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1 DRP000971 DRA000934 Transcriptomic Analysis of Genes Associated with Cold-induced Storage Lipid Biosynthesis in Marine Haptophyte alga, Emiliania huxleyi Transcriptome Analysis Emiliania huxleyi CCMP1516 44.9G 2013-02-18 TSUKUBA
2 DRP001346 DRA001275 MeDIP sequencing of T-cell lymphoma in Tet2 knockdown mice Epigenetics Mus musculus 4G 2014-01-06 TSUKUBA
3 DRP001348 DRA001277 hMeDIP sequencing of T-cell lymphoma in Tet2 knockdown mice Epigenetics Mus musculus 5.9G 2014-01-07 TSUKUBA
4 DRP001951 DRA001873
Genome Partial Sequencing of Acer miyabei genome partial sequencing Acer miyabei 125.5M 2015-02-25 TSUKUBA
5 DRP001954 DRA001876 Isolation of tomato mutants defective in carotenoid accumulation. Whole Genome Sequencing Solanum lycopersicum 24.5G 2014-03-25 TSUKUBA
6 DRP002890 DRA002578 Transcriptome analysis of ectopic expression of alx1 gene in starfish embryo Other Patiria pectinifera 38.3G 2014-10-06 TSUKUBA
7 DRP002891 DRA002580 RNAseq of isocrinoid sea lily Metacrinus rotundus embryos Other Metacrinus rotundus 4.3G 2014-10-07 TSUKUBA
8 DRP002892 DRA002579 RNAseq of sea cucumber Holothuria leucospilota embryos Other Holothuria leucospilota 12.1G 2014-10-07 TSUKUBA
9 DRP003230 DRA004608
Gene expression profile of a chlorarachniophyte, Bigelowiella natans Other Bigelowiella natans 80.6G 2016-04-02 TSUKUBA
10 DRP003362 DRA005303 RNA-seq of limpet Nipponacmea fuscoviridis Other Nipponacmea fuscoviridis 8.8G 2016-12-02 TSUKUBA
11 DRP003365 DRA005302 RNA-seq of serpulid worm Pomatoleios kraussii Other Pomatoleios kraussii 14.9G 2016-11-25 TSUKUBA
12 DRP003721 DRA005966 Wild-type Hiseq control data in the model tomato Micro-Tom Other Solanum lycopersicum 106.3G 2017-07-12 TSUKUBA
13 DRP003722 DRA005965 Exome sequencing of tomato curl mutants Other Solanum lycopersicum 19.7G 2017-07-12 TSUKUBA
14 DRP003746 DRA006010 RNAs associated with Sxl in Drosophila primordial germ cells Other Drosophila melanogaster 2.1G 2017-07-31 TSUKUBA
15 DRP003807 DRA004029 Analysis of Biological Soliton Other Dictyostelium discoideum 18.7G 2015-09-08 TSUKUBA
16 DRP003865 DRA005810 Tomato RNA-seq analysis Other Solanum lycopersicum 25G 2017-05-12 TSUKUBA
17 DRP003921 DRA006228 RNA-seq study in 30 different tissues of muskmelon Other Cucumis melo 48.2G 2017-10-02 TSUKUBA
18 DRP004142 DRA006430
Analysis of microbial community structure in bark of Acer palmatum. Other plant metagenome 413.4M 2019-04-03 TSUKUBA
19 DRP004156 DRA006662 Transcriptome analysis of blastula, brachiolaria larva and adult epidermis in starfish Patiria pectinifera Other Patiria pectinifera 46.3G 2018-03-19 TSUKUBA
20 DRP004210 DRA006814 Ecological impact evaluation by constructing in situ microcosm with porous ceramic arrowhead Other soil metagenome 172.2M 2018-04-28 TSUKUBA