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1 DRP000156 DRA000156 TSS Seq of Ascidian Embryos Transcriptome Analysis Ciona intestinalis 428.7M 2010-02-28 OCU-CIB
2 DRP000554 DRA000528 TSS-seq of ascidian embryos treated with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine Transcriptome Sequencing Ciona intestinalis 517.3M 2012-02-09 OCU-CIB
3 DRP000935 DRA000902 Genome-wide mapping of DNA methylation in the Ciona intestinalis sperm genome by CAP-seq Epigenetics Ciona intestinalis 4.2G 2012-08-02 NIBB
4 DRP001361 DRA001290 Ciona intestinalis, RNA seq of the whole embryo. Transcriptome Analysis Ciona intestinalis 542.9M 2014-01-22 OIST
5 DRP002296 DRA002218 Genome sequence of an inbred strain of Ciona intestinalis Whole Genome Sequencing Ciona intestinalis 35.2G 2014-04-07 OIST
6 DRP002800 DRA003470 TGFbeta signaling in Ciona Other Ciona intestinalis 4.5G 2015-04-13 KYOTO_SC
7 DRP003099 DRA003742 Chromatin immunoprecipitations for Gata.a, Zic-r.a, Tcf7 and their control Other Ciona intestinalis 3.5G 2015-07-13 KYOTO_SC
8 DRP003302 DRA004572 Whole genome bisulfite sequencing of C. intestinalis embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 166.5G 2015-12-04 NIBB
9 DRP003588 DRA005285 Foxd ChIP-seq in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 3.1G 2016-11-26 KYOTO_SC
10 DRP003589 DRA005206 Foxd function in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 4.9G 2016-10-26 KYOTO_SC
11 DRP003810 DRA003460 EXPANDE project Other Branchiostoma floridae
Ciona intestinalis
Danio rerio
Gallus gallus
Mus musculus
Pelodiscus sinensis japonicus
Xenopus laevis
Xenopus tropicalis
1.1T 2015-03-30 UT-BS
12 DRP004230 DRA006310 Controlling nonlinear biological system based on network structure Other Ciona intestinalis 6.2G 2017-10-31 KYOTO_SC
13 DRP004684 DRA007140 Tbx6b ChIP-seq in Ciona embryos Other Ciona intestinalis 2.9G 2018-07-25 KYOTO_SC
14 DRP005511 DRA008742 Constructing scaffolds for genome assembly Other Ciona intestinalis 44.5G 2019-07-26 KYOTO_SC
15 DRP005512 DRA008508 Whole genome sequencing Other Ciona intestinalis 14G 2019-03-14 KYOTO_SC
16 DRP006849 DRA005418 Ciona intestinalis, RNAseq of the whole larvae. Other Ciona intestinalis 16.2G 2016-12-27 NAGOYA
17 DRP006850 DRA005524 Ciona intestinalis, H3K4me3 ChIP, the whole larvae Other Ciona intestinalis 3.5G 2016-12-27 NAGOYA
18 DRP007107 DRA011024 Decoding of genomes of Ciona intestinalis typeB collected from Plymouth and Roscoff Other Ciona intestinalis 289.6G 2020-09-29 OIST
19 SRP000402 SRA003624 Ciona intestinalis transcriptome analysis Other Ciona intestinalis 729.5M 2008-11-10 UT-MGS
20 SRP000634 SRA008249 A distinct class of small RNAs arises from pre-miRNA-proximal regions in a simple chordate Other Ciona intestinalis
Drosophila melanogaster
527.7M 2009-03-11 GEO