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1 DRP001000 DRA000962 ITS fungal networks in healthy and diseased soils Metagenomics soil metagenome 68.9M 2013-03-19 YANGZHOU
2 DRP001167 DRA001116 Microbial Diversity and Specific Taxa in Soils along a Seven-year-gradient of Potato Monoculture Metagenomics soil metagenome 62.5M 2013-08-13 YANGZHOU
3 DRP001198 DRA001142 Impact of Brassica seed meals with different glucosinolate content on soil fungal community and disease control of Fusarium wilt of chili pepper Metagenomics soil metagenome 78.8M 2013-09-07 YANGZHOU
4 DRP005424 DRA006156 Phylum-metabolic pathway relationships in a reclaimated soil Other soil metagenome 174.8G 2017-09-07 YANGZHOU
5 DRP005426 DRA006157 Bacterial community in relamation soils Other soil metagenome 247.8M 2017-09-08 YANGZHOU