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1 DRP003564 DRA004333 "Fuji" apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) genome re-sequencing project Other Malus domestica 44.6G 2015-12-09 NICS
2 DRP003937 DRA004679 Transcriptome analysis of columnar and noncolumnar apples Other Malus domestica 44.3G 2016-04-27 NIFTS
3 DRP005202 DRA008618 Malus and Pyrus illumina genome sequencing Other Malus domestica
Malus domestica x (Pyrus pyrifolia x Pyrus communis)
Pyrus communis
Pyrus pyrifolia
Pyrus pyrifolia x Pyrus communis
210.8G 2019-06-08 KYOTO_PREF
4 DRP005528 DRA006592 RNA-Seq of apple cultivar 'Fuji' dormant buds with different chill conditions Other Malus domestica 52.8G 2018-02-21 KYOTO_AG
5 ERP000629 ERA029075
The transcriptomes of columnar and standard type apple trees (Malus x domestica) - a comparative study Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica
Sinorhizobium medicae
30.2G IMSB
6 ERP002574 ERA211564 The columnar mutation (“Co-gene”) of apple (Malus x domestica) is due to a Gypsy-like retrotransposon integration Whole Genome Sequencing Malus domestica 87.6G IMSB
7 ERP002576 ERA211566
The columnar-specific Gypsy-44 integration leads to gross changes in gene expression in leaves of McIntosh Wijcik compared with McIntosh Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 46.8G IMSB
8 ERP003589 ERA237768 Ontogenic Resistance in Apple Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 182.5G Plant Pathology Group, Integrative Biology Zurich (IBZ), ETH Zurich
9 ERP005563 ERA300624 Transcriptomic events associated with internal browning of apple during postharvest storage Population Genomics Malus domestica 32.7G KUL
10 ERP005688 ERA304162 Transcriptomic Comparison of Non-Columnar, Heterozygous Columnar and Homozygous Columnar Apple Primary Roots (Malus x domestica) Population Genomics Malus domestica 48.3G IMSB
11 ERP013545 ERA542558 Fire blight disease reactome: RNA-seq transcriptional profile of apple host plant defense responses to Erwinia amylovora pathogen infection Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 1.6G Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Research Group Institute of Natural Resource Sciences Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) School of Life Sciences and Facility Management
12 ERP105086 ERA1125940 RNA-Seq on Malus domestica Braeburn x Cameo lines resistant and susceptible to bitter pit disorder Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 18.7G BIOGEST-SITEIA, Department of Life Sciences, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
13 ERP116483 ERA2048454 Apple Postharvest Microbiome Other Malus domestica 2.1G TU Graz
14 ERP126554 ERA3346288 Dynamics of the Apple Fruit Microbiome after Harvest and Implications for Fruit Quality Other Malus domestica Agroscope
15 SRP003265 SRA023541 Optimization of ChIP-seq for the characterization of expressed genes within bulk chromatin derived from apple (Malus x domestica) Epigenetics Malus domestica 86.1M 2010-08-13 Michigan State University
16 SRP011048 SRA050275 Apple miRNAs and tasiRNAs with novel regulatory networks Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 5.2G 2012-02-24 GEO
17 SRP018878 SRA067360
Malus domestica Transcriptome or Gene expression Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 59.6G 2013-02-20 BioProject
18 SRP034165 SRA116878 Malus domestica strain:Golden Delicious Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Malus domestica 39.2G BioProject
19 SRP034726 SRA122365
Valsa mali var. mali strain:03-8 Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Malus domestica
Valsa mali var. mali
22.7G BioProject
20 SRP034943 SRA123148 Infection of apple by Apple stem grooving virus leads to extensive alterations in gene expression patterns but no disease symptoms Transcriptome Analysis Malus domestica 736.1M GEO