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1 DRP000172 DRA000172 Whole genome analysis of Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) 'Kuchinoshima-Ushi' Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 70.7G 2010-05-06 TUAGRI
2 DRP000308 DRA000307 Whole genome sequencing of Japonica rice cultivar Omachi Whole Genome Sequencing Oryza sativa Japonica Group 22.3G 2010-10-15 TUAGRI
3 DRP000406 DRA000399 RNA sequencing of Hokkai shrimp, Pandalus latirostris Transcriptome Sequencing Pandalus latirostris 16.7G 2011-06-16 TUAGRI
4 DRP000408 DRA000401 Identification of the substrain-specific mutations by whole genome resequence of the substrains of Synechocysits sp. PCC 6803 by massive parallel sequencer. Whole Genome Sequencing Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 883.9M 2011-06-21 TUAGRI
5 DRP000424 DRA000416 DNA rearrangement occurred on the carbazole degradative plasmid pCAR1 and the chromosome of its inappropriate host Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf0-1 Whole Genome Sequencing Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf0-1 1.2G 2011-07-08 TUAGRI
6 DRP000449 DRA000440 RNA-sequencing of bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 25.8G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
7 DRP000505 DRA000484 Mouse DNA methylome (MethylC-seq) Epigenetics Mus musculus 586G 2011-11-14 TUAGRI
8 DRP000506 DRA000484 Mouse DNA methylome (WBA-seq) Epigenetics Mus musculus 224G 2011-11-14 TUAGRI
9 DRP000507 DRA000484 Mouse DNA methylome (PBAT) Epigenetics Mus musculus 9G 2011-11-14 TUAGRI
10 DRP000508 DRA000484 Mouse transcriptome (mRNA-seq) Transcriptome Sequencing Mus musculus 7G 2011-11-14 TUAGRI
11 DRP000521 DRA000497 Whole genome sequencing reveals many genetic variations in the Japanese native cattle (Bos taurus) Mishima-Ushi Whole Genome Sequencing Bos taurus 419.8G 2011-12-06 TUAGRI
12 DRP000546 DRA000522 Whole-genome profiling of a novel mutagenesis technique using proofreading-deficient DNA polymerase delta Whole Genome Sequencing Saccharomyces cerevisiae 8.3G 2012-01-30 TUAGRI
13 DRP000556 DRA000530 RNA-sequencing of bovine GV and M2 oocytes and 8-cell stage embryos. Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 71.9G 2011-08-22 TUAGRI
14 DRP000598 DRA000570 Mouse oocyte methylome Epigenetics Mus musculus 334.3G 2012-05-31 TUAGRI
15 DRP000626 DRA000595
Whole genome sequence of Japanese quail Whole Genome Sequencing Coturnix japonica 280.9G 2011-11-19 TUAGRI
16 DRP000638 DRA000607 Mouse PGC methylome Epigenetics Mus musculus 367.8G 2012-06-06 TUAGRI
17 DRP000647 DRA000616 RNA-sequencing of estradiol exposed bovine granulosa cells Transcriptome Sequencing Bos taurus 48.4G 2012-08-06 TUAGRI
18 DRP000882 DRA000851 Whole genome re-sequencing of Schizosaccharomyces japonicus Whole Genome Sequencing Schizosaccharomyces japonicus 16.8G 2012-11-01 TUAGRI
19 DRP000893 DRA000859 Bacillus subtilis genome vector-based engineering of genomic DNA Whole Genome Sequencing Bacillus subtilis subsp. subtilis str. 168
Mus musculus
10G 2012-11-30 TUAGRI
20 DRP001006 DRA000968 Whole genome sequencing of Indica rice cultivars Whole Genome Sequencing Oryza sativa Indica Group 42.1G 2013-02-19 TUAGRI