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1 DRP000568 DRA000542 Simultaneous RNA-Seq Analysis of a Mixed Transcriptome of Rice and Blast Fungus Interaction Transcriptome Sequencing Oryza sativa Japonica Group
Pyricularia oryzae
shoot metagenome
10.6G 2012-04-26 NIAS
2 DRP002699 DRA002342 Bilateral gene regulation by H3K4 methyltransferase in M. oryzae Other Pyricularia oryzae 14.7G 2014-06-20 KOBE_CFS
3 DRP002701 DRA003469 ChIP-seq of MoSET1 Other Pyricularia oryzae 720.1M 2015-04-13 KOBE_U
4 DRP003117 DRA004665 Whole genome resequencing of Magnaporthe oryzae and M. grisea Other Pyricularia grisea
Pyricularia oryzae
38.5G 2016-04-20 KOBE_U
5 DRP003198 DRA003498 ChIP-seq analysis of H3K4 methylation in Magnaporthe oryzae Other Pyricularia oryzae 3.4G 2015-04-14 KOBE_U
6 DRP003713 DRA005349 Comparative genomics analysis of host specificity of Pyricularia oryzae Other Pyricularia oryzae 11.3G 2016-12-14 KOBE_U
7 DRP005131 DRA005932 RNA-seq of Argonaute-associated small RNA in Pyricularia oryzae Other Pyricularia oryzae 388.3M 2017-06-29 KOBE_U
8 DRP006218 DRA009148 RNA-sequence of barley leaves infected by blast fungus at the initial infection stage. Other Pyricularia oryzae 18.3G 2019-02-10 IBRC
9 DRP006273 DRA009739 Mycovirus-induced secondary metabolism in Magnaporthe oryzae Other Pyricularia oryzae 18.4G 2020-03-02 TSUKUBA
10 ERP009415 ERA2017066
Genomes of 8 fungal pathogens from the Magnaporthe oryzae species Other Pyricularia oryzae 21.3G INRA Toulouse
11 ERP016009 ERA651093 Population genomic analyses were used to identify the potential source of an outbreak of wheat blast in Bangladesh. Other Pyricularia oryzae University of Exeter
12 ERP022751 ERA900417 RNA-Seq reads from wheat blast field samples from Bangladesh collected in March, 2017 Other Pyricularia oryzae 58.4G The John Innes Centre
13 ERP023034 ERA925053 First report of blast disease in wheat caused by Magnaporthe oryzae in border regions of West Bengal, India Other Pyricularia oryzae 184.2G King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
14 ERP024355 ERA1124366
Genome sequences of Magnaporthe oryzae isolated from Bangladesh in 2016 and 2017 Other Pyricularia oryzae University of Exeter
15 ERP108922 ERA1492596 Field pathogenomics identifies lineages of Magnaporthe oryzae in rice leaf samples with blast symptoms collected from Italy, Philippines, and Bangladesh Other Pyricularia oryzae 604.1G The John Innes Centre
16 ERP109180 ERA1509890
Nanopore sequencing of genomic DNA from Magnaporthe oryzae isolates with different host range Other Pyricularia oryzae 33.4G THE SAINSBURY LABORATORY
17 ERP109461 ERA1522597 Genome sequences of Magnaporthe field-isolates. Other Pyricularia grisea
Pyricularia oryzae
Pyricularia pennisetigena
38.7G University of Exeter
18 ERP109496 ERA1523064 Genomic DNA was sequenced from rice blast fungus collected from different locations in Africa. Other Pyricularia oryzae 98.4G University of Exeter
19 ERP109508 ERA1523083
Gene editing in M. oryzae was performed using purified Cas9 pre-complexed to RNA guides to form ribonucleoproteins (RNPs). Other Pyricularia oryzae 34G University of Exeter
20 ERP109527 ERA1523360 Genomic DNA was sequenced from independent Smo1 mutants from Magnaporthe orzyae Other Pyricularia oryzae University of Exeter