBA6886
Bacillales bacterium UBA6985
Bacillales bacterium UBA7004
Bacillales bacterium UBA7029
Bacillales bacterium UBA7057
Bacillales bacterium UBA7278
Bacillales bacterium UBA733
Bacillales bacterium UBA742
Bacillales bacterium UBA743
Bacillales bacterium UBA7476
Bacillales bacterium UBA754
Bacillales bacterium UBA7554
Bacillales bacterium UBA7559
Bacillales bacterium UBA7580
Bacillales bacterium UBA7581
Bacillales bacterium UBA7595
Bacillales bacterium UBA7642
Bacillales bacterium UBA7649
Bacillales bacterium UBA7706
Bacillales bacterium UBA7752
Bacillales bacterium UBA782
Bacillales bacterium UBA783
Bacillales bacterium UBA784
Bacillales bacterium UBA786
Bacillales bacterium UBA7864
Bacillales bacterium UBA795
Bacillales bacterium UBA970
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
Bacillus cereus
Bacillus marisflavi
Bacillus pumilus
Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus thuringiensis
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA1018
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA1331
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA1511
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA2394
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA2428
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA3083
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA3346
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA3347
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA4096
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA4097
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA4207
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA4573
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA5945
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6144
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6153
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6166
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6200
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6261
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6504
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6507
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6582
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA6935
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA7317
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA7695
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA843
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA845
Bacteriovoracaceae bacterium UBA923
Bacteriovorax sp. UBA1852
Bacteriovorax sp. UBA2704
Bacteroidaceae bacterium UBA2918
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1035
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1040
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1064
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1068
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1071
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1072
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1077
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1107
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1111
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1173
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1176
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1178
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1179
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1180
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1181
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1182
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1184
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1187
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1189
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1192
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1195
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1197
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1199
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1204
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1205
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1208
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1215
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1216
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1217
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1219
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1223
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1229
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1232
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1237
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1253
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1256
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1266
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1309
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1374
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1392
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1402
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1410
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1458
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1556
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1621
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1622
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1627
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1628
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1630
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1680
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1711
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1714
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1715
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1722
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1723
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1725
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1733
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1735
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1736
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1745
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1751
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1754
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1756
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1757
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1769
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1794
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1797
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA1800
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2030
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2183
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2198
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2249
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2254
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2263
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2267
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2287
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2295
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2454
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2559
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2632
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2712
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2714
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2716
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2717
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2721
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2722
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2748
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2759
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2764
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2781
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2800
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2805
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2817
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2827
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2832
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2840
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2861
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2863
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2884
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2910
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2914
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2930
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2933
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA2939
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3052
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3053
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3057
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3058
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3143
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3289
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3290
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3292
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3297
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3300
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3382
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3388
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3389
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3539
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3540
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3542
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3543
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3623
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3630
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3642
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3651
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3653
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3657
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3663
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3672
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3679
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3681
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3684
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3688
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3694
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3696
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3709
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3717
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3724
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3725
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3727
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3742
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3743
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3745
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3747
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3748
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3754
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3759
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3763
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3764
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3784
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3787
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3794
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3799
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3808
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3809
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3810
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3816
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3824
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3831
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3834
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3842
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3843
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3844
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3856
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3860
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3868
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3911
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA3916
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4070
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4073
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4116
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4133
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4173
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4174
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4176
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4178
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4179
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4181
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4182
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4183
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4187
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4188
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4190
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4220
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4227
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4230
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4231
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4236
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4243
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4254
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4269
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4284
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4287
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4293
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4295
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4298
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4305
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4318
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4325
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4331
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4333
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4345
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4347
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4351
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4353
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4357
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4360
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4363
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4369
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4417
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4459
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4621
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4624
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4639
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4646
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4649
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4672
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4676
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4685
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4687
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4690
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4710
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4772
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4788
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4805
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4814
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4850
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4865
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4866
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4893
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4912
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4930
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4935
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA4989
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5072
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5197
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5204
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5206
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5219
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5226
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5233
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5235
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5249
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5256
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5261
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5266
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5269
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5271
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5281
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5287
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5291
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5299
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5308
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5320
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5326
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5342
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5349
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5351
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5371
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5381
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5382
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5403
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5405
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5429
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5433
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5445
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5458
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5464
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5466
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5469
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5476
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5479
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5487
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5501
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5507
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5508
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5515
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5536
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5537
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5541
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5548
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5621
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5733
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5737
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5762
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5773
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5822
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5833
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5839
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5843
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5854
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5855
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5882
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5883
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5889
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5898
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA5918
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6013
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6074
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6088
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6117
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6192
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6207
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6229
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6244
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6248
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6254
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6267
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6333
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6336
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6340
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6341
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6342
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6344
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6346
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6360
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6365
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6366
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6374
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6377
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6384
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6391
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6394
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6395
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6397
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6401
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6402
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6405
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6408
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6426
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6428
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6431
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6432
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6437
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6445
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6457
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6464
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6474
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6680
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6828
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6833
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6837
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6841
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6843
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6851
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6862
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6871
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6878
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6884
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6885
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6887
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6978
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6983
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA6990
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7005
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7009
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7021
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7022
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7024
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA714
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7258
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7268
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7271
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7284
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7293
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA747
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7547
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA755
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7553
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7560
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7565
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7566
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7569
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7574
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7582
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7587
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7591
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA760
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA763
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7647
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7650
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA769
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7705
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7731
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA774
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7755
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7769
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA777
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7776
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA7789
Bacteroidales bacterium UBA932
Bacteroides cellulosilyticus
Bacteroides fragilis
Bacteroides graminisolvens
Bacteroides sp. UBA1317
Bacteroides sp. UBA1451
Bacteroides sp. UBA1773
Bacteroides sp. UBA3406
Bacteroides sp. UBA7052
Bacteroides sp. UBA7116
Bacteroides sp. UBA7156
Bacteroides sp. UBA7333
Bacteroides sp. UBA7335
Bacteroides sp. UBA939
Bacteroides uniformis
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA1312
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA1860
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA1947
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA1952
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2024
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2234
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2322
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2331
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2347
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2359
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2364
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2397
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2406
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2412
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2475
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2664
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA2795
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA3022
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA3363
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4009
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4032
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4408
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4414
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4415
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA4416
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA5543
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA5586
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA5697
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6063
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6161
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6183
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6221
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6491
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA6661
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7236
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7368
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7662
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7674
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7688
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA7692
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA955
Bacteroidetes bacterium UBA987
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1093
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1275
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1481
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1486
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1488
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1514
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA1971
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2500
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2665
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2670
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2676
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2695
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2956
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA2959
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3181
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3184
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3186
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3193
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3202
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3590
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3597
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3598
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3974
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA3998
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA4214
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA4499
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA4511
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA4522
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5060
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5064
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5080
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5089
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5090
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5097
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5104
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA5722
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA6773
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA7797
Balneolaceae bacterium UBA813
Barnesiella viscericola
Bdellovibrio sp. UBA4095
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA1609
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA2316
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA2339
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA2351
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA2466
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA2651
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3342
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3359
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3471
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3535
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3536
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA5009
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA6502
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA6518
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA6543
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA6776
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA680
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA7794
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA7827
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA818
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA835
Bdellovibrionaceae bacterium UBA840
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2293
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2592
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3031
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3119
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4031
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5216
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5582
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6904
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6910
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7395
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA931
Betaproteobacteria bacterium UBA942
Bifidobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2724
Bifidobacterium adolescentis
Bifidobacterium longum
Bifidobacterium pseudolongum
Bifidobacterium pullorum subsp. gallinarum
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA1086
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA1109
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA1623
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA4282
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA4633
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA4679
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6343
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6396
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6425
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6444
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6460
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6481
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6835
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6839
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6860
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6869
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6881
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA6889
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA741
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA744
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA7556
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA7585
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA7866
Bifidobacterium sp. UBA787
Blastomonas sp. UBA7677
Blautia sp. UBA2945
Bradyrhizobium sp. UBA2491
Brevibacillus borstelensis
Brevibacillus laterosporus
Brevibacterium casei
Brevibacterium sp. UBA2624
Brevibacterium sp. UBA7493
Brevundimonas naejangsanensis
Brevundimonas sp. UBA1471
Brevundimonas sp. UBA2388
Brevundimonas sp. UBA2416
Brevundimonas sp. UBA2497
Brevundimonas sp. UBA2503
Brevundimonas sp. UBA4553
Brevundimonas sp. UBA4609
Brevundimonas sp. UBA5539
Brevundimonas sp. UBA5713
Brevundimonas sp. UBA5718
Brevundimonas sp. UBA5866
Brevundimonas sp. UBA5936
Brevundimonas sp. UBA6547
Brevundimonas sp. UBA6550
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7506
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7507
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7534
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7616
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7635
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7664
Brevundimonas sp. UBA7838
Brevundimonas sp. UBA875
Brevundimonas sp. UBA986
Brevundimonas sp. UBA992
Brucella anthropi
Brucella intermedia
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA2630
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA6728
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA6738
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA6749
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA688
Brucellaceae bacterium UBA7531
