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1 ERP000402 ERA015196 Blackface Teladorsagia Solexa Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 4G ROSLIN
2 ERP001581 ERA194380
Ovis aries from Morocco: NextGen project low coverage sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Ovis aries 6.1T EBI
3 ERP001582 ERA145474
Ovis aries from Iran: NextGen project low coverage sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Ovis aries 745.7G EBI
4 ERP002459 ERA206555 overview of gene expression dynamics during sheep early ovarian folliculogenesis Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 267.3G Institut de la Recherche Agronomique
5 ERP004414 ERA272611 Sequencing of BAC clones containing the PTCH1 locus in cow, pig, sheep and goat Population Genomics Bos taurus
Capra hircus
Ovis aries
Sus scrofa
6 ERP004566 ERA280284 Does Next Generation Sequencing give a better estimate of microbial diversity than terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (T-RFLP) analysis? Other Ovis aries 544.1M Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences, Aberystwyth University, United Kingdom
7 ERP005125 ERA288403 Transcriptome analysis of peripheral lymphoid tissue immediately before and after the detection of PrPSc in sheep scrapie 2 Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 3.8G University of Edinburgh
8 ERP005266 ERA293680 Differential gene expression in CNS after scrapie infection 2 Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 3G University of Edinburgh
9 ERP005372 ERA295429 Parchment as a reservoir of ancient DNA for next generation sequencing Population Genomics Ovis aries 2.4G TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN
10 ERP005642 ERA303911 Sheep Tissue Atlas Population Genomics Ovis aries 1.2T ROSLIN
11 ERP005748 ERA305819 Genomic sequence of Texel sheep Other Ovis aries 91.5G ROSLIN
12 ERP009105 ERA395999 RNA-Seq for EBJ-ACC affected and control Other Ovis aries 10.5G Universidad de Leon
13 ERP011062 ERA459190 A new mutation in Socs2 impairs inflammation Other Ovis aries 118.6G INRA (INRA Toulouse)
14 ERP013451 ERA542217 Unveiling genomic regions that distinguish the Assaf sheep breed from its parental Awassi breed. Other Ovis aries 113.8G ARO
15 ERP014682 ERA587855 Ancient DNA was extracted from nine leather and fur fragments of the clothes and quiver. These were enriched for mitochondrial DNA from which we sequenced six complete and three partially complete ancient mitogenomes. These results allowed us to map the furs and leathers to their species origin, with a haplotype resolution, for the Iceman’s hat, coat, leggings, loincloth, quiver and shoelace. This has enabled us to confirm the use of both wild and domestic animal sources, and their relation to modern populations. This high-resolution analysis further allowed us to authenticate the data by quantifying the degree of post mortem sequence damage (typical for ancient DNA) and to exclude contaminating sequences from subsequent analyses. Other Bos taurus
Capra hircus
Capreolus capreolus
Ovis aries
Ursus arctos
2.1G Institute for mummies and Iceman
16 ERP015709 ERA625237 Mapping a putative autosomal gene controlling ovulation rate and infertility in Cambridge sheep Other Ovis aries 257.1G INRA (INRA Toulouse)
17 ERP015948 ERA649694
Sheep faecal microbiota Other Ovis aries 7.2G UNIVERSITY OF SASSARI
18 ERP016060 ERA1614254
EIF2S2 retroposition underlies fleece variation in sheep through the formation of dsRNA Other Ovis aries 744.1G INRA (INRA Toulouse)
19 ERP017710 ERA732775 RNA-seq of the Ileo-Caecal Valve Lymph Node of Sheep with Paratuberculosis Compared to Uninfected Controls. Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 72.8G University of Edinburgh
20 ERP019546 ERA755675 Transcriptional profiling of mammary gland and spleen from Mycoplasma agalactiae infected sheep Transcriptome Analysis Ovis aries 21.1G University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna