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1 ERP004466 ERA277236 Bacterial microbiomes inhabiting root of several lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) cultivars Other Lactuca sativa
Lactuca sativa var. angustana
Lactuca sativa var. capitata
Lactuca sativa var. crispa
Lactuca serriola
180.1M University of Graz
2 ERP016119 ERA652751 Pollen microbiota 2015, first run Other metagenome 65.9M University of Graz
3 ERP016129 ERA652797 Pollen microbiota 2015, second run Other metagenome 46.7M University of Graz
4 ERP016624 ERA678404 Analysis of Anadenanthera colubrina seed endophytes by pyrosequencing of bacterial 16S RNA genes Other metagenome 66.3M University of Graz
5 ERP020520 ERA775328 Kitchen sponge microbiome Other metagenome 16.2M University of Graz
6 ERP024441 ERA985421 Consistent associations with beneficial bacteria in the seed endosphere of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Other metagenome 700.3M University of Graz
7 ERP105383 ERA1141789 Different phosphate sources are associated with specific, active bacterial communities in the rhizosphere and endorhiza of barley Other metagenome 59M University of Graz
8 ERP109993 ERA1550521 Analysis of the soil bacteria microbiota in the long-term fertilization experiment (LTFE) of the Weilburgergrenze experimental field (Uni-Giessen). Other metagenome 529.2M University of Graz
9 ERP114675 ERA1821315 Metabarcoding analysis of the olive (Olea europaea) microbiome Other metagenome 3.4G University of Graz
10 ERP119880 ERA2377339 16S metabarcoding of the seed microbiome associated to eight cereal species Other metagenome University of Graz
11 ERP120359 ERA2399644 The genomes of Tropheus moorii and Petrochromis trewavasae in comparison. Other UNIVERSITY OF GRAZ
12 ERP123910 ERA2870922 Bacterial communities associated with three terrestrial orchid species as revealed by 16S rRNA gene metabarcoding Other metagenome 1.4G University of Graz