Bryobacterales bacterium UBA690
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA1834
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2238
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2459
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2463
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2470
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2643
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2647
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA2648
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA3064
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4200
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4615
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA4657
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA6064
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA7377
Burkholderiales bacterium UBA954
Buttiauxella sp. UBA1641
Butyricimonas virosa
Butyrivibrio sp. UBA3740
Butyrivibrio sp. UBA3797
Caldiserica bacterium UBA2182
Caldiserica bacterium UBA4770
Caldiserica bacterium UBA4822
Caldiserica bacterium UBA6126
Caldiserica bacterium UBA646
Caldivirga sp. UBA161
Campylobacter jejuni
Campylobacter sp. UBA1713
Campylobacteraceae bacterium UBA1877
Candidatus Accumulibacter phosphatis
Candidatus Accumulibacter sp. UBA704
Candidatus Acidoferrum typicum
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA1061
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA2190
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA2191
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA2199
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA4085
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA4820
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA6072
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA6228
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA647
Candidatus Aminicenantes bacterium UBA876
Candidatus Atelocyanobacterium thalassa UBA4158
Candidatus Atribacteria bacterium UBA3950
Candidatus Atribacteria bacterium UBA4082
Candidatus Atribacteria bacterium UBA5772
Candidatus Atribacteria bacterium UBA6251
Candidatus Atribacteria bacterium UBA6794
Candidatus Bathyarchaeota archaeon UBA185
Candidatus Bathyarchaeota archaeon UBA233
Candidatus Bathyarchaeota archaeon UBA589
Candidatus Berkelbacteria bacterium UBA1384
Candidatus Binatus soli
Candidatus Collierbacteria bacterium UBA2277
Candidatus Collierbacteria bacterium UBA5208
Candidatus Dadabacteria bacterium UBA1144
Candidatus Dadabacteria bacterium UBA2774
Candidatus Dependentiae bacterium UBA6230
Candidatus Diapherotrites archaeon UBA493
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA2022
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA2177
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA2222
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA2259
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA2278
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA3081
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA4069
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA4776
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA4813
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA5209
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA5223
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA5232
Candidatus Dojkabacteria bacterium UBA5749
Candidatus Endolissoclinum sp. UBA7326
Candidatus Endolissoclinum sp. UBA7380
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA1359
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA2355
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA2372
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA6576
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA6578
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA917
Candidatus Falkowbacteria bacterium UBA919
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA2370
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA2393
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA2417
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA2953
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA5942
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA5943
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA6577
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA6580
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA6581
Candidatus Gottesmanbacteria bacterium UBA927
Candidatus Hydrogenedentes bacterium UBA2224
Candidatus Hydrogenedentes bacterium UBA6118
Candidatus Kuenenia stuttgartiensis
Candidatus Magasanikbacteria bacterium UBA1557
Candidatus Magasanikbacteria bacterium UBA1566
Candidatus Magasanikbacteria bacterium UBA922
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA1134
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA1139
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA1150
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA1611
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2125
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2126
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2128
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2129
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2134
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2146
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2149
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2150
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2151
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2152
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2153
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2216
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2242
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2980
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2986
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA2997
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA3000
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA3122
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA4786
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA5675
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA5677
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA5679
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA5683
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6527
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6528
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6529
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6530
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6531
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6613
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6630
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6817
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6924
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6931
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6936
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6939
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA6947
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7299
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7300
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7301
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7303
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7308
Candidatus Marinimicrobia bacterium UBA7882
Candidatus Methanomethylophilus sp. UBA78
Candidatus Methanoperedens sp. UBA453
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA267
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA448
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA510
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA514
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA523
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA524
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA581
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA615
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA93
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA95
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA96
Candidatus Micrarchaeota archaeon UBA97
Candidatus Microthrix parvicella
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1013
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1322
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1323
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1329
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1522
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1616
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1617
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1665
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1676
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1677
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA1984
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2110
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2111
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2127
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2131
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2155
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2517
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2587
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2634
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2635
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2961
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2974
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA2983
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3125
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3165
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3166
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3492
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3493
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3506
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3507
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3508
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA3522
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA4143
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA4144
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA4147
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA4542
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA4742
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA5676
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA5678
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6517
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6521
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6542
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6618
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA670
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA672
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6925
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6944
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA6948
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA722
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7237
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7316
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7352
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7353
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7383
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7388
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7450
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7793
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7817
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7828
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7829
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7881
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7884
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7886
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7895
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA7903
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA814
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA825
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA831
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA857
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA867
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA881
Candidatus Microthrix sp. UBA886
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA1302
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA1362
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA1568
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA2206
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA2282
Candidatus Moranbacteria bacterium UBA4824
Candidatus Nomurabacteria bacterium UBA4124
Candidatus Nomurabacteria bacterium UBA5155
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA1443
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA1542
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA1560
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA1562
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA1572
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA2337
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA2593
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA5776
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6210
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6215
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6233
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6249
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6253
Candidatus Omnitrophica bacterium UBA6797
Candidatus Pacearchaeota archaeon UBA284
Candidatus Pacearchaeota archaeon UBA73
Candidatus Pacearchaeota archaeon UBA92
Candidatus Pacebacteria bacterium UBA1364
Candidatus Pacebacteria bacterium UBA6180
Candidatus Pacebacteria bacterium UBA6188
Candidatus Paracaedibacteraceae bacterium UBA6184
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA264
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA265
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA446
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA449
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA506
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA515
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA519
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA569
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA573
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA575
Candidatus Parvarchaeota archaeon UBA614
Candidatus Pelagibacter sp. UBA2154
Candidatus Peregrinibacteria bacterium UBA1369
Candidatus Peribacter sp. UBA1555
Candidatus Peribacter sp. UBA2144
Candidatus Peribacter sp. UBA2170
Candidatus Peribacter sp. UBA6535
Candidatus Peribacter sp. UBA6538
Candidatus Poseidonia alphae
Candidatus Roizmanbacteria bacterium UBA1450
Candidatus Roizmanbacteria bacterium UBA6242
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA2013
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA2551
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA2552
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA3026
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA3126
Candidatus Ruthia sp. UBA5978
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1020
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1021
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1022
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1050
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1103
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1235
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1547
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1594
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1788
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1944
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA1949
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2018
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2112
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2340
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2342
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2390
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2413
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2420
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2834
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2866
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2951
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA2952
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3218
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3225
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3304
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3723
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3749
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA3829
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4123
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4215
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4387
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4663
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4665
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4721
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4723
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4724
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4727
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA4729
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5145
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5148
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5150
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5152
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5170
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5588
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5589
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5944
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA5946
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6022
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6034
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6039
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6040
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6175
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6209
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6223
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6224
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6258
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6433
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6572
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6573
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6574
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6575
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6579
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6583
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6664
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA669
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA6824
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA7683
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA892
Candidatus Saccharibacteria bacterium UBA949
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA1420
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA1435
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA2283
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA4062
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA4809
Candidatus Shapirobacteria bacterium UBA5615
Candidatus Verstraetearchaeota archaeon UBA156
Candidatus Verstraetearchaeota archaeon UBA76
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA119
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA142
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA153
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA489
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA492
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA525
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA544
Candidatus Woesearchaeota archaeon UBA94
Candidatus Woesebacteria bacterium UBA1430
Candidatus Woesebacteria bacterium UBA5073
Candidatus Woesebacteria bacterium UBA5941
Candidatus Woesebacteria bacterium UBA5947
Candidatus Woesebacteria bacterium UBA925
Carnobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7837
Carnobacterium sp. UBA5792
Castellaniella sp. UBA6218
Catabacter sp. UBA1038
Catabacter sp. UBA1045
Catabacter sp. UBA1076
Catabacter sp. UBA1214
Catabacter sp. UBA1224
Catabacter sp. UBA1242
Catabacter sp. UBA1252
Catabacter sp. UBA1259
Catabacter sp. UBA1260
Catabacter sp. UBA1262
Catabacter sp. UBA1385
Catabacter sp. UBA1428
Catabacter sp. UBA1431
Catabacter sp. UBA1685
Catabacter sp. UBA1750
Catabacter sp. UBA1782
Catabacter sp. UBA2843
Catabacter sp. UBA2853
Catabacter sp. UBA2862
Catabacter sp. UBA2915
Catabacter sp. UBA2943
Catabacter sp. UBA3217
Catabacter sp. UBA3700
Catabacter sp. UBA3770
Catabacter sp. UBA3771
Catabacter sp. UBA3792
Catabacter sp. UBA3798
Catabacter sp. UBA3857
Catabacter sp. UBA3859
Catabacter sp. UBA3929
Catabacter sp. UBA3944
Catabacter sp. UBA4246
Catabacter sp. UBA4247
Catabacter sp. UBA4263
Catabacter sp. UBA4379
Catabacter sp. UBA4626
Catabacter sp. UBA4628
Catabacter sp. UBA4636
Catabacter sp. UBA4647
Catabacter sp. UBA4651
Catabacter sp. UBA4675
Catabacter sp. UBA4683
Catabacter sp. UBA4689
Catabacter sp. UBA5327
Catabacter sp. UBA5394
Catabacter sp. UBA5399
Catabacter sp. UBA5489
Catabacter sp. UBA5893
Catabacter sp. UBA6094
Catabacter sp. UBA6345
Catabacter sp. UBA6373
Catabacter sp. UBA6406
Catabacter sp. UBA6420
Catabacter sp. UBA6462
Catabacter sp. UBA6486
Catabacter sp. UBA6880
Catabacter sp. UBA6882
Catabacter sp. UBA6989
Catabacter sp. UBA7102
Catabacter sp. UBA7571
Catabacter sp. UBA7584
Catabacter sp. UBA7588
Catabacter sp. UBA7597
Catabacter sp. UBA762
Catabacter sp. UBA765
Catabacter sp. UBA767
Catabacter sp. UBA7703
Catabacter sp. UBA7707
Catabacter sp. UBA773
Catabacter sp. UBA779
Catabacter sp. UBA7862
Catabacter sp. UBA7865
Catabacter sp. UBA7867
Catabacter sp. UBA7868
Catabacter sp. UBA941
Catenibacterium sp. UBA627
Caulobacter vibrioides
Caulobacteraceae bacterium UBA3198
Caulobacteraceae bacterium UBA3608
Caulobacteraceae bacterium UBA5005
Caulobacteraceae bacterium UBA6225
Celeribacter baekdonensis
Cellulomonas sp. UBA6250
Cellvibrio sp. UBA7661
Cellvibrio sp. UBA7671
Cellvibrionaceae bacterium UBA1124
Cellvibrionaceae bacterium UBA677
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA1483
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA1854
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA1963
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA1969
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA2034
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA2511
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA2618
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA3090
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA4435
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA4451
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA4478
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA4495
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA4578
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA5860
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA7239
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA7361
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA7375
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA7434
Cellvibrionales bacterium UBA984
Cetobacterium sp. UBA6069
Cetobacterium sp. UBA6070
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA1596
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA1946
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2375
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2419
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2467
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2789
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2791
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA2793
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA3430
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA3961
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4128
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4407
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4411
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4412
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4413
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA4857
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA5175
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA5593
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA6666
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA7238
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA7600
Chitinophagaceae bacterium UBA806
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA2026
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA2345
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA3360
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA4013
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA4728
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA6041
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA7656
Chloracidobacterium sp. UBA7659
Chloroflexaceae bacterium UBA1466
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA2235
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA4669
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA4730
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA4733
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA4735
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA4736
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA5177
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA5183
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA5189
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA6019
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA6042
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA6077
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA6265
Chloroflexi bacterium UBA6622
Chryseobacterium arthrosphaerae
Chryseobacterium gleum
Chryseobacterium indologenes
Chryseobacterium sp. UBA6561
Chryseobacterium sp. UBA6632
Chrysiogenales bacterium UBA1553
Chthonomonas sp. UBA1950
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2017
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2025
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2321
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2325
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2328
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2344
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2354
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2362
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2387
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2391
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2399
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2407
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2424
Chthonomonas sp. UBA2785
Chthonomonas sp. UBA5584
Chthonomonas sp. UBA5591
Chthonomonas sp. UBA6659
Chthonomonas sp. UBA6660
Citrobacter freundii
Citromicrobium sp. UBA1476
Citromicrobium sp. UBA3494
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA1032
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA1060
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA2292
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA3538
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA3541
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA3900
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4172
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4175
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4177
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4186
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4849
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4860
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4887
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA4999
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5210
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5220
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5245
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5263
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5284
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5313
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5350
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5456
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5462
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5477
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5482
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5553
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5614
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5817
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA5835
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA6081
Cloacimonetes bacterium UBA6097
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA1023
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA2223
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA2240
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4052
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4536
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4819
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4828
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4839
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4872
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4906
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4969
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA4985
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5234
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5315
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5444
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5483
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5505
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA5742
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA6085
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA6110
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA7035
Clostridiaceae bacterium UBA810
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1049
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1084
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1194
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1206
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1234
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1239
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1246
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1248
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1316
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1341
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1342
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1346
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1351
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1380
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1381
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1389
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1390
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1399
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1446
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1701
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1707
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1728
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1738
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1740
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1742
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1752
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1758
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1763
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1770
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1774
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1775
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1777
Clostridiales bacterium UBA1779
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2028
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2432
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2436
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2658
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2820
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2847
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2848
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2867
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2871
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2875
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2889
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2907
Clostridiales bacterium UBA2922
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3213
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3223
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3259
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3277
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3293
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3311
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3333
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3578
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3582
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3628
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3640
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3678
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3680
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3705
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3722
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3733
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3746
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3758
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3805
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3858
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3948
Clostridiales bacterium UBA3953
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4039
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4080
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4139
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4224
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4283
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4304
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4358
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4362
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4367
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4638
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4644
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4653
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4693
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4696
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4698
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4701
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4706
