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1 DRP001915 DRA001842 Developing lettuce under different LEDs Transcriptome Sequencing Lactuca sativa 16.8G 2014-03-04 RIKEN_CSRS
2 DRP003090 DRA004561 Time-course transcriptome data of LED Lsa under LD24 Other Lactuca sativa 10.8G 2016-03-12 OSAKA_PREF
3 DRP003092 DRA004542 Time-course transcriptome data of LED Lsa under LL Other Lactuca sativa 8.7G 2016-03-11 OSAKA_PREF
4 DRP004753 DRA005476 Transcriptome data of lettuce under LED periodic dark-pulse light condition in closed-type plant factory Other Lactuca sativa 27G 2017-01-20 OSAKA_PREF
5 DRP005435 DRA007204 Genome-wide analysis of cleavage sites in Lactuca sativa L. cv. Green wave Other Lactuca sativa 12.1G 2018-08-08 NAIST_BS
6 DRP005727 DRA008298 The transcriptome analysis of salinas type and empire type in crisphead lettuce Other Lactuca sativa 32.2G 2019-04-19 TUAGRI
7 DRP005731 DRA008299 Resequencing and de novo sequencing of salinas type and empire type in crisphead lettuce Other Lactuca sativa 32.6G 2019-04-19 TUAGRI
8 ERP004466 ERA277236 Bacterial microbiomes inhabiting root of several lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cultivars Other Lactuca sativa
Lactuca sativa var. angustana
Lactuca sativa var. capitata
Lactuca sativa var. crispa
Lactuca serriola
180.1M University of Graz
9 ERP005481 ERA297009 The impact of the pathogen Rhizoctonia solani and its beneficial counterpart Bacillus amyloliquefaciens on the indigenous lettuce microbiome Other Lactuca sativa 115.7M Graz University of Technology
10 ERP005709 ERA304183 Analysis of microbial communities in leafy greens using Illumina MiSeq Other Diplotaxis tenuifolia
Lactuca sativa
15G Bioforsk - Norwegian Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Research
11 ERP017180 ERA707425 The influence of chitin addition on the lettuce rhizosphere microbiome Other Lactuca sativa 52G Institute of Agriculture and Fisheries Research
12 ERP119660 ERA2359777 In this study we assessed the effects of indirect exposure of antibiotics via irrigation water in microbiomes and resistomes composition of soil and Lactuca Sativa (Lettuce) in a controlled setting. Other Lactuca sativa 1.1G The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)
13 ERP124791 ERA3044319 Assembly of mtDNA from wild lettuce species (L. saligna, L. serriola & L. virosa) Other Lactuca saligna
Lactuca sativa
Lactuca serriola
Lactuca virosa
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
14 SRP004854 SRA027228 Sequencing and genomic analysis of lettuce Transcriptome Analysis Lactuca sativa 15.7G 2010-12-13 GBSF_UCD
15 SRP008174 SRA045874 Transcriptome analysis of Lactuca sativa using Illumina data. Transcriptome Analysis Lactuca sativa 20.6G 2011-09-14 UC-COE
16 SRP008451 SRA046306 Lactuca sativa cv. Salinas Genome sequencing project Whole Genome Sequencing Lactuca sativa 56.8G 2011-09-26 Genome Center UC Davis CA
17 SRP011862 SRA051198 Transcriptome analysis of Lactuca sativa. Transcriptome Analysis Lactuca sativa 230M 2012-03-21 UC-COE
18 SRP012582 SRA052230 Sequence-based genotyping for marker discovery and co-dominant scoring in germplasm and populations Whole Genome Sequencing Arabidopsis thaliana
Lactuca sativa
90G 2012-05-01 Keygene
19 SRP015354 SRA055776
Lactuca sativa cultivar:Salinas Genome sequencing and assembly Whole Genome Sequencing Lactuca sativa 1.1T BioProject
20 SRP015912 SRA059059 Transcriptome analysis of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) upon infection with Botrytis cinerea. Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Lactuca sativa 19.6G 2012-09-26 BioProject