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1 SRP049565 SRA198615 Drosophila santomea Genome Sequence Whole Genome Sequencing Drosophila santomea 20.3G BioProject
2 SRP052875 SRA235372
Drosophila santomea and Drosophila teissieri Genome sequencing Other Drosophila santomea
Drosophila teissieri
6.7G BioProject
3 SRP113415 SRA590321 Fly lines Other Drosophila santomea
Drosophila sechellia
Drosophila teissieri
Drosophila yakuba
442.3G BioProject
4 SRP139084 SRA685233 Evolution of maternal and zygotic mRNA complements in the early Drosophila embryo Other Drosophila ananassae
Drosophila erecta
Drosophila mauritiana
Drosophila melanogaster
Drosophila miranda
Drosophila mojavensis
Drosophila persimilis
Drosophila pseudoobscura
Drosophila santomea
Drosophila sechellia
Drosophila simulans
Drosophila virilis
Drosophila willistoni
Drosophila yakuba
272.3G GEO
5 SRP150106 SRA717012 Support for the Dominance Theory in Drosophila Transcriptomes Other Drosophila santomea
Drosophila yakuba
Drosophila yakuba x Drosophila santomea
161.8G BioProject
6 SRP272927 SRA1101882
Drosophila santomea strain:STO CAGO 1482 Genome sequencing and assembly Whole Genome Sequencing Drosophila santomea 53.9G BioProject
7 SRP287790 SRA1145448 Whole genome re-sequencing of 65 Drosophila species Other Chymomyza pararufithorax
Chymomyza procnemis
Drosophila acutilabella
Drosophila affinis
Drosophila arawakana
Drosophila asahinai
Drosophila auraria
Drosophila azteca
Drosophila biarmipes
Drosophila bifasciata
Drosophila birchii
Drosophila bromeliae
Drosophila buzzatii
Drosophila cardini
Drosophila dunni
Drosophila emarginata
Drosophila equinoxialis
Drosophila euronotus
Drosophila funebris
Drosophila fuyamai
Drosophila gaucha
Drosophila greeni
Drosophila hamatofila
Drosophila hypocausta
Drosophila imaii
Drosophila immigrans
Drosophila lacteicornis
Drosophila littoralis
Drosophila lummei
Drosophila macrospina
Drosophila malerkotliana
Drosophila melanica
Drosophila mercatorum
Drosophila mettleri
Drosophila micromelanica
Drosophila mojavensis mojavensis
Drosophila mojavensis wrigleyi
Drosophila mulleri
Drosophila nebulosa
Drosophila neocordata
Drosophila neorepleta
Drosophila palustris
Drosophila paramelanica
Drosophila paulistorum
Drosophila peninsularis
Drosophila polychaeta
Drosophila putrida
Drosophila quinaria
Drosophila repleta
Drosophila rufa
Drosophila santomea
Drosophila seguyi
Drosophila siamana
Drosophila stalkeri
Drosophila sternopleuralis
Drosophila sturtevanti
Drosophila sucinea
Drosophila sulfurigaster
Drosophila testacea
Drosophila triauraria
Drosophila tripunctata
Drosophila tsacasi
Drosophila wheeleri
Scaptodrosophila latifasciaeformis
Zaprionus indianus
303.8G BioProject