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4716
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4717
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4821
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4942
Clostridiales bacterium UBA4959
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5274
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5332
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5392
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5424
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5446
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5448
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5460
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5502
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5517
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5736
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5888
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5892
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5901
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5909
Clostridiales bacterium UBA5962
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6114
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6330
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6363
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6386
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6388
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6412
Clostridiales bacterium UBA643
Clostridiales bacterium UBA644
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6468
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6473
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6981
Clostridiales bacterium UBA6999
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7001
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7011
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7044
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7081
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7103
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7162
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7175
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7187
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7200
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7273
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7277
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7285
Clostridiales bacterium UBA735
Clostridiales bacterium UBA738
Clostridiales bacterium UBA749
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7568
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7573
Clostridiales bacterium UBA7739
Clostridiales bacterium UBA929
Clostridium argentinense
Clostridium sp. UBA1056
Clostridium sp. UBA1353
Clostridium sp. UBA1652
Clostridium sp. UBA2055
Clostridium sp. UBA2060
Clostridium sp. UBA2308
Clostridium sp. UBA2485
Clostridium sp. UBA3061
Clostridium sp. UBA3521
Clostridium sp. UBA3875
Clostridium sp. UBA3887
Clostridium sp. UBA3947
Clostridium sp. UBA4108
Clostridium sp. UBA4157
Clostridium sp. UBA4395
Clostridium sp. UBA4548
Clostridium sp. UBA4601
Clostridium sp. UBA4606
Clostridium sp. UBA4746
Clostridium sp. UBA4948
Clostridium sp. UBA5119
Clostridium sp. UBA5530
Clostridium sp. UBA5712
Clostridium sp. UBA5988
Clostridium sp. UBA6640
Clostridium sp. UBA6653
Clostridium sp. UBA6758
Clostridium sp. UBA6762
Clostridium sp. UBA699
Clostridium sp. UBA701
Clostridium sp. UBA7339
Clostridium sp. UBA7503
Clostridium sp. UBA7615
Clostridium sp. UBA7791
Clostridium sp. UBA871
Clostridium sporogenes
Clostridium sulfidigenes
Clostridium tunisiense
Clostridium tyrobutyricum
Cobetia sp. UBA4515
Collimonas sp. UBA1456
Collinsella sp. UBA1408
Collinsella sp. UBA1690
Collinsella sp. UBA1693
Collinsella sp. UBA1827
Collinsella sp. UBA4258
Collinsella sp. UBA4370
Collinsella sp. UBA6357
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA2121
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA2237
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA2334
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA2543
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA3399
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA3463
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA3515
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA4184
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA4561
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA4962
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA5970
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA5974
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA6202
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA7039
Comamonadaceae bacterium UBA7244
Comamonas aquatica
Comamonas sp. UBA2122
Comamonas sp. UBA7528
Comamonas sp. UBA7840
Comamonas terrigena
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA1593
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA2368
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA2782
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA2788
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA2792
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA3908
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA4410
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA5015
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA5948
Competibacteraceae bacterium UBA6584
Corynebacteriaceae bacterium UBA1054
Corynebacteriaceae bacterium UBA2307
Corynebacteriaceae bacterium UBA3250
Corynebacteriaceae bacterium UBA6691
Corynebacteriaceae bacterium UBA7718
Corynebacterium sp. UBA2622
Corynebacterium sp. UBA4397
Corynebacterium sp. UBA5992
Corynebacterium vitaeruminis
Coxiellaceae bacterium UBA1530
Coxiellaceae bacterium UBA6002
Croceibacter atlanticus
Cronobacter sakazakii
Cronobacter turicensis
Cupriavidus sp. UBA2010
Cupriavidus sp. UBA2027
Cupriavidus sp. UBA2526
Cupriavidus sp. UBA2534
Cutibacterium acnes
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA1186
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA1221
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA1583
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2320
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2566
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2813
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2819
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2855
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2877
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2883
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA2892
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA3301
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA3803
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA4093
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA4641
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA5018
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6047
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6050
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6393
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6446
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6965
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA6984
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7275
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7373
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7562
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7694
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7733
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7753
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7768
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA7778
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA791
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA947
Cyanobacteria bacterium UBA999
Cytophagaceae bacterium UBA6715
Cytophagaceae bacterium UBA6716
Cytophagaceae bacterium UBA7466
Cytophagaceae bacterium UBA7467
Cytophagales bacterium UBA2561
Dechloromonas sp. UBA5016
Dechloromonas sp. UBA5017
Dechloromonas sp. UBA5021
Dechloromonas sp. UBA5022
Dechloromonas sp. UBA6271
Deferribacteraceae bacterium UBA1873
Deferribacteraceae bacterium UBA6793
Deferribacteraceae bacterium UBA6799
Deferribacterales bacterium UBA2228
Deferribacterales bacterium UBA4806
Dehalococcoides mccartyi
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1122
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1123
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1127
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1141
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1151
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1152
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1162
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1222
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1327
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1328
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1332
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA1657
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2141
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2145
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2158
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2160
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2162
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2243
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2247
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2588
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2768
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2777
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2962
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2963
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2976
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2978
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2979
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2985
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA2991
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA3088
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA3254
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA3495
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA3509
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA4060
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA4086
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA4087
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA4462
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5164
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5620
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5627
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5629
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5748
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA5760
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6227
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6234
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6495
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6520
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6537
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6627
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6629
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6803
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6808
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6926
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6927
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6950
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6951
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6952
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6953
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6955
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA6956
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7386
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7822
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7823
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7832
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7833
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7834
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7891
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA7894
Dehalococcoidia bacterium UBA826
Deinococcaceae bacterium UBA6957
Deinococcus geothermalis
Delftia acidovorans
Delftia lacustris
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1014
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1121
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1386
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2138
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2159
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2221
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2361
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2385
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2409
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2957
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3076
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4075
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4427
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4796
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5205
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5329
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5573
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5576
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5609
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5684
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5754
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5756
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5758
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5799
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6091
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6106
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6601
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6930
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6967
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7527
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7892
Deltaproteobacteria bacterium UBA796
Demequinaceae bacterium UBA4004
Dermacoccus sp. UBA1591
Dermacoccus sp. UBA4756
Desulfarculales bacterium UBA4804
Desulfarculales bacterium UBA696
Desulfarculales bacterium UBA702
Desulfatitalea sp. UBA4791
Desulfobacter sp. UBA2225
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2130
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2156
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2174
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2230
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2245
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA2771
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA4064
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA4072
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA4769
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5605
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5616
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5623
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5681
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5746
Desulfobacteraceae bacterium UBA5852
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2213
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2248
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2262
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2270
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2273
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2276
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA2775
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA4056
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5121
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5123
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5173
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5604
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5611
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5628
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA5750
Desulfobulbaceae bacterium UBA6913
Desulfomicrobium sp. UBA5193
Desulfonatronaceae bacterium UBA663
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA2257
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA4048
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA4726
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA4745
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA5179
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA5188
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA5775
Desulfosporosinus sp. UBA6075
Desulfovibrio magneticus
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA1335
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA2564
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA4079
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA6079
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA6121
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA728
Desulfovibrio sp. UBA7315
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA1377
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3823
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA3867
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA5546
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA5821
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA5842
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA6814
Desulfovibrionaceae bacterium UBA930
Desulfurococcaceae archaeon UBA150
Desulfurococcaceae archaeon UBA285
Desulfuromonadaceae bacterium UBA2197
Desulfuromonadaceae bacterium UBA2294
Desulfuromonadaceae bacterium UBA5613
Desulfuromonadaceae bacterium UBA6124
Dialister sp. UBA1703
Dialister sp. UBA2909
Dialister sp. UBA6422
Dialister sp. UBA7259
Dialister sp. UBA7295
Dialister sp. UBA734
Dialister sp. UBA7772
Dietzia sp. UBA5065
Dorea longicatena
Dyadobacter sp. UBA7685
Dysgonomonas sp. UBA4861
Dysgonomonas sp. UBA5412
Dysgonomonas sp. UBA7630
Dysgonomonas sp. UBA7698
Dysgonomonas sp. UBA7710
Eggerthellaceae bacterium UBA3686
Eggerthellaceae bacterium UBA5803
Eggerthellaceae bacterium UBA5808
Eggerthellaceae bacterium UBA5906
Eggerthellales bacterium UBA1419
Eggerthellales bacterium UBA948
Elizabethkingia meningoseptica
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1174
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1202
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1436
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1548
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1565
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA1570
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA2231
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA2923
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3055
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3209
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3739
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3778
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3793
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3811
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA3832
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA4386
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA4817
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA4825
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA5214
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA5880
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA6262
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA6450
Elusimicrobia bacterium UBA7019
Empedobacter brevis
Empedobacter sp. UBA1574
Empedobacter sp. UBA1806
Empedobacter sp. UBA1863
Empedobacter sp. UBA2044
Empedobacter sp. UBA2528
Empedobacter sp. UBA3239
Empedobacter sp. UBA3475
Empedobacter sp. UBA4185
Empedobacter sp. UBA4754
Empedobacter sp. UBA5036
Empedobacter sp. UBA5039
Empedobacter sp. UBA5528
Empedobacter sp. UBA5571
Empedobacter sp. UBA5637
Empedobacter sp. UBA5924
Empedobacter sp. UBA5987
Empedobacter sp. UBA6305
Empedobacter sp. UBA6322
Empedobacter sp. UBA6745
Empedobacter sp. UBA7248
Empedobacter sp. UBA7252
Empedobacter sp. UBA7494
Empedobacter sp. UBA7611
Empedobacter sp. UBA7620
Empedobacter sp. UBA811
Empedobacter sp. UBA909
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA1586
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA1882
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA3108
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA3337
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA3969
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA4101
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA4390
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA4563
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA4755
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA7234
Enhydrobacter sp. UBA7602
Enterobacter cloacae
Enterobacter hormaechei
Enterobacter mori
Enterobacter sp. UBA3042
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1293
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1499
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1576
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1584
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1640
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1802
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1805
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2004
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2068
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2077
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2313
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2571
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2575
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2603
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2606
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2613
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2655
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2706
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2950
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3059
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3096
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3107
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3109
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3111
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3128
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3163
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3233
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3242
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3246
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3249
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3398
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3421
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3456
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3516
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3518
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3874
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3894
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4135
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4534
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4544
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4596
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4613
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4747
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4751
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4753
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4757
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5030
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5116
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5138
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5142
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5525
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5654
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5658
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5791
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5841
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5874
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5935
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5995
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5997
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6005
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6006
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6314
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA648
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6637
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6698
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6705
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA717
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7338
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7403
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7406
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7424
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7460
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7504
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7715
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7722
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7849
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7896
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA869
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA898
Enterobacteriaceae bacterium UBA914
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA1886
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA2657
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA3489
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA3893
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA4035
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA4140
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA5003
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA5027
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA5115
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA5529
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA6284
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA6293
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA6652
Enterococcaceae bacterium UBA7852
Enterococcus casseliflavus
Enterococcus faecalis
Enterococcus faecium
Enterococcus gallinarum
Enterococcus hirae
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA1340
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA1344
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA1345
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA1350
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA2440
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA4036
Epsilonproteobacteria bacterium UBA6211
Erwinia billingiae
Erysipelothrix sp. UBA3377
Erysipelothrix sp. UBA3383
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA1783
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA2212
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA2227
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA3379
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA4808
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA5626
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA6143
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA6182
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium UBA6204
Erythrobacter sp. UBA1916
Erythrobacter sp. UBA2510
Erythrobacter sp. UBA3075
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA1460
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA2014
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA2640
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA3164
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA3365
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA3525
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA3609
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA4503
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA4528
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA5049
Erythrobacteraceae bacterium UBA5093
Escherichia coli
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA1048
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA1433
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA3695
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA4266
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA6119
Eubacteriaceae bacterium UBA7485
Eubacterium sp. UBA2086
Eubacterium sp. UBA3279
Eubacterium sp. UBA3326
Eubacterium sp. UBA3658
Eubacterium sp. UBA3690
Eubacterium sp. UBA3720
Eubacterium sp. UBA3735
Eubacterium sp. UBA3782
Eubacterium sp. UBA4238
Eubacterium sp. UBA4340
Eubacterium sp. UBA4343
Eubacterium sp. UBA5416
Eubacterium sp. UBA6991
Eubacterium sp. UBA7134
Eubacterium sp. UBA7775
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA10
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA100
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA101
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA102
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA103
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA104
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA105
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA106
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA107
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA108
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA109
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA11
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA110
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA111
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA112
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA12
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA120
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA121
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA122
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA123
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA124
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA125
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA126
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA127
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA128
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA129
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA13
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA130
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA131
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA132
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA133
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA134
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA136
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA137
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA138
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA139
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA14
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA15
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA16
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA169
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA17
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA170
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA171
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA172
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA173
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA174
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA175
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA177
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA178
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA179
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA18
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA180
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA181
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA182
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA186
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA19
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA191
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA192
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA193
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA194
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA195
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA196
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA197
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA198
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA199
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA20
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA200
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA202
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA209
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA21
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA211
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA214
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA215
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA22
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA220
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA221
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA222
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA224
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA225
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA226
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA227
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA228
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA229
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA23
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA24
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA242
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA249
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA25
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA250
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA251
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA252
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA253
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA256
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA257
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA258
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA259
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA26
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA260
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA27
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA28
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA287
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA29
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA3
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA30
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA31
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA33
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA34
