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1 DRP000172 DRA000172 Whole genome analysis of Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) 'Kuchinoshima-Ushi' Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 70.7G 2010-05-06 TUAGRI
2 DRP000449 DRA000440 RNA-sequencing of bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 25.8G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
3 DRP000521 DRA000497 Whole genome sequencing reveals many genetic variations in the Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) Mishima-Ushi Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 419.8G 2011-12-06 TUAGRI
4 DRP000528 DRA000504 Transcriptome profiling of inner cell mass and trophectoderm in blastocyst in the bos taurus Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 65.3G 2012-01-04 UF_DAS
5 DRP000556 DRA000530 RNA-sequencing of bovine GV and M2 oocytes and 8-cell stage embryos. Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 71.9G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
6 DRP000575 DRA000549 Dynamic evolution of endogenous retrovirus-derived genes for placentation: An RNA-seq study in Bos taurus Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 12.9G 2011-05-24 UT-VMS
7 DRP000647 DRA000616 RNA-sequencing of estradiol exposed bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 48.4G 2012-08-06 TUAGRI
8 DRP001940 DRA001862 Whole genome sequencing of Digital Dermatitis Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 47.6G 2014-03-05 MIYAZAKI
9 DRP002884 DRA002244 Resveratrol affect development of oocytes derived from early antral follicle of aged cows Other Bos taurus 20.1G 2014-05-15 TUAGRI
10 DRP003279 DRA004662 Age-dependent changes in bovine oviduct Other Bos taurus 6.9G 2016-04-19 TUAGRI
11 DRP003470 DRA005460 Effect of two IFNTs in bovine endometrial cells Other Bos taurus 3.8G 2017-01-18 UT-GALS
12 DRP005566 DRA008645 Transcriptome in bovine whole blastocyst and isolated inner cell mass with re-cavitation Other Bos taurus 27G 2019-07-06 HU_AGRI
13 DRP005642 DRA006403 Transcriptome analysis of cAMP increased bovine immature oocytes Other Bos taurus 7.1G 2017-12-03 TUAGRI
14 DRP005818 DRA006575 The exploration of pregnancy-specific genes expressed in the extra uterine tissues in cattle for early pregnancy diagnosis Other Bos taurus 32.2G 2018-02-08 TUAGRI
15 DRP005933 DRA007707 SmallRNA-seq analysis of exosome from follicular fluid of young and aged cattle Other Bos taurus 25.4G 2018-03-18 TUAGRI
16 DRP005936 DRA007811 RNA-seq analysis of uterine endometrial cells from cattle raised in hot and normal environment Other Bos taurus 15.8G 2018-03-18 TUAGRI
17 DRP006021 DRA008255 Effects of intrauterine exosomes in bovine endometrial epithelial cells Other Bos taurus 78.7G 2019-04-10 UT-GALS
18 DRP006024 DRA008256 MicroRNAs in intrauterine exosomes during peri-implantation periods Other Bos taurus 8.9G 2019-04-10 UT-GALS
19 DRP006042 DRA010067 Intrauterine exosomal miRNA on pregnant day 7 in cow Other Bos taurus 6.9G 2020-04-16 TOKYO_PHARM
20 ERP000015 ERA000089 Whole genome re-sequencing of a single Bos taurus animal for SNP discovery Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 43.3G HMGU