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1 ERP126312 ERA3271983 A_targeted_amplicon_sequencing_panel_to_simultaneously_identify_mosquito_species_and_Plasmodium_presence_across_the_entire_Anopheles_genus Other Anopheles aconitus
Anopheles annularis
Anopheles arabiensis
Anopheles balabacensis
Anopheles barbirostris
Anopheles bellator
Anopheles brohieri
Anopheles brunnipes
Anopheles carnevalei
Anopheles coluzzii
Anopheles concolor
Anopheles coustani
Anopheles cruzii
Anopheles demeilloni
Anopheles dirus
Anopheles dureni
Anopheles funestus
Anopheles gabonensis
Anopheles gambiae
Anopheles hyrcanus
Anopheles implexus
Anopheles jamesii
Anopheles maculatus
Anopheles maculipalpis
Anopheles marshallii
Anopheles melas
Anopheles merus
Anopheles minimus
Anopheles moucheti
Anopheles nili
Anopheles oryzalimnetes
Anopheles paludis
Anopheles rampae
Anopheles rhodesiensis
Anopheles stephensi
Anopheles sundaicus
Anopheles tenebrosus
Anopheles tessellatus
Anopheles theileri
Anopheles vagus
Anopheles vinckei
Anopheles ziemanni
blank sample
Wellcome Sanger Institute
2 SRP020569 SRA055723
Anopheles minimus MINIMUS1 Genome sequencing project Other Anopheles minimus 74.9G BioProject
3 SRP021068 SRA073424 RNA sequencing of 15 genomes of Anopheles Other Anopheles minimus 11.2G BioProject
4 SRP039417 SRA122327 Mosquito gut Metagenome Metagenomics Anopheles minimus 24.2M BioProject
5 SRP083856 SRA458856 Evolution of sex-biased gene expression in Anopheles mosquitoes Other Anopheles albimanus
Anopheles arabiensis
Anopheles minimus
78.5G BioProject