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA346
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA35
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA36
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA37
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA38
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA39
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA4
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA40
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA41
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA433
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA438
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA439
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA440
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA441
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA442
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA443
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA461
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA462
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA463
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA464
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA465
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA484
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA485
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA486
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA487
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA488
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA49
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA491
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA494
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA495
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA496
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA497
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA498
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA499
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA50
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA500
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA501
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA502
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA503
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA51
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA52
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA528
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA529
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA53
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA530
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA531
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA538
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA54
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA540
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA542
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA545
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA546
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA547
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA548
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA549
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA550
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA551
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA552
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA553
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA554
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA555
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA556
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA557
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA558
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA559
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA56
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA560
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA561
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA562
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA563
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA58
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA584
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA585
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA59
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA595
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA596
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA597
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA598
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA599
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA60
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA600
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA601
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA602
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA603
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA604
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA605
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA606
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA607
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA608
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA609
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA610
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA618
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA619
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA62
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA620
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA621
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA622
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA623
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA63
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA65
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA66
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA67
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA68
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA69
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA82
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA83
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA84
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA85
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA86
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA87
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA88
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA89
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA9
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA90
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA91
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA98
Euryarchaeota archaeon UBA99
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA1053
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA2577
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA3039
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA3144
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA3491
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA3968
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA4141
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA4551
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA4604
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA4960
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA5002
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA6282
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA6309
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA6687
Exiguobacterium sp. UBA7533
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1198
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1360
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1697
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1762
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1771
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA1819
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA2087
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA5659
Faecalibacterium sp. UBA7177
Faecalitalea sp. UBA2940
Faecalitalea sp. UBA3667
Faecalitalea sp. UBA3699
Faecalitalea sp. UBA3728
Faecalitalea sp. UBA4241
Faecalitalea sp. UBA4271
Faecalitalea sp. UBA4312
Faecalitalea sp. UBA4323
Faecalitalea sp. UBA4349
Faecalitalea sp. UBA637
Faecalitalea sp. UBA7487
Ferrimicrobium sp. UBA6820
Ferroplasmaceae archaeon UBA567
Fervidobacterium sp. UBA5816
Fervidobacterium sp. UBA5837
Fervidobacterium sp. UBA6216
Fibrobacter sp. UBA1313
Fibrobacter sp. UBA1717
Fibrobacter sp. UBA1765
Fibrobacter sp. UBA2449
Fibrobacter sp. UBA3629
Fibrobacter sp. UBA3718
Fibrobacter sp. UBA3721
Fibrobacter sp. UBA3806
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4223
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4291
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4297
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4309
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4373
Fibrobacter sp. UBA4375
Fibrobacter sp. UBA7003
Fibrobacter sp. UBA7025
Fibrobacteres bacterium UBA5070
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1030
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1043
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1047
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1065
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1191
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1393
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1422
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1426
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1440
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1535
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1702
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1739
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1764
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1768
Firmicutes bacterium UBA1874
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2058
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2116
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2203
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2209
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2261
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2269
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2290
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2296
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2530
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2557
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2560
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2595
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2598
Firmicutes bacterium UBA2631
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3036
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3231
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3520
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3546
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3553
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3561
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3567
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3569
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3570
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3572
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3573
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3575
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3576
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3583
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3738
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3871
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3899
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3901
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3902
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3904
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3906
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3907
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3910
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3914
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3915
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3918
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3919
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3920
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3923
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3925
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3926
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3928
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3930
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3931
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3932
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3936
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3941
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3942
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3943
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3951
Firmicutes bacterium UBA3956
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4049
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4053
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4061
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4091
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4557
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4599
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4774
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4795
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4798
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4836
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4845
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4862
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4867
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4874
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4881
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4882
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4891
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4898
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4914
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4915
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4916
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4924
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4938
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4939
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4953
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4971
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4975
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4976
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4978
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4980
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4981
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4991
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4992
Firmicutes bacterium UBA4996
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5010
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5201
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5225
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5227
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5237
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5248
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5253
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5268
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5275
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5278
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5286
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5289
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5292
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5293
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5300
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5301
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5322
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5324
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5330
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5353
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5362
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5388
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5389
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5390
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5420
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5435
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5447
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5449
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5454
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5459
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5471
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5473
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5474
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5484
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5486
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5493
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5496
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5499
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5500
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5509
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5516
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5526
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5559
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5561
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5625
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5759
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5766
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5774
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5819
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5824
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5832
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5848
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5857
Firmicutes bacterium UBA5911
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6113
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6132
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6155
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6185
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6226
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6245
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6256
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6418
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6648
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6651
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6767
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6800
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6806
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6811
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6813
Firmicutes bacterium UBA6827
Firmicutes bacterium UBA7033
Firmicutes bacterium UBA7510
Firmicutes bacterium UBA7523
Firmicutes bacterium UBA7641
Firmicutes bacterium UBA7709
Firmicutes bacterium UBA911
Firmicutes bacterium UBA993
Firmicutes bacterium UBA994
Firmicutes bacterium UBA995
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA1842
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA1954
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA1990
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2019
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2318
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2336
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2338
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2352
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2366
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2371
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2384
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2427
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA2786
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA4465
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA4584
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA4659
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA5008
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA5575
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA5585
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA5867
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA6059
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA6662
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA7231
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA7330
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA7355
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA7439
Flammeovirgaceae bacterium UBA976
Flavihumibacter sp. UBA7668
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1005
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1008
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1115
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1473
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1519
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1523
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1552
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1658
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1682
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1903
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1927
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1978
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1987
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1998
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2000
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2540
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2542
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2547
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2639
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2674
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2677
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2765
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3013
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3032
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3078
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3118
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3159
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3168
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3179
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3197
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3200
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3339
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3356
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3440
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3478
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3537
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3591
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3594
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA3611
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4008
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4012
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4020
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4022
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4029
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4033
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4166
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4167
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4425
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4430
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4432
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4439
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4449
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4463
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4464
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4476
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4504
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4518
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4525
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA4590
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5079
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5160
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5534
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5535
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5544
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5950
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5954
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5955
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5968
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6231
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6268
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6274
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6515
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6619
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6779
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6780
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6781
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6787
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA724
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7302
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7311
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7322
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7351
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7354
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7365
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7369
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7413
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7428
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7432
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7433
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7446
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7684
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA7802
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA819
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA891
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA893
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA980
Flavobacteriaceae bacterium UBA982
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1112
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1128
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1167
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1288
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1336
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1339
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1354
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1494
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1510
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1531
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1694
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1820
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1958
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1959
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1962
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1970
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1986
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1991
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1993
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1995
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA1996
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2035
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2040
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2070
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2104
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2108
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2113
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2306
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2343
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2382
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2423
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2426
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2617
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2619
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2636
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2669
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2798
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA2958
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3011
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3115
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3121
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3135
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3141
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3364
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3376
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3390
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3425
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3431
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3442
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3446
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3477
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3559
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA3891
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4011
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4023
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4110
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4159
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4162
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4418
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4419
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4422
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4428
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4429
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4434
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4437
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4442
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4445
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4446
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4454
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4466
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4467
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4471
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4474
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4477
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4507
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4580
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4585
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4594
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA4660
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5011
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5013
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5025
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5040
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5051
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5081
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5165
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5422
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5519
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5520
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5523
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5538
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5594
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5692
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5869
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5871
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5933
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5939
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA5965
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6049
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6051
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6057
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6165
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6196
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6239
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6671
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6693
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6717
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6726
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6736
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6770
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6771
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6772
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6923
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6969
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA6970
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA720
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7312
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7325
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7358
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7360
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7362
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7364
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7367
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7382
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7417
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7429
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7430
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7443
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7444
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7468
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7496
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7505
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7519
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7607
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7612
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7623
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7666
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7690
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7795
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7819
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA7878
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA852
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA896
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA952
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA958
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA972
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA974
Flavobacteriales bacterium UBA979
Flavobacterium sp. UBA2787
Flavobacterium sp. UBA4098
Flavobacterium sp. UBA4120
Flavobacterium sp. UBA4197
Flavobacterium sp. UBA4740
