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1 SRP129314 SRA646496 WGS of the red silk cotton tree (Bombax ceiba) Other Bombax ceiba 138.5G BioProject
2 SRP162934 SRA787300 A Malvaceae Mystery: A Mallow Maelstrom of Genome Multiplications and Maybe Misleading Methods? Other Adansonia digitata
Bombax ceiba
Tilia cordata
11.5G BioProject
3 SRP227231 SRA985963 Reticulate evolution helps explain apparent homoplasy in floral biology and pollination in baobabs (Adansonia; Bombacoideae; Malvaceae) Other Adansonia digitata
Adansonia grandidieri
Adansonia gregorii
Adansonia madagascariensis
Adansonia perrieri
Adansonia rubrostipa
Adansonia suarezensis
Adansonia za
Bombax ceiba
Pseudobombax croizatii
Scleronema micranthum
25.7G BioProject