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1 DRP001295 DRA001230 Comparative transcriptome analysis of immune response to oral Penicillium-fungus infection in D. virilis and D. melanogaster. Transcriptome Analysis Drosophila melanogaster
Drosophila virilis
123.4M 2013-11-25 TOKYO_METRO
2 DRP002791 DRA004064 Amplicon sequencing of melanin biosynthesis genes of Drosophila melanogaster Other Drosophila melanogaster 152.6M 2015-10-04 TOKYO_METRO
3 DRP003325 DRA004465 Genome sequencing of Drosophila obscura Other Drosophila obscura 80.3G 2016-02-17 TOKYO_METRO
4 DRP003327 DRA004464 Genome sequencing of Drosophila miranda Other Drosophila miranda 34G 2016-02-16 TOKYO_METRO
5 DRP003328 DRA004463 mRNA-seq of Drosophila miranda, D. pseudoobscura, and D. obscura Other Drosophila miranda
Drosophila obscura
Drosophila pseudoobscura
639.1G 2016-02-15 TOKYO_METRO
6 DRP003772 DRA006083
16S rRNA amplicon sequences of environmental samples from Nakabusa hot springs in Japan Other biofilm metagenome 109.9M 2018-02-09 TOKYO_METRO
7 DRP004080 DRA006590 nifH gene amplicon sequences of environmental samples from Nakabusa hot spring in Japan Other biofilm metagenome 132.5M 2018-02-09 TOKYO_METRO
8 DRP004673 DRA006520 RAD-seq of Drosophila introgression lines Other Drosophila simulans x Drosophila mauritiana 1.5G 2018-01-22 TOKYO_METRO
9 DRP004829 DRA008062 Genome analysis of a novel aerobic bacteriochlorophyll a-containing betaproteobacterium, Aquabacterium pictum W35 Other Aquabacterium pictum 1.5G 2019-02-12 TOKYO_METRO
10 DRP005341 DRA008795 Characterizing a new bacteriochlorophyll a-containing bacterium in the genus Litoreibacter Other Litoreibacter roseus 1.5G 2019-08-06 TOKYO_METRO
11 DRP005350 DRA008806 Characterizing a new bacterium belonging to the genus Roseobacter. Other Roseobacter cerasinus 2.8G 2019-08-06 TOKYO_METRO
12 DRP005372 DRA006755 RNA-seq of male genital development in Drosophila mauritiana Other Drosophila mauritiana 29.7G 2018-04-10 TOKYO_METRO
13 DRP005373 DRA006758 RNA-seq of male genital development in Drosophila simulnas Other Drosophila simulans 39.9G 2018-04-10 TOKYO_METRO