Flavobacterium sp. UBA4854
Flavobacterium sp. UBA5153
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6026
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6031
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6046
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6135
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6195
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6203
Flavobacterium sp. UBA6721
Flavobacterium sp. UBA7663
Flavobacterium sp. UBA7665
Flavobacterium sp. UBA7680
Flavobacterium sp. UBA7682
Flavobacterium sp. UBA807
Francisellaceae bacterium UBA6186
Francisellaceae bacterium UBA7831
Fusobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2433
Fusobacteriia bacterium UBA1095
Fusobacteriia bacterium UBA1674
Fusobacteriia bacterium UBA1975
Fusobacteriia bacterium UBA6774
Fusobacteriia bacterium UBA816
Gallionella sp. UBA4121
Gallionella sp. UBA4666
Gallionella sp. UBA4737
Gallionella sp. UBA5154
Gallionella sp. UBA6045
Gallionellaceae bacterium UBA1605
Gallionellaceae bacterium UBA2239
Gallionellaceae bacterium UBA5126
Gallionellaceae bacterium UBA6222
Gallionellales bacterium UBA7399
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1012
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1118
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1119
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1249
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1283
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1529
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1853
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1902
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1961
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1979
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA1992
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2168
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2539
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2549
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2663
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2668
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2675
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2679
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2804
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2810
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2917
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2924
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2955
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA2965
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3017
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3067
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3204
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3354
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3415
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3498
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3529
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3532
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3977
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA3978
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4018
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4030
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4421
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4433
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4443
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4450
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4472
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4475
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4501
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4514
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA4582
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5012
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5014
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5078
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5109
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5338
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5518
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5522
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5524
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5862
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA5973
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6173
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6498
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6621
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6724
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6733
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6940
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6966
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA6968
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA725
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7256
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7266
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7282
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7310
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7363
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7376
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7379
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7412
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7449
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7451
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7455
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7724
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7786
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7796
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7803
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7820
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7873
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA7885
Gammaproteobacteria bacterium UBA855
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1007
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1120
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1125
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1138
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1142
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA1525
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2589
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2960
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2969
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2975
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2981
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2982
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2988
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA2989
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA3497
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA3501
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA3511
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA3512
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA4456
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA4718
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA4720
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6027
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6588
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6612
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6932
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6934
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6943
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6959
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA6960
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA7825
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA7826
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA7835
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA7836
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA7889
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA822
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA829
Gemmatimonadales bacterium UBA887
Gemmatimonas sp. UBA2094
Gemmatimonas sp. UBA7669
Geobacter sp. UBA1603
Geobacter sp. UBA1606
Geobacter sp. UBA2189
Geobacter sp. UBA2265
Geobacter sp. UBA4050
Geobacter sp. UBA4057
Geobacter sp. UBA4074
Geobacter sp. UBA4078
Geobacter sp. UBA5608
Geobacter sp. UBA5730
Geobacter sp. UBA5735
Geobacter sp. UBA6108
Geobacter sp. UBA6151
Geobacter sp. UBA6169
Geobacter sp. UBA6802
Geobacter sp. UBA698
Geobacter sp. UBA7696
Geoglobus sp. UBA232
Geoglobus sp. UBA235
Gillisia sp. UBA3175
Gimesia maris
Glaciecola sp. UBA1851
Glaciecola sp. UBA2563
Glaciecola sp. UBA7419
Glaciecola sp. UBA983
Glutamicibacter sp. UBA6655
Gordonia sp. UBA5067
Gordonia sp. UBA6487
Gordonia sp. UBA6683
Gordonia sp. UBA7599
Gordonia sp. UBA7860
Granulicella sp. UBA4739
Granulicella sp. UBA5172
Haematobacter sp. UBA3484
Hafnia alvei
Halieaceae bacterium UBA2614
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3019
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3099
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3187
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3188
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3444
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3479
Halieaceae bacterium UBA3993
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4019
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4216
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4423
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4438
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4452
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4469
Halieaceae bacterium UBA4500
Halieaceae bacterium UBA5044
Halieaceae bacterium UBA5055
Halieaceae bacterium UBA5085
Halieaceae bacterium UBA5105
Halieaceae bacterium UBA5721
Halieaceae bacterium UBA6060
Halieaceae bacterium UBA6519
Halieaceae bacterium UBA7381
Halomonas salina
Halomonas sp. UBA1491
Halomonas sp. UBA3074
Halomonas sp. UBA3173
Halomonas sp. UBA3980
Halomonas titanicae
Halothermothrix sp. UBA3952
Halothiobacillaceae bacterium UBA3459
Halothiobacillaceae bacterium UBA5337
Halothiobacillaceae bacterium UBA5861
Helicobacter pullorum
Helicobacter sp. UBA3407
Helicobacter sp. UBA716
Helicobacter typhlonius
Helicobacteraceae bacterium UBA6016
Herbaspirillum sp. UBA812
Holophagaceae bacterium UBA1801
Holophagaceae bacterium UBA692
Holophagaceae bacterium UBA706
Holophagales bacterium UBA2201
Holophagales bacterium UBA4812
Holophagales bacterium UBA5066
Holophagales bacterium UBA5607
Holophagales bacterium UBA5704
Holosporaceae bacterium UBA3830
Holosporaceae bacterium UBA5542
Holosporaceae bacterium UBA7879
Hungateiclostridiaceae bacterium UBA1305
Hungateiclostridiaceae bacterium UBA3548
Hungateiclostridiaceae bacterium UBA3577
Hungateiclostridiaceae bacterium UBA3922
Hungateiclostridiaceae bacterium UBA3934
Hungatella hathewayi
Hungatella sp. UBA2583
Hungatella sp. UBA3037
Hungatella sp. UBA3048
Hungatella sp. UBA3147
Hungatella sp. UBA3402
Hungatella sp. UBA4396
Hungatella sp. UBA4568
Hungatella sp. UBA5385
Hungatella sp. UBA5640
Hungatella sp. UBA5787
Hungatella sp. UBA5982
Hungatella sp. UBA6642
Hungatella sp. UBA7603
Hydrogenovibrio sp. UBA1537
Hydrogenovibrio sp. UBA3092
Hydrogenovibrio sp. UBA650
Hydrogenovibrio sp. UBA653
Hydrogenovibrio sp. UBA654
Hylemonella sp. UBA2468
Hylemonella sp. UBA2652
Hylemonella sp. UBA6679
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA2767
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4118
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4460
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4662
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4668
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4725
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA4734
Hyphomicrobiaceae bacterium UBA7697
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA1001
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA1595
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA1849
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA2389
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA4763
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA5102
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA5161
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA5334
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA5336
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA5341
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA684
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA7638
Hyphomonadaceae bacterium UBA7672
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1469
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1472
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1474
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1899
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1914
Hyphomonas sp. UBA1923
Hyphomonas sp. UBA2515
Hyphomonas sp. UBA2654
Hyphomonas sp. UBA2660
Hyphomonas sp. UBA2691
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3195
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3201
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3592
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3596
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3601
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3973
Hyphomonas sp. UBA3988
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4208
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4484
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4494
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4505
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4508
Hyphomonas sp. UBA4510
Hyphomonas sp. UBA5091
Hyphomonas sp. UBA5107
Hyphomonas sp. UBA5111
Idiomarina abyssalis
Idiomarina baltica
Idiomarina sp. UBA1478
Idiomarina sp. UBA1482
Idiomarina sp. UBA1919
Idiomarina sp. UBA3162
Idiomarina sp. UBA3176
Idiomarina sp. UBA3992
Idiomarina sp. UBA4206
Idiomarina sp. UBA4211
Idiomarina sp. UBA4519
Idiomarina sp. UBA4520
Idiomarina sp. UBA5185
Idiomarina sp. UBA6142
Idiomarina sp. UBA6937
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2268
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2319
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2324
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2330
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2333
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2350
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2353
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2360
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2373
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2403
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2408
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2418
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA2799
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA4661
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA5521
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA5590
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA5771
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA5798
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6104
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6667
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6670
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6672
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6688
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA6906
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA7675
Ignavibacteria bacterium UBA961
Ignavibacteriales bacterium UBA1304
Ignavibacteriales bacterium UBA1563
Ignavibacteriales bacterium UBA6490
Intestinimonas sp. UBA1698
Janibacter sp. UBA7490
Jejuia sp. UBA6058
Jonesiaceae bacterium UBA3243
Jonesiaceae bacterium UBA3247
Jonesiaceae bacterium UBA3555
Jonesiaceae bacterium UBA5723
Kandleria sp. UBA2833
Kandleria sp. UBA2835
Kandleria sp. UBA2934
Kandleria sp. UBA3298
Kandleria sp. UBA3622
Kandleria sp. UBA3656
Kandleria sp. UBA3673
Kandleria sp. UBA3685
Kandleria sp. UBA3741
Kandleria sp. UBA3744
Kandleria sp. UBA3822
Kandleria sp. UBA3840
Kandleria sp. UBA4218
Kandleria sp. UBA4229
Kandleria sp. UBA4251
Kandleria sp. UBA4329
Kandleria sp. UBA6973
Kandleria sp. UBA6996
Kandleria vitulina
Klebsiella oxytoca
Klebsiella pneumoniae
Klebsiella variicola
Kocuria sp. UBA1592
Kocuria sp. UBA1838
Kocuria sp. UBA5001
Komagataeibacter europaeus
Kordiimonadaceae bacterium UBA2615
Kordiimonadaceae bacterium UBA4149
Kordiimonadaceae bacterium UBA4441
Kordiimonas sp. UBA4487
Kosmotogaceae bacterium UBA1373
Kosmotogaceae bacterium UBA6818
Kurthia sp. UBA2474
Kurthia sp. UBA3380
Kurthia sp. UBA4137
Kurthia sp. UBA5785
Kurthia sp. UBA5930
Labrenzia sp. UBA4493
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA1175
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA1241
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA1308
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA1434
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA1781
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA2905
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA3051
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA3262
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA3320
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA3775
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA4112
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA5132
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA5725
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA5890
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA6475
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA6558
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7084
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7097
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7118
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7122
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7129
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7153
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7210
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7215
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7290
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA739
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA7482
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA903
Lachnoclostridium sp. UBA933
Lachnospira multipara
Lachnospira sp. UBA2803
Lachnospira sp. UBA2821
Lachnospira sp. UBA3212
Lachnospira sp. UBA3647
Lachnospira sp. UBA3755
Lachnospira sp. UBA3780
Lachnospira sp. UBA3790
Lachnospira sp. UBA3833
Lachnospira sp. UBA3852
Lachnospira sp. UBA4285
Lachnospira sp. UBA4290
Lachnospira sp. UBA4320
Lachnospira sp. UBA4342
Lachnospira sp. UBA4346
Lachnospira sp. UBA5912
Lachnospira sp. UBA7007
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1066
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1080
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1201
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1251
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1258
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1267
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1683
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1689
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1712
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1718
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1721
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1729
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1748
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1753
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1755
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1759
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1760
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1766
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1778
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA1818
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2727
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2731
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2734
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2815
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2816
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2818
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2824
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2825
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2826
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2830
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2856
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2860
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2864
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2868
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2882
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2885
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2886
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2887
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2888
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2891
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2896
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2901
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2904
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2906
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2911
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2912
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2932
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2935
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2936
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2942
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA2948
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3226
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3273
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3282
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3283
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3285
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3287
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3302
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3305
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3310
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3316
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3332
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3386
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3401
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3404
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3621
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3632
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3633
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3638
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3641
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3643
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3644
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3645
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3666
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3682
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3687
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3689
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3692
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3701
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3711
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3731
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3732
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3762
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3766
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3772
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3774
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3777
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3785
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3795
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3801
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3802
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3804
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3814
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3820
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3821
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3826
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3828
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3845
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3847
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3850
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3861
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3863
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3865
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA3866
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4222
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4226
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4228
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4237
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4239
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4260
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4265
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4280
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4281
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4292
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4316
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4317
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4322
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4338
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4348
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4355
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4364
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4366
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4368
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4378
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4380
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4381
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4630
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4631
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4711
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4714
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4920
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA4957
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5131
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5452
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5881
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5895
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5899
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA5902
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA629
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA638
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6403
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6419
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6436
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA645
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6452
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6453
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6480
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6986
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6987
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA6998
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7012
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7015
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7020
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7023
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7026
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7027
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7046
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7050
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7054
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7058
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7060
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7076
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7086
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7093
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7096
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7098
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7109
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7110
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7113
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7125
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7133
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7143
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7150
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7155
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7160
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7164
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7165
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7170
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7174
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7179
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7182
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7188
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7196
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7199
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7202
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7205
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7211
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7218
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7225
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7255
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7257
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7264
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7272
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7276
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7279
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7287
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7292
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7294
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7480
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7481
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7575
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7589
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7598
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7725
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7729
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7730
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7738
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7742
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7744
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7749
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7750
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7754
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7759
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7763
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7766
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7767
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7777
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7780
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7783
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA7784
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA935
Lachnospiraceae bacterium UBA938
Lactiplantibacillus plantarum
Lactobacillaceae bacterium UBA5802
Lactobacillaceae bacterium UBA5807
Lactobacillaceae bacterium UBA5810
Lactobacillaceae bacterium UBA639
Lactobacillus acetotolerans
Lactobacillus amylovorus
Lactobacillus johnsonii
Lactobacillus sp. UBA5800
Lactobacillus sp. UBA5804
Lactobacillus sp. UBA5813
Lactobacillus sp. UBA5814
Lactobacillus sp. UBA5815
Lactococcus garvieae
Lactococcus lactis
Lactococcus sp. UBA7065
Lactococcus sp. UBA7128
Lactococcus sp. UBA7157
Lactococcus sp. UBA7220
Latescibacteria bacterium UBA2968
Latescibacteria bacterium UBA2992
Latescibacteria bacterium UBA2998
Latescibacteria bacterium UBA6620
Leadbetterella sp. UBA7673
Leclercia adecarboxylata
Leclercia sp. UBA1284
Leclercia sp. UBA2479
Leclercia sp. UBA4406
Leclercia sp. UBA5076
Leclercia sp. UBA5667
Leclercia sp. UBA5958
Leclercia sp. UBA7405
Leeuwenhoekiella blandensis
Leeuwenhoekiella sp. UBA1003
Leeuwenhoekiella sp. UBA3167
Leeuwenhoekiella sp. UBA4164
Leeuwenhoekiella sp. UBA6783
Legionellaceae bacterium UBA2794
Legionellaceae bacterium UBA6148
Legionellales bacterium UBA1113
Legionellales bacterium UBA1524
Legionellales bacterium UBA2469
Legionellales bacterium UBA2653
Legionellales bacterium UBA4722
Legionellales bacterium UBA4759
Legionellales bacterium UBA5158
Legionellales bacterium UBA6500
Legionellales bacterium UBA6603
Legionellales bacterium UBA6786
Legionellales bacterium UBA7366
Leisingera sp. UBA4491
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1407
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1724
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1732
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1776
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1784
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1791
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA1829
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA2565
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA4640
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA5239
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA5247
Lentisphaeria bacterium UBA7640
Leptolinea sp. UBA1387
Leptolinea sp. UBA1437
Leptolinea sp. UBA2195
Leptolinea sp. UBA4782
Leptolinea sp. UBA5203
Leptolinea sp. UBA5366
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA1091
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA2033
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA3464
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA3465
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA4148
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA7230
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA726
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA7318
Leptospiraceae bacterium UBA7801
Leptospirillum ferriphilum
Leucobacter sp. UBA1945
Leuconostoc citreum
Leuconostoc lactis
Leuconostoc mesenteroides
Leuconostoc sp. UBA4400
Ligilactobacillus murinus
Ligilactobacillus ruminis
Limnobacter sp. UBA1615
Limnobacter sp. UBA3355
Limnobacter sp. UBA3510
Limnobacter sp. UBA3528
Limnobacter sp. UBA6514
Limnobacter sp. UBA7229
Limnobacter sp. UBA7305
Limnobacter sp. UBA882
Limosilactobacillus reuteri
Loktanella sp. UBA2038
Loktanella sp. UBA3427
Loktanella sp. UBA3435
Lutibacter sp. UBA4458
Lysinibacillus fusiformis
Lysinibacillus odysseyi
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA1058
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA2078
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA2576
