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1 DRP002771 DRA003579 Genome sequence of single Escherichia coli cell Other Escherichia coli K-12 5.8G 2015-05-21 WASEDA
2 DRP002873 DRA004282 Characterization of endoribonucleases project Other synthetic construct 2.2G 2016-01-06 WASEDA
3 DRP003141 DRA004562 Endoribonuclease1 Other synthetic construct 551.7M 2016-03-14 WASEDA
4 DRP003370 DRA004782 Quality control of single amplified genome information by using no template control sequence Other Escherichia coli K-12 2.3G 2016-06-02 WASEDA
5 DRP003622 DRA004579 RNase characterization Other synthetic construct 438.9M 2016-03-23 WASEDA
6 DRP003703 DRA005325 RNA-seq of HCT116 cells and mouse brain tissue Other Homo sapiens
Mus musculus
6.5G 2016-12-07 WASEDA
7 DRP003714 DRA005326 Whole genome sequence of single cells amplified with single droplet MDA Other Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii ATCC 6633 = JCM 2499
Escherichia coli K-12
Homo sapiens
uncultured bacterium
180.7G 2016-11-29 WASEDA
8 DRP003716 DRA005327 Metagenomic sequence from soil bacteria Other soil metagenome 68M 2016-11-30 WASEDA
9 DRP004026 DRA006134 SAG analysis of mouse fecal flora Other Bacteroidales bacterium
Bacteroides sp.
Barnesiella sp.
Clostridiales bacterium
Desulfovibrio sp.
Firmicutes bacterium
Lachnospiraceae bacterium
Prevotella sp. MGM1
Prevotella sp. MGM2
feces metagenome
13G 2017-08-24 WASEDA
10 DRP004316 DRA005185 Siganus guttatus brain RNA-seq Other Siganus guttatus 11G 2016-10-14 WASEDA
11 DRP004545 DRA005824 Relationship analysis between molecular mechanisms of persister formation and environmental stress Other Escherichia coli MC1061 259.9G 2017-05-23 WASEDA
12 DRP004552 DRA007503
bacterial community of soil bacteria Other soil metagenome 1.4G 2018-10-29 WASEDA
13 DRP004745 DRA005883 Effects of endurance exercise on gut microbiota in elderly men Other human gut metagenome 9G 2017-04-21 WASEDA
14 DRP004964 DRA008257 RNase characterization Other synthetic construct 1.5G 2019-04-11 WASEDA
15 DRP004980 DRA008287 Amplicon sequencing of Nitrotoga enrichment cultures Other enrichment culture 12M 2019-03-12 WASEDA
16 DRP005318 DRA006018
Investigation of Quorum Sensing System in nitrifier Nitrospira japonica Other Nitrospira japonica 19.3G 2017-08-01 WASEDA
17 DRP005851 DRA008978 SAG analysis of mouse fecal flora Other Bacteroidaceae bacterium
Bacteroidales bacterium
Clostridia bacterium
Clostridiales bacterium
Erysipelotrichaceae bacterium
Lachnospiraceae bacterium
Lactobacillaceae bacterium
Muribaculaceae bacterium
Oscillospiraceae bacterium
Rikenellaceae bacterium
40.8G 2019-09-04 WASEDA
18 DRP005852 DRA009355
Crickets genome Other Teleogryllus occipitalis 175.7G 2019-12-04 WASEDA
19 DRP005896 DRA007360 Phenotypic heterogeneity affects culturability of Nitrosomonas mobilis Ms1. Other Nitrosomonas mobilis 137.8G 2018-09-20 WASEDA
20 DRP005911 DRA009775 Enrichment of Nitrospira from acidic soil Other soil metagenome 499.1M 2020-03-10 WASEDA