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1 DRP002447 DRA002955 Sarracenia purpurea RNA-seq Other Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa 24.8G 2015-01-19 NIBB
2 SRP055386 SRA243343 1) Targeted enrichment of Sarracenia; 2) 71 individuals across 18 species/subspecies and 3 individuals of Darlingtonia californica and 1 individual of Heliamphora minor; 3) Used for resolution of species relationships Other Darlingtonia californica
Heliamphora minor
Sarracenia alabamensis
Sarracenia alata
Sarracenia flava
Sarracenia jonesii
Sarracenia leucophylla
Sarracenia minor
Sarracenia oreophila
Sarracenia psittacina
Sarracenia purpurea
Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa
Sarracenia rubra
25.8G BioProject