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA3551
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA5990
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA5994
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA6290
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA6686
Lysinibacillus sp. UBA7518
Lysinibacillus sphaericus
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1046
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1193
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1212
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1243
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1255
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA1257
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA3660
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA3708
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA3781
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA4314
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA4354
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA4923
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA4941
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5238
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5369
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5436
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5438
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5439
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5442
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5734
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5747
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA5770
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA6976
Mageeibacillus sp. UBA6980
Maribacter sp. UBA1493
Maribacter sp. UBA3344
Maribacter sp. UBA4516
Maribacter sp. UBA6511
Maribacter sp. UBA849
Marinagarivorans sp. UBA5868
Marinagarivorans sp. UBA5870
Marinilabilia sp. UBA5340
Marinilabiliaceae bacterium UBA5213
Marinilabiliaceae bacterium UBA5279
Marinilabiliaceae bacterium UBA5488
Marinilabiliaceae bacterium UBA5497
Marinilabiliaceae bacterium UBA7646
Marinimicrobium sp. UBA4209
Marinimicrobium sp. UBA4509
Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus
Marinobacter manganoxydans
Marinobacter salarius
Marinobacter sp. UBA1922
Marinobacter sp. UBA2498
Marinobacter sp. UBA2504
Marinobacter sp. UBA2678
Marinobacter sp. UBA2688
Marinobacter sp. UBA2698
Marinobacter sp. UBA3182
Marinobacter sp. UBA3604
Marinobacter sp. UBA3607
Marinobacter sp. UBA4153
Marinobacter sp. UBA4489
Marinobacter sp. UBA5687
Marinobacter sp. UBA6499
Marinobacter sp. UBA6604
Marinobacter sp. UBA7807
Marinobacter sp. UBA856
Mariprofundus sp. UBA1536
Mariprofundus sp. UBA1538
Mariprofundus sp. UBA1543
Mariprofundus sp. UBA1571
Mariprofundus sp. UBA3091
Maritimibacter sp. UBA3975
Martelella sp. UBA3392
Massilia sp. UBA1880
Massilia sp. UBA2117
Massilia sp. UBA2604
Massilia sp. UBA2709
Massilia sp. UBA6681
Massilia timonae
Megamonas hypermegale
Megamonas sp. UBA1792
Megamonas sp. UBA1796
Megamonas sp. UBA1799
Megasphaera elsdenii
Megasphaera sp. UBA1696
Megasphaera sp. UBA3670
Megasphaera sp. UBA3703
Megasphaera sp. UBA3736
Megasphaera sp. UBA4233
Megasphaera sp. UBA4264
Megasphaera sp. UBA4352
Megasphaera sp. UBA4382
Megasphaera sp. UBA4652
Megasphaera sp. UBA4708
Megasphaera sp. UBA5897
Megasphaera sp. UBA6424
Megasphaera sp. UBA6440
Megasphaera sp. UBA7761
Mesotoga sp. UBA5557
Mesotoga sp. UBA5825
Mesotoga sp. UBA5847
Mesotoga sp. UBA6090
Metallosphaera sp. UBA165
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA117
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA237
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA254
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA349
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA541
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA587
Methanobacteriaceae archaeon UBA588
Methanobacterium sp. UBA176
Methanobacterium sp. UBA279
Methanobacterium sp. UBA283
Methanobacterium sp. UBA290
Methanobacterium sp. UBA294
Methanobacterium sp. UBA295
Methanobacterium sp. UBA297
Methanobacterium sp. UBA299
Methanobacterium sp. UBA302
Methanobacterium sp. UBA305
Methanobacterium sp. UBA310
Methanobacterium sp. UBA311
Methanobacterium sp. UBA316
Methanobacterium sp. UBA322
Methanobacterium sp. UBA324
Methanobacterium sp. UBA327
Methanobacterium sp. UBA330
Methanobacterium sp. UBA336
Methanobacterium sp. UBA339
Methanobacterium sp. UBA341
Methanobacterium sp. UBA350
Methanobacterium sp. UBA351
Methanobacterium sp. UBA353
Methanobacterium sp. UBA355
Methanobacterium sp. UBA357
Methanobacterium sp. UBA368
Methanobacterium sp. UBA373
Methanobacterium sp. UBA375
Methanobacterium sp. UBA379
Methanobacterium sp. UBA380
Methanobacterium sp. UBA384
Methanobacterium sp. UBA385
Methanobacterium sp. UBA388
Methanobacterium sp. UBA390
Methanobacterium sp. UBA391
Methanobacterium sp. UBA397
Methanobacterium sp. UBA405
Methanobacterium sp. UBA410
Methanobacterium sp. UBA418
Methanobacterium sp. UBA419
Methanobacterium sp. UBA42
Methanobacterium sp. UBA426
Methanobacterium sp. UBA428
Methanobacterium sp. UBA44
Methanobacterium sp. UBA455
Methanobacterium sp. UBA479
Methanobacterium sp. UBA74
Methanobacterium sp. UBA8
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA187
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA188
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA189
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA190
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA212
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA313
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA318
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA325
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA337
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA352
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA365
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA395
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA401
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA403
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA412
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA417
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA46
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA586
Methanobrevibacter sp. UBA594
Methanocellaceae archaeon UBA148
Methanococcaceae archaeon UBA115
Methanocorpusculaceae archaeon UBA425
Methanocorpusculaceae archaeon UBA456
Methanocorpusculum sp. UBA362
Methanocorpusculum sp. UBA424
Methanocorpusculum sp. UBA592
Methanoculleus marisnigri
Methanoculleus sp. UBA208
Methanoculleus sp. UBA291
Methanoculleus sp. UBA300
Methanoculleus sp. UBA303
Methanoculleus sp. UBA307
Methanoculleus sp. UBA312
Methanoculleus sp. UBA320
Methanoculleus sp. UBA326
Methanoculleus sp. UBA331
Methanoculleus sp. UBA334
Methanoculleus sp. UBA340
Methanoculleus sp. UBA374
Methanoculleus sp. UBA377
Methanoculleus sp. UBA389
Methanoculleus sp. UBA406
Methanoculleus sp. UBA413
Methanoculleus sp. UBA416
Methanoculleus sp. UBA430
Methanoculleus sp. UBA45
Methanoculleus sp. UBA77
Methanofollis sp. UBA420
Methanolinea sp. UBA144
Methanolinea sp. UBA145
Methanolinea sp. UBA155
Methanolinea sp. UBA245
Methanolinea sp. UBA275
Methanolinea sp. UBA277
Methanolinea sp. UBA286
Methanolinea sp. UBA437
Methanolinea sp. UBA451
Methanolinea sp. UBA473
Methanolinea sp. UBA477
Methanolobus sp. UBA118
Methanolobus sp. UBA32
Methanolobus sp. UBA474
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA113
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA248
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA271
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA296
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA298
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA306
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA308
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA309
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA314
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA317
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA319
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA328
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA329
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA333
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA343
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA344
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA354
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA358
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA359
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA366
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA367
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA370
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA371
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA378
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA381
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA387
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA394
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA396
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA399
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA400
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA404
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA407
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA408
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA409
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA414
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA415
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA421
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA422
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA427
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA472
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA48
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA480
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA481
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA482
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA483
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA537
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA593
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA71
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA72
Methanomassiliicoccaceae archaeon UBA75
Methanomassiliicoccales archaeon UBA147
Methanomassiliicoccales archaeon UBA149
Methanomassiliicoccales archaeon UBA280
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA238
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA292
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA315
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA321
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA335
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA345
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA360
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA364
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA382
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA386
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA393
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA429
Methanomassiliicoccus sp. UBA6
Methanomicrobia archaeon UBA590
Methanomicrobiaceae archaeon UBA2
Methanomicrobiaceae archaeon UBA206
Methanomicrobiaceae archaeon UBA207
Methanomicrobiaceae archaeon UBA436
Methanomicrobiales archaeon UBA81
Methanoregula sp. UBA143
Methanoregula sp. UBA154
Methanoregula sp. UBA244
Methanoregula sp. UBA247
Methanoregula sp. UBA274
Methanoregula sp. UBA276
Methanoregula sp. UBA278
Methanoregula sp. UBA434
Methanoregula sp. UBA450
Methanoregula sp. UBA452
Methanoregula sp. UBA469
Methanoregula sp. UBA471
Methanoregula sp. UBA64
Methanoregulaceae archaeon UBA288
Methanoregulaceae archaeon UBA467
Methanosaeta harundinacea
Methanosaeta sp. UBA114
Methanosaeta sp. UBA204
Methanosaeta sp. UBA243
Methanosaeta sp. UBA332
Methanosaeta sp. UBA356
Methanosaeta sp. UBA372
Methanosaeta sp. UBA458
Methanosaeta sp. UBA533
Methanosaeta sp. UBA70
Methanosaeta sp. UBA80
Methanosarcina mazei
Methanosarcina sp. UBA135
Methanosarcina sp. UBA289
Methanosarcina sp. UBA293
Methanosarcina sp. UBA301
Methanosarcina sp. UBA304
Methanosarcina sp. UBA323
Methanosarcina sp. UBA338
Methanosarcina sp. UBA342
Methanosarcina sp. UBA361
Methanosarcina sp. UBA363
Methanosarcina sp. UBA369
Methanosarcina sp. UBA376
Methanosarcina sp. UBA383
Methanosarcina sp. UBA392
Methanosarcina sp. UBA398
Methanosarcina sp. UBA402
Methanosarcina sp. UBA411
Methanosarcina sp. UBA423
Methanosarcina sp. UBA43
Methanosarcina sp. UBA47
Methanosarcina sp. UBA5
Methanosarcina sp. UBA591
Methanosarcina sp. UBA7
Methanosarcinaceae archaeon UBA151
Methanosarcinaceae archaeon UBA282
Methanosarcinaceae archaeon UBA470
Methanosarcinales archaeon UBA203
Methanosarcinales archaeon UBA261
Methanotrichaceae archaeon UBA116
Methylacidiphilaceae bacterium UBA1321
Methylobacter sp. UBA2091
Methylobacter sp. UBA6696
Methylobacter sp. UBA6701
Methylobacter sp. UBA6712
Methylobacter tundripaludum
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA1114
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA1147
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA2778
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA2780
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA3127
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA4132
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA5071
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA6146
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA659
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA662
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA7658
Methylococcaceae bacterium UBA975
Methylococcus sp. UBA6136
Methylocystaceae bacterium UBA2095
Methylocystaceae bacterium UBA4761
Methylocystaceae bacterium UBA5192
Methylophaga sp. UBA1464
Methylophaga sp. UBA1484
Methylophaga sp. UBA1490
Methylophaga sp. UBA1918
Methylophaga sp. UBA2012
Methylophaga sp. UBA2496
Methylophaga sp. UBA2502
Methylophaga sp. UBA2513
Methylophaga sp. UBA2659
Methylophaga sp. UBA2661
Methylophaga sp. UBA2673
Methylophaga sp. UBA2687
Methylophaga sp. UBA2689
Methylophaga sp. UBA2696
Methylophaga sp. UBA3172
Methylophaga sp. UBA3191
Methylophaga sp. UBA3192
Methylophaga sp. UBA3196
Methylophaga sp. UBA3369
Methylophaga sp. UBA3593
Methylophaga sp. UBA3595
Methylophaga sp. UBA3603
Methylophaga sp. UBA3613
Methylophaga sp. UBA3618
Methylophaga sp. UBA3991
Methylophaga sp. UBA3996
Methylophaga sp. UBA4204
Methylophaga sp. UBA4502
Methylophaga sp. UBA4512
Methylophaga sp. UBA5054
Methylophaga sp. UBA5057
Methylophaga sp. UBA5063
Methylophaga sp. UBA5088
Methylophaga sp. UBA5100
Methylophaga sp. UBA5113
Methylophaga sp. UBA678
Methylophilaceae bacterium UBA1604
Methylophilaceae bacterium UBA5127
Methylophilaceae bacterium UBA6140
Methylophilaceae bacterium UBA7525
Methylophilales bacterium UBA2537
Methylophilales bacterium UBA2546
Methylophilales bacterium UBA3018
Methylophilales bacterium UBA3027
Methylophilales bacterium UBA3117
Methylophilales bacterium UBA4017
Methylophilales bacterium UBA4021
Methylophilus sp. UBA6697
Methylotenera mobilis
Methylotenera sp. UBA6020
Micavibrio sp. UBA1512
Micavibrio sp. UBA1573
Micavibrio sp. UBA1618
Micavibrio sp. UBA1664
Micavibrio sp. UBA1672
Micavibrio sp. UBA1850
Micavibrio sp. UBA1968
Micavibrio sp. UBA1983
Micavibrio sp. UBA2020
Micavibrio sp. UBA2137
Micavibrio sp. UBA2341
Micavibrio sp. UBA2400
Micavibrio sp. UBA2621
Micavibrio sp. UBA2638
Micavibrio sp. UBA2705
Micavibrio sp. UBA3352
Micavibrio sp. UBA3357
Micavibrio sp. UBA3393
Micavibrio sp. UBA3503
Micavibrio sp. UBA5167
Micavibrio sp. UBA5572
Micavibrio sp. UBA5701
Micavibrio sp. UBA5703
Micavibrio sp. UBA6139
Micavibrio sp. UBA6145
Micavibrio sp. UBA6147
Micavibrio sp. UBA6212
Micavibrio sp. UBA6513
Micavibrio sp. UBA6656
Micavibrio sp. UBA671
Micavibrio sp. UBA6929
Micavibrio sp. UBA6964
Micavibrio sp. UBA6971
Micavibrio sp. UBA7307
Micavibrio sp. UBA7657
Micavibrio sp. UBA7689
Micavibrio sp. UBA851
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA1477
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA1487
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA1492
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA1607
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA1613
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA3350
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA4731
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA5056
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA5098
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA5967
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6152
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6523
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6524
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6606
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6891
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA6954
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA960
Microbacteriaceae bacterium UBA963
Microbacterium maritypicum
Microbacterium paraoxydans
Microbacterium sp. UBA1097
Microbacterium sp. UBA1612
Microbacterium sp. UBA1663
Microbacterium sp. UBA1667
Microbacterium sp. UBA3394
Microbacterium sp. UBA3397
Microbacterium sp. UBA3486
Microbacterium sp. UBA4541
Microbacterium sp. UBA5159
Microbacterium sp. UBA6496
Microbacterium sp. UBA6633
Microbacterium sp. UBA6741
Microbacterium sp. UBA6782
Microbacterium sp. UBA7495
Microbacterium sp. UBA7513
Microbacterium sp. UBA837
Microbacterium sp. UBA888
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA3381
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA4005
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA5180
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA5788
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA6021
Micrococcaceae bacterium UBA7136
Micrococcales bacterium UBA2037
Micrococcales bacterium UBA2465
Micrococcales bacterium UBA2544
Micrococcales bacterium UBA2548
Micrococcales bacterium UBA2649
Micrococcales bacterium UBA3432
Micrococcales bacterium UBA3913
Micrococcales bacterium UBA3972
Micrococcales bacterium UBA4448
Micrococcales bacterium UBA7469
Micrococcales bacterium UBA7472
Micrococcus luteus
Mitsuokella sp. UBA4225
Mitsuokella sp. UBA4253
Moorella sp. UBA4076
Moraxellaceae bacterium UBA2031
Moraxellaceae bacterium UBA2032
Moraxellaceae bacterium UBA2477
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA4119
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA4667
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA4741
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA5151
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA5156
Mucilaginibacter sp. UBA6044
Muricauda sp. UBA4497
Muricauda sp. UBA6785
Muricauda sp. UBA7809
Mycoplasma sp. UBA710
Mycoplasmataceae bacterium UBA3729
Myxococcales bacterium UBA1203
Myxococcales bacterium UBA1238
Myxococcales bacterium UBA1532
Myxococcales bacterium UBA1660
Myxococcales bacterium UBA1671
Myxococcales bacterium UBA2376
Myxococcales bacterium UBA3505
Myxococcales bacterium UBA4151
Myxococcales bacterium UBA4248
Myxococcales bacterium UBA5297
Myxococcales bacterium UBA6777
Myxococcales bacterium UBA727
Myxococcales bacterium UBA7319
Negativicutes bacterium UBA1444
Neorhizobium sp. UBA3142
Neorhizobium sp. UBA3556
Neorhizobium sp. UBA4388
Neorhizobium sp. UBA5916
Neorhizobium sp. UBA7851
Neptuniibacter sp. UBA6509
Neptuniibacter sp. UBA847
Nitrosomonadaceae bacterium UBA6933
Nitrosomonas sp. UBA1843
Nitrosomonas sp. UBA6494
Nitrosopumilales archaeon UBA218
Nitrosopumilales archaeon UBA219
Nitrosopumilales archaeon UBA459
Nitrosopumilus sp. UBA241
Nitrosopumilus sp. UBA526
Nitrosopumilus sp. UBA527
Nitrososphaera sp. UBA210
Nitrososphaera sp. UBA216
Nitrososphaera sp. UBA217
Nitrososphaera sp. UBA239
Nitrososphaera sp. UBA240
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA272
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA273
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA347
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA348
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA466
Nitrososphaeraceae archaeon UBA536
Nitrososphaerales archaeon UBA213
Nitrospina sp. UBA6727
Nitrospina sp. UBA6737
Nitrospinaceae bacterium UBA2164
Nitrospinaceae bacterium UBA3496
Nitrospinaceae bacterium UBA7883
Nitrospira sp. UBA2082
Nitrospira sp. UBA2083
Nitrospira sp. UBA4129
Nitrospira sp. UBA5698
Nitrospira sp. UBA5699
Nitrospira sp. UBA5702
Nitrospira sp. UBA6488
Nitrospira sp. UBA6493
Nitrospira sp. UBA667
Nitrospira sp. UBA6909
Nitrospira sp. UBA7240
Nitrospira sp. UBA7655
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA1546
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA2166
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA2194
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA2600
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA3562
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA3568
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA665
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA6898
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA6902
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA6905
Nitrospiraceae bacterium UBA6907
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA2233
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA4572
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA4574
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA5696
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA6675
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA6678
Nitrospirae bacterium UBA7871
Nocardioidaceae bacterium UBA4001
Novosphingobium sp. UBA1948
Novosphingobium sp. UBA6272
Novosphingobium sp. UBA6722
Oblitimonas alkaliphila
Oblitimonas sp. UBA1343
Oblitimonas sp. UBA1679
Oblitimonas sp. UBA2430
Oblitimonas sp. UBA2435
Oblitimonas sp. UBA2439
Oblitimonas sp. UBA2442
Oblitimonas sp. UBA4037
Oblitimonas sp. UBA5262
Oceanicaulis sp. UBA2681
Oceanicaulis sp. UBA6590
Oceanicaulis sp. UBA7814
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA1126
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA2001
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA4431
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA4576
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA7410
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA7418
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA7426
Oceanospirillaceae bacterium UBA7440
Ochrobactrum sp. UBA3110
Ochrobactrum sp. UBA7634
Odoribacter sp. UBA944
Olleya sp. UBA1516
Olsenella sp. UBA2898
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA2377
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA2422
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA3033
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA4046
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA4094
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA6669
Opitutaceae bacterium UBA7327
Opitutae bacterium UBA1116
Opitutae bacterium UBA1274
Opitutae bacterium UBA1276
Opitutae bacterium UBA1333
Opitutae bacterium UBA1508
Opitutae bacterium UBA1513
Opitutae bacterium UBA1569
Opitutae bacterium UBA1856
Opitutae bacterium UBA1977
Opitutae bacterium UBA1981
Opitutae bacterium UBA2520
Opitutae bacterium UBA2637
Opitutae bacterium UBA2987
Opitutae bacterium UBA2993
Opitutae bacterium UBA3150
Opitutae bacterium UBA3151
Opitutae bacterium UBA3534
Opitutae bacterium UBA4424
Opitutae bacterium UBA4440
Opitutae bacterium UBA4453
Opitutae bacterium UBA4470
Opitutae bacterium UBA4506
Opitutae bacterium UBA4583
Opitutae bacterium UBA4586
Opitutae bacterium UBA4654
Opitutae bacterium UBA4700
Opitutae bacterium UBA5964
Opitutae bacterium UBA6410
Opitutae bacterium UBA6451
Opitutae bacterium UBA6617
Opitutae bacterium UBA6972
Opitutae bacterium UBA7320
Opitutae bacterium UBA7350
Opitutae bacterium UBA7356
Opitutae bacterium UBA7374
Opitutae bacterium UBA7397
Opitutae bacterium UBA7438
Opitutae bacterium UBA7441
Opitutae bacterium UBA7445
Opitutae bacterium UBA7798
Opitutae bacterium UBA7876
Opitutae bacterium UBA953
Opitutae bacterium UBA957
Opitutae bacterium UBA977
Opitutales bacterium UBA2995
Opitutales bacterium UBA5691
Opitutales bacterium UBA5694
Opitutales bacterium UBA6958
Opitutales bacterium UBA7389
Oribacterium sp. UBA2880
Oribacterium sp. UBA3737
Oribacterium sp. UBA4274
Oribacterium sp. UBA4289
Oribacterium sp. UBA5894
Oribacterium sp. UBA6992
Oscillibacter sp. UBA6647
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA1230
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA3295
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA3851
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA4632
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA6359
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA6370
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA6409
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA757
Oscillospiraceae bacterium UBA790
Oxalobacteraceae bacterium UBA4003
Oxalobacteraceae bacterium UBA5157
Oxalobacteraceae bacterium UBA6018
Oxalobacteraceae bacterium UBA6704
Oxalobacteraceae bacterium UBA7693
Paenibacillaceae bacterium UBA6304
Paenibacillus odorifer
Paenibacillus polymyxa
Paenibacillus sp. UBA2072
Paenibacillus sp. UBA6285
Paludibacter sp. UBA4071
Paludibacter sp. UBA5753
Paludibacter sp. UBA6032
Pantoea agglomerans
Pantoea ananatis
Pantoea dispersa
Pantoea septica
Pantoea sp. UBA2523
Pantoea sp. UBA2708
Pantoea sp. UBA3038
Pantoea sp. UBA3041
Pantoea sp. UBA3896
Pantoea sp. UBA4389
Pantoea sp. UBA4549
Pantoea sp. UBA4570
Pantoea sp. UBA5035
Pantoea sp. UBA5037
Pantoea sp. UBA5707
Pantoea sp. UBA5923
Pantoea sp. UBA5931
Pantoea sp. UBA5960
Pantoea sp. UBA6551
Pantoea sp. UBA6564
Pantoea sp. UBA6567
Pantoea sp. UBA6694
Pantoea sp. UBA7232
Pantoea sp. UBA7401
Pantoea sp. UBA7604
Pantoea vagans
Parabacteroides distasonis
Parabacteroides goldsteinii
Parabacteroides merdae
Parabacteroides sp. UBA1708
Parabacteroides sp. UBA3278
Parabacteroides sp. UBA7107
Paracoccus sp. UBA2633
Paracoccus sp. UBA3880
Paracoccus sp. UBA4165
Paracoccus sp. UBA5162
Paracoccus sp. UBA6566
Paracoccus sp. UBA889
Paraglaciecola agarilytica
Parvularculaceae bacterium UBA4496
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1006
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1357
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1370
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1372
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1388
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1396
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1400
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1406
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1441
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1449
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1539
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1544
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1545
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1549
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1550
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1554
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1558
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1561
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1567
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1675
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA1875
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2023
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2100
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2103
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2105
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2106
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2135
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2142
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2143
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2163
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2169
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2193
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2196
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2211
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2380
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2558
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2591
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2772
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA2773
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3093
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3291
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3458
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3466
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3524
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3526
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3527
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3530
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3531
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA3533
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA4067
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA4473
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA4664
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA4787
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA4792
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5004
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5006
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5007
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5124
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5147
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5169
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5187
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5194
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5230
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5272
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5532
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5624
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5633
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5738
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5741
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA5940
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6017
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6023
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6028
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6033
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6037
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6065
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6102
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6130
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6164
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6201
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6206
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6220
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6241
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6257
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6263
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6264
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6489
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6532
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6533
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6534
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6536
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6539
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA661
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6805
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6816
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA6899
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA7396
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA7435
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA7522
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA910
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA918
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA920
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA921
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA924
Patescibacteria group bacterium UBA926
Pedobacter glucosidilyticus
Pedobacter sp. UBA1654
Pedobacter sp. UBA1951
Pedobacter sp. UBA2067
Pedobacter sp. UBA4863
Pedobacter sp. UBA5917
Pedobacter sp. UBA6644
Pelagibacterales bacterium UBA4760
Pelobacter sp. UBA5610
Pelobacter sp. UBA6093
Pelobacter sp. UBA6812
Pelosinus fermentans
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA1371
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA3102
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA3103
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA3955
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA4789
Pelotomaculum sp. UBA5255
Peptoclostridium sp. UBA4398
Peptoclostridium sp. UBA4559
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA2264
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA3330
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA3933
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA3937
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA4068
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA4083
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA4997
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5318
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5356
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5745
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5752
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5755
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5757
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA5767
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA6096
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA6116
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA6129
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA7061
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA7144
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA7185
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA7224
Peptococcaceae bacterium UBA7702
Peptostreptococcaceae bacterium UBA1803
Petrotoga sp. UBA3917
Petrotoga sp. UBA5851
Phascolarctobacterium succinatutens
Phocaeicola barnesiae
Phocaeicola coprophilus
Phocaeicola dorei
Phocaeicola paurosaccharolyticus
Phocaeicola vulgatus
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1161
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1668
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1845
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1910
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1924
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1926
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA1956
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2218
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2266
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2396
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2402
