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1 DRP000221 DRA000220 Whole genome sequencing of Oryzias latipes Hd-rR Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 4.8G 2010-08-12 KEIO-SM
2 DRP000571 DRA000545 Whole transcriptome sequencing analysis of imprinted expression in Medaka (Oryzias latipes). Transcriptome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 14G 2012-04-11 TOHOKU
3 DRP000619 DRA000588 Whole genome sequencing of 5 medaka strains. Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 719.4G 2012-06-18 NIG
4 DRP001081 DRA001039 miRNA expression profile in Medaka Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 13.9M 2013-06-13 UT-AQUA
5 DRP001082 DRA001040 miRNA expression profile in Medaka2 Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 90.9M 2013-06-17 UT-AQUA
6 DRP001158 DRA001108 RNA sequencing analysis using the intestines of adult Medaka (Oryzias latipes). Transcriptome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 26.4G 2011-04-16 UT_IBIO
7 DRP001206 DRA001150 Medaka sequence for QTL mapping Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 64.7G 2013-09-18 NIG
8 DRP002792 DRA003542 Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis of Adult Medaka Tissues Sampled after Adaptation to a Space Environment Other Oryzias latipes 60.4G 2015-05-07 UT_IBIO
9 DRP003462 DRA005253 Medaka Osteoclast2 Other Oryzias latipes 57.4G 2016-11-11 TITECH
10 DRP003685 DRA005854 Sequence-dependency of DNA methylome Other Oryzias latipes 5.4G 2017-06-05 UT-BS
11 DRP003740 DRA005629 Transcriptome analysis during the process of degeneration and sex reversal of ovary in cyp19a1 mutant medaka Other Oryzias latipes 4.2G 2017-03-12 TOKYO_MARINE
12 DRP003744 DRA004048 Global gene expression analysis on medaka muscle tissues in association with temperature acclimation Other Oryzias latipes 1G 2015-09-12 KITASATO
13 DRP003809 DRA005309 Medaka embryonic RNAseq Other Oryzias latipes 387.3G 2016-11-25 UT-BS
14 DRP003834 DRA006141 Roles of the unfolded protein response transduces IRE1alpha and IRE1beta and their downstream transcription factor XBP1 in medaka development Other Oryzias latipes 6.8G 2017-09-01 KYOTO_SC
15 DRP003958 DRA004258 medaka and eel gill Other Anguilla japonica
Oryzias latipes
418.9G 2015-12-25 AORI
16 DRP003962 DRA004257 medaka and eel intestine Other Anguilla japonica
Oryzias latipes
345.6G 2015-12-24 AORI
17 DRP004498 DRA006971 Accessible chromatin landscapes of vertebrate embryogenesis Other Gallus gallus
Mus musculus
Oryzias latipes
531.9G 2018-06-11 UT-BS
18 DRP005049 DRA008340 mRNA-Seq following the embryonic development in medaka (Oryzias latipes) Other Oryzias latipes 3.9G 2019-04-24 KYUSHU
19 DRP005544 DRA006353 Genotyping-by-Sequencing of local medaka popualtions Other Oryzias latipes 13G 2017-11-23 OKAYAMA
20 DRP005559 DRA007942 Targeted in vivo epigenome editing using medaka embryos Other Oryzias latipes 14.3G 2019-01-21 UT_SCI