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1 ERP002246 ERA195434 Evolutionary comparison of CTCF and YY1 binding in primate lymphoblastoid cell lines Other Gorilla gorilla gorilla
Homo sapiens
Macaca mulatta
Mus musculus
Pan troglodytes
Papio hamadryas
Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus
mixed sample
50.1G EFPL
2 ERP115091 ERA1885453 Biogeography of protists and nematodes in the wild non-human primate gut microbiome Other Alouatta pigra
Alouatta seniculus
Ateles belzebuth
Ateles hybridus
Cercopithecus ascanius
Colobus guereza
Eulemur rubriventer
Gorilla gorilla
Lagothrix lagotricha
Lemur catta
Pan troglodytes
Papio anubis
Papio hamadryas
Piliocolobus badius
Propithecus verreauxi
Theropithecus gelada
3 SRP012193 SRA051675 Differential microRNA response to a high-cholesterol, high-fat diet in livers of low and high LDL-C baboons Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 8.7G 2012-04-13 GEO
4 SRP013567 SRA053474 Papio hamadryas (taxid:9557) Transcriptome or Gene expression Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 30.4G 2012-06-05 Texas Biomedical Research Institute
5 SRP049728 SRA200880
Genome sequencing of the hamadryas baboon Other Papio hamadryas 165.1G BioProject
6 SRP073519 SRA416319
Awash baboon - ddRADseq Other Papio anubis
Papio anubis x hamadryas
Papio hamadryas
135.2G BioProject
7 SRP108673 SRA570747 Primate fetal hepatic response to maternal obesity: epigenetic signaling pathways and lipid accumulation [miRNA-seq] Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 456.7M GEO
8 SRP148590 SRA708276 Identification of coordinately regulated microRNA-gene networks that differ in baboons discordant for LDL-Cholesterol Transcriptome Analysis Papio hamadryas 18.4G GEO
9 SRP148696 SRA708748 PBMC miRNAs expressed in response to high choleterol, high fat (HCHF) diet in baboons Other Papio hamadryas 13.4G BioProject
10 SRP156478 SRA754081 Comparative methylation of Papio baboons Other Macaca mulatta
Papio anubis
Papio cynocephalus
Papio hamadryas
Papio kindae
Papio papio
78.5G BioProject
11 SRP202244 SRA902512 Sequencing PAPIO HAMADRYAS Other Papio hamadryas 11.9G BCM