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2421
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA2507
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA3158
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA3160
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA3190
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA3472
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA4658
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA5048
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA5793
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA6054
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA6626
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA7708
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA7800
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA7812
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA7818
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA854
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA860
Phycisphaerales bacterium UBA966
Phyllobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1059
Phyllobacteriaceae bacterium UBA1940
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA1268
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA1272
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA1338
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA1669
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA2092
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA2616
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA2671
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA2972
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA4655
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA4732
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA5059
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA6163
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA6172
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA6598
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA6894
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA721
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA7309
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA7453
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA7678
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA7805
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA7813
Planctomycetaceae bacterium UBA969
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA1135
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA1146
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA1662
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA2386
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA2392
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA4800
Planctomycetes bacterium UBA7888
Planococcaceae bacterium UBA3370
Planococcaceae bacterium UBA3378
Pluralibacter sp. UBA7423
Polaromonas sp. UBA4122
Polaromonas sp. UBA5171
Polynucleobacter sp. UBA2464
Polynucleobacter sp. UBA2650
Polynucleobacter sp. UBA655
Polynucleobacter sp. UBA962
Ponticoccus sp. UBA5052
Porphyrobacter sp. UBA7686
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA1069
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA1250
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA1681
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2715
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2720
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2741
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2751
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2807
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2841
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2844
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2894
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA2920
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3255
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3257
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3258
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3261
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3263
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3264
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3265
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3266
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3267
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3268
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3272
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3275
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3276
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3281
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3284
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3309
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3312
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3314
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3317
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3318
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3319
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3321
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3324
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3325
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3327
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3400
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3410
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA3677
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4259
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4262
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4277
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4625
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4671
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA4702
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA5133
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA5580
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA5887
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA5907
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6067
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6329
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6369
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6379
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6399
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6443
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6459
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6478
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6831
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6846
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6853
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6859
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6863
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6874
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA6876
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7041
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7042
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7043
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7047
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7048
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7049
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7053
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7055
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7056
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7062
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7063
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7064
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7066
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7068
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7070
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7072
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7073
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7074
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7077
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7078
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7079
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7082
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7085
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7087
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7088
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7089
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7091
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7092
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7095
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7099
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7104
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7108
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7111
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7112
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7114
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7117
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7119
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7120
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7123
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7124
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7126
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7130
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7132
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7138
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7139
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7141
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7142
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7145
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7146
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7148
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7149
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7151
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7152
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7154
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7159
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7163
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7167
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7168
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7171
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7172
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7173
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7176
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7178
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7180
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7183
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7184
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7186
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7193
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7194
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7195
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7201
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7203
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7204
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7206
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7207
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7208
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7209
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7213
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7214
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7216
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7221
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7222
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7223
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7269
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7289
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7332
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7475
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7478
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7479
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7483
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7484
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA751
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7546
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7555
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7572
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7583
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA759
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA771
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7732
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA7747
Porphyromonadaceae bacterium UBA788
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA1117
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA1989
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2002
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2036
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2039
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2518
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2538
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA2550
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA3426
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA3433
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA3436
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA3445
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA4010
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA4026
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA5969
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA5971
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA6066
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA7411
Porticoccaceae bacterium UBA7427
Porticoccus hydrocarbonoclasticus
Prevotella bryantii
Prevotella sp. UBA1074
Prevotella sp. UBA1102
Prevotella sp. UBA1104
Prevotella sp. UBA1378
Prevotella sp. UBA1395
Prevotella sp. UBA1705
Prevotella sp. UBA2444
Prevotella sp. UBA2445
Prevotella sp. UBA2446
Prevotella sp. UBA2447
Prevotella sp. UBA2452
Prevotella sp. UBA2455
Prevotella sp. UBA2456
Prevotella sp. UBA2457
Prevotella sp. UBA2711
Prevotella sp. UBA2725
Prevotella sp. UBA2726
Prevotella sp. UBA2728
Prevotella sp. UBA2732
Prevotella sp. UBA2735
Prevotella sp. UBA2737
Prevotella sp. UBA2739
Prevotella sp. UBA2740
Prevotella sp. UBA2742
Prevotella sp. UBA2743
Prevotella sp. UBA2745
Prevotella sp. UBA2746
Prevotella sp. UBA2747
Prevotella sp. UBA2750
Prevotella sp. UBA2754
Prevotella sp. UBA2755
Prevotella sp. UBA2756
Prevotella sp. UBA2758
Prevotella sp. UBA2762
Prevotella sp. UBA2763
Prevotella sp. UBA2809
Prevotella sp. UBA2811
Prevotella sp. UBA2822
Prevotella sp. UBA2828
Prevotella sp. UBA2838
Prevotella sp. UBA2846
Prevotella sp. UBA2850
Prevotella sp. UBA2859
Prevotella sp. UBA2874
Prevotella sp. UBA2878
Prevotella sp. UBA2925
Prevotella sp. UBA2926
Prevotella sp. UBA2937
Prevotella sp. UBA2941
Prevotella sp. UBA3208
Prevotella sp. UBA3211
Prevotella sp. UBA3256
Prevotella sp. UBA3288
Prevotella sp. UBA3294
Prevotella sp. UBA3313
Prevotella sp. UBA3619
Prevotella sp. UBA3625
Prevotella sp. UBA3652
Prevotella sp. UBA3671
Prevotella sp. UBA3674
Prevotella sp. UBA3675
Prevotella sp. UBA3712
Prevotella sp. UBA3713
Prevotella sp. UBA3757
Prevotella sp. UBA3765
Prevotella sp. UBA3776
Prevotella sp. UBA3788
Prevotella sp. UBA3807
Prevotella sp. UBA3837
Prevotella sp. UBA3846
Prevotella sp. UBA3848
Prevotella sp. UBA3854
Prevotella sp. UBA4217
Prevotella sp. UBA4249
Prevotella sp. UBA4268
Prevotella sp. UBA4294
Prevotella sp. UBA4296
Prevotella sp. UBA4330
Prevotella sp. UBA4337
Prevotella sp. UBA4339
Prevotella sp. UBA4341
Prevotella sp. UBA4356
Prevotella sp. UBA4376
Prevotella sp. UBA4643
Prevotella sp. UBA4707
Prevotella sp. UBA4952
Prevotella sp. UBA5379
Prevotella sp. UBA5387
Prevotella sp. UBA5805
Prevotella sp. UBA5812
Prevotella sp. UBA5879
Prevotella sp. UBA5886
Prevotella sp. UBA5896
Prevotella sp. UBA630
Prevotella sp. UBA631
Prevotella sp. UBA633
Prevotella sp. UBA6339
Prevotella sp. UBA634
Prevotella sp. UBA6361
Prevotella sp. UBA6381
Prevotella sp. UBA6383
Prevotella sp. UBA6387
Prevotella sp. UBA6389
Prevotella sp. UBA640
Prevotella sp. UBA641
Prevotella sp. UBA6421
Prevotella sp. UBA6429
Prevotella sp. UBA6435
Prevotella sp. UBA6442
Prevotella sp. UBA6447
Prevotella sp. UBA6455
Prevotella sp. UBA6466
Prevotella sp. UBA6469
Prevotella sp. UBA6472
Prevotella sp. UBA6483
Prevotella sp. UBA6836
Prevotella sp. UBA6866
Prevotella sp. UBA6870
Prevotella sp. UBA6890
Prevotella sp. UBA6975
Prevotella sp. UBA6994
Prevotella sp. UBA7051
Prevotella sp. UBA7071
Prevotella sp. UBA7115
Prevotella sp. UBA7140
Prevotella sp. UBA7197
Prevotella sp. UBA7254
Prevotella sp. UBA7262
Prevotella sp. UBA7263
Prevotella sp. UBA7267
Prevotella sp. UBA7270
Prevotella sp. UBA7280
Prevotella sp. UBA7283
Prevotella sp. UBA730
Prevotella sp. UBA731
Prevotella sp. UBA745
Prevotella sp. UBA746
Prevotella sp. UBA752
Prevotella sp. UBA7551
Prevotella sp. UBA7557
Prevotella sp. UBA7563
Prevotella sp. UBA758
Prevotella sp. UBA7592
Prevotella sp. UBA7593
Prevotella sp. UBA7594
Prevotella sp. UBA7723
Prevotella sp. UBA7727
Prevotella sp. UBA7728
Prevotella sp. UBA7735
Prevotella sp. UBA7743
Prevotella sp. UBA7745
Prevotella sp. UBA7762
Prevotella sp. UBA7764
Prevotella sp. UBA7765
Prevotella sp. UBA7770
Prevotella sp. UBA7773
Prevotella sp. UBA7779
Prevotella sp. UBA7782
Prevotella sp. UBA7785
Prevotella sp. UBA7787
Prevotella sp. UBA789
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1075
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1079
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1391
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1626
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1633
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1710
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1716
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1720
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1726
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1743
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1746
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1786
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA1787
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2448
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2451
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2458
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2713
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2718
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2736
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2738
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2744
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2749
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2752
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2757
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2760
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2761
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2839
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2852
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2876
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA2899
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3219
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3296
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3627
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3646
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3702
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3779
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3839
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA3849
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4256
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4261
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4300
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4301
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4303
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4315
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4332
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4334
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4336
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4359
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4361
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4371
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4372
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4374
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4645
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4677
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4681
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA4688
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA5903
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA5908
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6382
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6385
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6398
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6417
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6461
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6470
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6484
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6832
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6848
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6850
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6854
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6858
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6867
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6974
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6993
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA6995
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7002
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7017
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7028
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA708
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA711
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA713
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA715
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA748
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7548
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7561
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA7564
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA766
Prevotellaceae bacterium UBA776
Priestia megaterium
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA1269
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA1273
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA1528
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA3467
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA3999
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA7370
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA7448
Prochlorococcus sp. UBA7854
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA1413
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA4818
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA5740
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA6024
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA6029
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA6036
Prolixibacteraceae bacterium UBA6162
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA4569
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA5174
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA6122
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA6214
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA6238
Propionibacteriaceae bacterium UBA7704
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA1027
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA1028
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA1403
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA2288
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4084
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4842
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4846
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4879
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4888
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4892
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4907
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4913
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4932
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4977
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4988
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA4993
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5218
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5242
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5251
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5259
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5260
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5265
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5267
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5280
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5283
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5310
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5323
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5346
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5375
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5384
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5431
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5463
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5480
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5485
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5492
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5506
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5510
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA5739
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA6247
Proteiniphilum sp. UBA7639
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1148
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1270
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1278
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1280
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1515
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1541
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1673
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1844
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1847
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1858
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA1966
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2008
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2132
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2133
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2136
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2157
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2363
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2383
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2404
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2411
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2462
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2536
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2545
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2646
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2770
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA2996
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3005
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3014
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3020
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3021
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3065
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3113
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3123
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3124
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3343
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3412
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3413
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3414
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3416
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3457
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA3588
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4015
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4455
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4457
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4498
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4575
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4577
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA4656
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5122
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5333
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5335
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5662
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5663
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5664
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5680
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5682
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5686
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5858
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5949
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA5953
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6156
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6492
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6503
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA651
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA652
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6522
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6594
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA664
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6729
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6731
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6740
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6900
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6901
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6903
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6908
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6914
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6915
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6916
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6917
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6920
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA6921
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA729
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7372
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7415
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7420
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7447
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7452
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7810
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7821
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7880
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA7902
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA799
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA841
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA868
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA964
Proteobacteria bacterium UBA981
Proteus mirabilis
Proteus vulgaris
Providencia rettgeri
Pseudanabaena sp. UBA1465
Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis
Pseudoalteromonas issachenkonii
Pseudoalteromonas lipolytica
Pseudoalteromonas ruthenica
Pseudoalteromonas sp. UBA2102
Pseudoalteromonas sp. UBA6508
Pseudoalteromonas sp. UBA6540
Pseudoalteromonas sp. UBA6610
Pseudoalteromonas sp. UBA846
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA1225
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA3626
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA3655
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA3676
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA3836
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA4234
Pseudobutyrivibrio sp. UBA4308
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA1017
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA1462
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA1659
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA1973
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA2007
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA2015
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA2494
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA2533
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA3156
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA3161
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA3367
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA3606
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA4526
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA4539
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA5092
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA5108
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA5811
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6525
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6586
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6589
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6596
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6597
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6941
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA6949
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA7298
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA7304
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA7806
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA833
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA836
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA839
Pseudomonadaceae bacterium UBA853
Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Pseudomonas fulva
Pseudomonas kunmingensis
Pseudomonas mendocina
Pseudomonas monteilii
Pseudomonas nitroreducens
Pseudomonas oleovorans
Pseudomonas oryzihabitans
Pseudomonas rhodesiae
Pseudomonas sp. UBA1289
Pseudomonas sp. UBA1534
Pseudomonas sp. UBA1879
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2047
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2303
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2311
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2522
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2628
Pseudomonas sp. UBA2684
Pseudomonas sp. UBA3149
Pseudomonas sp. UBA3153
Pseudomonas sp. UBA3550
Pseudomonas sp. UBA4034
Pseudomonas sp. UBA4102
Pseudomonas sp. UBA4194
Pseudomonas sp. UBA4617
Pseudomonas sp. UBA5568
Pseudomonas sp. UBA5666
Pseudomonas sp. UBA5706
Pseudomonas sp. UBA5720
Pseudomonas sp. UBA5782
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6276
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6295
