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1 DRP000173 DRA000173 Identification of PIWI-interacting RNAs deriving from the silkworm W chromosome Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mandarina
Bombyx mori
2.8G 2010-05-17 UT-GALS
2 DRP000276 DRA000275 Profiling of PIWI-interacting RNAs from the W chromosome-linked mutant that shows sex differentiation deficiency in females Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 3.2G 2010-09-16 UT-GALS
3 DRP000318 DRA000317 Large-scale profiling of piRNAs deriving from silkworm developing embryos Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 5.3G 2011-01-04 UT-GALS
4 DRP000378 DRA000374 De novo production of PIWI-interacting RNAs against a protein coding gene Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 4.2G 2011-04-06 UT-GALS
5 DRP000502 DRA000481 Effect of 17-AAG treatment on piRNA profile in BmN4 cells Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 1.3G 2011-11-14 UT-GALS
6 DRP000551 DRA000527 The chromatin landscape in BmN4 cell line Epigenetics Bombyx mori 12.6G 2012-02-07 UT-GALS
7 DRP000552 DRA000527 The transcriptome in BmN4 cell line Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 1.8G 2012-02-07 UT-GALS
8 DRP000553 DRA000527 The massive transcriptional start site in BmN4 cell line Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 509.7M 2012-02-07 UT-GALS
9 DRP000649 DRA000618 Whole genome resequencing of BKI resistant Toxoplasma gondii Whole Genome Sequencing Toxoplasma gondii
Toxoplasma gondii type II
11G 2012-08-07 UT-GALS
10 DRP000651 DRA000620 The massive transcriptional start site and transcriptional terminal site in BmN4 cell line Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 24.7G 2012-08-13 UT-GALS
11 DRP000980 DRA000943 Hsp90 facilitates accurate loading of precursor piRNAs into PIWI proteins Transcriptome Analysis Bombyx mori 7.1G 2013-03-06 UT-GALS
12 DRP001001 DRA000963 Identification of a nevel insect-specific chromodomain-containing gene family from the silkworm ,Bombyx mori. Epigenetics Bombyx mori 3G 2013-03-26 UT-GALS
13 DRP001154 DRA001104 _ Transcriptome Sequencing Bombyx mori 30.7G 2013-07-03 UT-GALS
14 DRP001245 DRA001183 Small RNA sequences in transgenic Arabidopsis plants expressiong a viral RNA silencing suppressor of plantago asiatica mosaic virus. small RNA Arabidopsis thaliana 703.4M 2013-10-17 UT-GALS
15 DRP001409 DRA001338 _ Transcriptome Sequencing Bombyx mori 16.2G 2014-01-29 UT-GALS
16 DRP002360 DRA002247 The silkworm HP1a transcriptionally enhances highly expressed euchromatic genes through associating with their transcription start sites Other Bombyx mori 24.3G 2014-05-16 UT-GALS
17 DRP002436 DRA002600 Transcriptome of Puccinellia tenuiflora and Poa annua under NaHCO3 stress Other Poa annua
Puccinellia tenuiflora
13.3G 2014-10-17 UT-GALS
18 DRP002616 DRA002949 Liquid culture of Botryococcus braunii, race B, Showa Other Botryococcus braunii Showa 560.8K 2015-01-06 UT-GALS
19 DRP002621 DRA002255 Ostrinia furnacalis antennae RNA-seq Other Ostrinia furnacalis 2G 2014-05-22 UT-GALS
20 DRP002671 DRA002538 Actin rearrangement inducing factor-1 is required for enhanced locomotory activity in baculovirus-infected silkworm larvae Other Bombyx mori 4.8G 2014-09-25 UT-GALS