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1 ERP126312 ERA3271983 A_targeted_amplicon_sequencing_panel_to_simultaneously_identify_mosquito_species_and_Plasmodium_presence_across_the_entire_Anopheles_genus Other Anopheles aconitus
Anopheles annularis
Anopheles arabiensis
Anopheles balabacensis
Anopheles barbirostris
Anopheles bellator
Anopheles brohieri
Anopheles brunnipes
Anopheles carnevalei
Anopheles coluzzii
Anopheles concolor
Anopheles coustani
Anopheles cruzii
Anopheles demeilloni
Anopheles dirus
Anopheles dureni
Anopheles funestus
Anopheles gabonensis
Anopheles gambiae
Anopheles hyrcanus
Anopheles implexus
Anopheles jamesii
Anopheles maculatus
Anopheles maculipalpis
Anopheles marshallii
Anopheles melas
Anopheles merus
Anopheles minimus
Anopheles moucheti
Anopheles nili
Anopheles oryzalimnetes
Anopheles paludis
Anopheles rampae
Anopheles rhodesiensis
Anopheles stephensi
Anopheles sundaicus
Anopheles tenebrosus
Anopheles tessellatus
Anopheles theileri
Anopheles vagus
Anopheles vinckei
Anopheles ziemanni
blank sample
Wellcome Sanger Institute
2 SRP001532 SRA010237 Leveraging skewed transcript abundance by RNA-Seq to increase the genomic depth of the tree of life Transcriptome Analysis Anopheles albimanus
Anopheles arabiensis
Anopheles dirus
Anopheles farauti
Anopheles freeborni
Anopheles quadriannulatus
Anopheles quadrimaculatus
Anopheles stephensi
4G 2009-12-15 University of Colorado Denver Health Sciences Cent
3 SRP020568 SRA055723
Anopheles dirus WRAIR2 Genome sequencing project Other Anopheles dirus 92.9G BioProject
4 SRP021066 SRA073422 RNA sequencing of 15 genomes of Anopheles Other Anopheles dirus 8.3G BioProject
5 SRP026153 SRA091155 An insight into the sialomes of Psorophora albipes, Anopheles dirus and An. freeborni Other Anopheles dirus
Anopheles freeborni
Psorophora albipes
43.3G BioProject
6 SRP115504 SRA599590 Transcriptome of Anopheles dirus infected with P.berghei Other Anopheles dirus 18.6G BioProject
7 SRP122949 SRA626314 Blood induced differential gene expression in Anopheles dirus Other Anopheles dirus 38.9G BioCI
8 SRP154910 SRA743901 Unraveling the Plasmodium vivax sporozoite transcriptional journey from mosquito vector to human host Other Anopheles dirus
Plasmodium vivax
28.9G BioProject
9 SRP219210 SRA948786 16s rRNA sequencing of mosquito microbiota Other Anopheles anthropophagus
Anopheles dirus
Anopheles sinensis
959M BioProject
10 SRP221495 SRA958769 Transcriptome analysis of Anopheles dirus and Plasmodium vivax at oocyst stages at day 7 Other Anopheles dirus 12.3G BioCI
11 SRP222585 SRA958254 Transcriptome analysis of Anopheles dirus and Plasmodium vivax at ookinete and oocyst stages Other Anopheles dirus 60.3G BioCI