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6307
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6310
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6315
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6323
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6549
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6554
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6562
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6699
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6718
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6719
Pseudomonas sp. UBA6753
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7233
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7336
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7456
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7500
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7530
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7679
Pseudomonas sp. UBA7721
Pseudomonas sp. UBA800
Pseudomonas stutzeri
Psychrobacter sp. UBA2071
Psychrobacter sp. UBA2514
Psychrobacter sp. UBA2578
Psychrobacter sp. UBA2769
Psychrobacter sp. UBA3068
Psychrobacter sp. UBA3480
Psychrobacter sp. UBA3483
Psychrobacter sp. UBA3962
Psychrobacter sp. UBA4193
Psychrobacter sp. UBA5041
Psychrobacter sp. UBA5114
Psychrobacter sp. UBA5136
Psychrobacter sp. UBA6291
Psychrobacter sp. UBA6684
Psychrobacter sp. UBA6730
Psychrobacter sp. UBA6739
Psychrobacter sp. UBA6766
Pusillimonas sp. UBA1905
Pusillimonas sp. UBA1915
Pusillimonas sp. UBA2505
Pusillimonas sp. UBA2666
Pusillimonas sp. UBA2680
Pusillimonas sp. UBA3600
Pusillimonas sp. UBA3615
Pusillimonas sp. UBA3987
Pusillimonas sp. UBA4517
Pusillimonas sp. UBA5062
Pusillimonas sp. UBA6240
Ralstonia pickettii
Ralstonia sp. UBA689
Ramlibacter tataouinensis
Rheinheimera sp. UBA4099
Rhizobiaceae bacterium UBA1291
Rhizobiaceae bacterium UBA3138
Rhizobiaceae bacterium UBA3490
Rhizobiaceae bacterium UBA6011
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1347
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1349
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1480
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1489
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1909
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1912
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA1917
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA3134
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA3584
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA3986
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA3990
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA4210
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA4762
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA4765
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA5190
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA683
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA697
Rhizobiales bacterium UBA7900
Rhizobium sp. UBA1881
Rhodanobacter sp. UBA5168
Rhodanobacteraceae bacterium UBA691
Rhodanobacteraceae bacterium UBA703
Rhodanobacteraceae bacterium UBA7676
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA1943
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA1957
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA2553
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA2776
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA3069
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA3087
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA3428
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA3438
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA3443
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA4014
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA4024
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6141
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6197
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6213
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6236
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6273
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6796
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA6961
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA7436
Rhodobacteraceae bacterium UBA996
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA3077
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA3080
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA3089
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA4593
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA5972
Rhodobacterales bacterium UBA7416
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA1098
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA1277
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA1279
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA1855
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA1906
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA3468
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA3976
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA4205
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA4490
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA5112
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA5952
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA5957
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA6516
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA6778
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA6963
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA7378
Rhodobiaceae bacterium UBA7804
Rhodococcus hoagii
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA1310
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA2179
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA2250
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA2271
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA2346
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA2357
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA4002
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA4043
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA5196
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA5533
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA5602
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA6137
Rhodocyclaceae bacterium UBA6160
Rhodoferax sp. UBA4127
Rhodoferax sp. UBA4409
Rhodoferax sp. UBA5149
Rhodoferax sp. UBA6134
Rhodopirellula sp. UBA1907
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA1137
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA1479
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA1999
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA2139
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA2165
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA2667
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA3470
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA4420
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA4468
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA4479
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA4492
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA4587
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA5101
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA5685
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA6219
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA6608
Rhodospirillaceae bacterium UBA7454
Rhodospirillum sp. UBA1311
Richelia intracellularis UBA3481
Richelia intracellularis UBA7409
Richelia sp. UBA3308
Richelia sp. UBA3957
Richelia sp. UBA3958
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA1997
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA2461
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA2645
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA4270
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA4311
Rickettsiales bacterium UBA6177
Rikenellaceae bacterium UBA1749
Roseiflexaceae bacterium UBA965
Roseivirga sp. UBA1976
Roseivirga sp. UBA1988
Roseivirga sp. UBA4591
Roseivirga sp. UBA6052
Roseivirga sp. UBA6061
Roseivirga sp. UBA7431
Roseivirga sp. UBA7815
Roseivirga sp. UBA838
Roseovarius sp. UBA3070
Roseovarius sp. UBA6167
Roseovarius sp. UBA6217
Roseovarius sp. UBA7808
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1026
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1033
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1036
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1039
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1081
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1108
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1207
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1213
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1227
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1236
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1244
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1320
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1375
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1404
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1405
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1417
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1425
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1438
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1447
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1448
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1691
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1730
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1734
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1741
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1767
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1772
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1785
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1816
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1821
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA1865
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2089
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2656
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2719
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2801
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2806
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2831
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2851
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2854
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2857
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2858
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2893
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2921
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA2944
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3215
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3220
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3269
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3315
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3323
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3329
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3334
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3451
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3648
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3710
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3751
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3753
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3812
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3818
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3903
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3912
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA3938
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4257
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4306
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4650
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4699
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4712
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4827
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4830
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4831
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4832
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4838
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4843
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4847
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4848
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4859
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4871
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4876
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4885
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4896
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4899
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4905
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4909
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4910
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4917
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4925
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4928
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4933
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4936
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4937
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4945
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4947
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4949
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4958
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4965
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4967
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4972
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4974
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4979
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4983
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4986
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4995
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA4998
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5217
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5236
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5244
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5252
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5270
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5290
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5294
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5295
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5296
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5309
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5312
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5325
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5345
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5357
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5361
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5370
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5374
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5383
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5391
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5396
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5397
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5400
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5401
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5406
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5408
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5413
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5423
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5426
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5434
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5441
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5450
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5457
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5461
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5467
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5478
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5498
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5503
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5512
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5579
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5891
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5904
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA5905
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6353
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6364
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6392
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6413
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6416
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA642
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6434
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6439
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6454
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6842
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6845
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6855
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6856
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6857
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA6997
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7030
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7031
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7067
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7075
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7080
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7101
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7105
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7121
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7127
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7135
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7147
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7161
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7166
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7169
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7181
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7189
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7192
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7212
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA7217
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA736
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA737
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA794
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA866
Ruminococcaceae bacterium UBA945
Ruminococcus albus
Ruminococcus flavefaciens
Ruminococcus sp. UBA1366
Ruminococcus sp. UBA1394
Ruminococcus sp. UBA1409
Ruminococcus sp. UBA1780
Ruminococcus sp. UBA1828
Ruminococcus sp. UBA2836
Ruminococcus sp. UBA2895
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3270
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3280
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3286
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3306
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3387
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3665
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3707
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3752
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3767
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3800
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3827
Ruminococcus sp. UBA3855
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4240
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4275
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4310
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4321
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4335
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4350
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4383
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4385
Ruminococcus sp. UBA4697
Ruminococcus sp. UBA5129
Ruminococcus sp. UBA5884
Ruminococcus sp. UBA6407
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7013
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7014
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7158
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7191
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7198
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7226
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7477
Ruminococcus sp. UBA7486
Ruminococcus sp. UBA946
Rummeliibacillus stabekisii
Runella zeae
Saccharicrinis sp. UBA6048
Saccharospirillaceae bacterium UBA4579
Saccharospirillaceae bacterium UBA7414
Saccharospirillaceae bacterium UBA7437
Salegentibacter sp. UBA1130
Salinibacter ruber
Salinicoccus sp. UBA3372
Salinisphaera sp. UBA1016
Salinisphaera sp. UBA1666
Salinisphaera sp. UBA6602
Salinisphaeraceae bacterium UBA4764
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA1994
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2329
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2348
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2349
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2358
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2365
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2379
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2398
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2401
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2405
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2415
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2425
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA2797
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA3362
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA4447
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA5592
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA6168
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA7328
Saprospiraceae bacterium UBA7687
Sediminibacterium sp. UBA657
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA2829
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA2897
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA2913
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA3796
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA7260
Selenomonadaceae bacterium UBA7286
Selenomonadales bacterium UBA3815
Selenomonadales bacterium UBA7018
Selenomonas ruminantium
Serratia marcescens
Shewanellaceae bacterium UBA2521
Siccibacter turicensis
Sinobacteraceae bacterium UBA5061
Smithella sp. UBA2180
Smithella sp. UBA4047
Smithella sp. UBA5724
Smithella sp. UBA6208
Smithella sp. UBA6798
Solobacterium sp. UBA1761
Solobacterium sp. UBA1789
Solobacterium sp. UBA2814
Solobacterium sp. UBA2823
Solobacterium sp. UBA2870
Solobacterium sp. UBA2881
Solobacterium sp. UBA2929
Solobacterium sp. UBA3303
Solobacterium sp. UBA3691
Solobacterium sp. UBA5398
Solobacterium sp. UBA636
Solobacterium sp. UBA7737
Spartobacteria bacterium UBA5019
Spartobacteria bacterium UBA6043
Spartobacteria bacterium UBA6821
Spartobacteria bacterium UBA695
Spartobacteria bacterium UBA967
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA1365
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA2246
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA3704
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA4273
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA5212
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA5836
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA5849
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA5856
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA6084
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA6095
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA7274
Sphaerochaeta sp. UBA7781
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium UBA2059
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium UBA5527
Sphingobacteriaceae bacterium UBA6709
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1498
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1575
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1578
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1601
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1644
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA1897
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2074
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2096
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2480
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2574
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2610
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA2700
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA3424
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA3476
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA3519
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA3549
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA3964
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA4616
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA4750
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5144
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5639
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5670
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5789
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5980
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA5996
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6004
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6303
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6308
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6317
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6320
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6645
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6711
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6746
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA6893
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7038
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7249
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7253
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7342
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7502
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7509
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7609
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7625
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7631
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7637
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7841
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA7855
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA865
Sphingobacterium sp. UBA894
Sphingobacterium thalpophilum
Sphingobium sp. UBA3351
Sphingobium sp. UBA5915
Sphingobium xenophagum
Sphingobium yanoikuyae
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA2369
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA2683
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA6157
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA6171
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA6174
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA656
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA658
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA7471
Sphingomonadales bacterium UBA7473
Sphingomonas sanguinis
Sphingomonas sp. UBA1000
Sphingomonas sp. UBA4766
Sphingomonas sp. UBA4815
Sphingomonas sp. UBA5191
Sphingomonas sp. UBA7901
Sphingomonas sp. UBA978
Sphingopyxis sp. UBA6198
Sphingopyxis sp. UBA6723
Sphingopyxis sp. UBA6734
Spirochaeta sp. UBA1101
Spirochaeta sp. UBA2779
Spirochaeta sp. UBA5339
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA1306
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA1318
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA2256
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA4077
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA4785
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5200
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5328
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5547
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5556
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5630
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5743
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA5765
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA6076
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA6089
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA6243
Spirochaetaceae bacterium UBA6809
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA1265
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA1625
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA1631
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA4629
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA4634
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA4673
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA4674
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA5920
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6350
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6368
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6378
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6427
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6463
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6482
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6485
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6834
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6840
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6847
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA6872
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA7549
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA7552
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA7586
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA772
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA781
Spirochaetales bacterium UBA7869
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA2205
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA4802
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA5368
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA5550
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA5763
Spirochaetia bacterium UBA6919
Spongiibacter sp. UBA1325
Spongiibacter sp. UBA6593
Spongiibacter sp. UBA6625
Spongiibacter tropicus
Spongiibacteraceae bacterium UBA5047
Sporomusaceae bacterium UBA1887
Sporomusaceae bacterium UBA5961
Sporomusaceae bacterium UBA5989
Sporomusaceae bacterium UBA7701
Sporomusaceae bacterium UBA864
Sporosarcina koreensis
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA3154
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA3889
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA5120
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA6286
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA719
Staphylococcaceae bacterium UBA7425
Staphylococcus cohnii
Staphylococcus epidermidis
Staphylococcus saprophyticus
Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila
Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA1577
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA1867
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA2118
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA2123
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA2124
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA2302
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA2629
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA3236
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA3238
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA3473
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA5023
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA6759
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA7346
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA7606
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA7651
Stenotrophomonas sp. UBA878
Streptococcus sp. UBA3373
Streptococcus sp. UBA4235
Streptococcus sp. UBA4344
Streptococcus sp. UBA6071
Streptococcus sp. UBA632
Streptococcus suis
Succinatimonas sp. UBA1264
Succinatimonas sp. UBA2802
Succinatimonas sp. UBA2849
Succinatimonas sp. UBA2928
Succinatimonas sp. UBA2938
Succinatimonas sp. UBA4288
Succinatimonas sp. UBA4709
Succinatimonas sp. UBA6849
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7006
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7265
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7281
Succinatimonas sp. UBA761
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7726
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7771
Succinatimonas sp. UBA7790
Succinivibrionaceae bacterium UBA1220
Succinivibrionaceae bacterium UBA3769
Sulfitobacter pontiacus
Sulfitobacter sp. UBA1132
Sulfitobacter sp. UBA3587
Sulfitobacter sp. UBA3610
Sulfitobacter sp. UBA4523
Sulfolobus sp. UBA167
Sulfuricurvum sp. UBA2173
Sulfuricurvum sp. UBA5598
Sulfurimonas sp. UBA2011
Sulfurimonas sp. UBA6014
Sulfurimonas sp. UBA6193
Sulfurimonas sp. UBA6792
Sulfurimonas sp. UBA6795
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA1314
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA1457
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA2217
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA4051
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA4058
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA5727
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA6790
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA6791
Sulfurospirillum sp. UBA6810
Sulfurovum sp. UBA1140
Sulfurovum sp. UBA2215
Sulfurovum sp. UBA2297
Sulfurovum sp. UBA4779
Sulfurovum sp. UBA4790
Sulfurovum sp. UBA5198
Sulfurovum sp. UBA5622
Sulfurovum sp. UBA6199
Sulfurovum sp. UBA6815
Sulfurovum sp. UBA7648
Sutterella sp. UBA1442
Sutterella sp. UBA4713
Sutterellaceae bacterium UBA3322
Sutterellaceae bacterium UBA7069
Sutterellaceae bacterium UBA7100
Sutterellaceae bacterium UBA7131
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA1037
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA1358
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA1704
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA1876
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA2204
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA2244
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA2252
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA4066
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA4088
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA4794
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA4921
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA5240
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA5258
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA5276
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA5302
Synergistaceae bacterium UBA5331