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1 SRP089707 SRA467797 A. sagrei, A. lineatopus, A. insolitus, A. cybotes, A. grahami, A. valencienni, A. cristatellus, A. evermanii, A. angusticeps, A. carolinensis, A. chlorocyanus, A. occultus Raw sequence reads Other Anolis angusticeps
Anolis chlorocyanus
Anolis cristatellus
Anolis cybotes
Anolis evermanni
Anolis grahami
Anolis insolitus
Anolis lineatopus
Anolis occultus
Anolis sagrei
Anolis valencienni
195.5G BioProject
2 SRP227861 SRA988081 Genome-wide epigenetic isolation by environment in a widespread Anolis lizard Other Anolis cristatellus 48.4G BioProject
3 SRP234050 SRA1004527 Parallel selection on thermal physiology facilitates repeated adaptation of city lizards to urban heat islands Other Anolis cristatellus 284.1G BioProject