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1 DRP003426 DRA005414 Genome and transcriptome of parasite plants Orobanchaceae Other Aeginetia indica
Melampyrum roseum
Orobanche minor
Pedicularis keiskei
Phtheirospermum japonicum
175.9G 2016-12-20 SOKENDAI
2 DRP003490 DRA004942 The Origin of Fibromelanosis Using Genetic Comparison Between Indonesian Cemani Chicken and Other Domesticated Chickens Other Gallus gallus
Gallus varius
5.2G 2016-07-26 SOKENDAI
3 DRP003551 DRA004445 The fluorescent protein gene family in Acropora species Other Acropora digitifera
Acropora tenuis
34.7G 2016-02-09 SOKENDAI
4 DRP003576 DRA005288
Direct interaction through the carbon source between a lichen-forming alga and a novel bacterium Other Trebouxia sp. TZW2008
Usnea hakonensis
mixed sample
200.9G 2016-11-15 SOKENDAI
5 DRP003943 DRA006004 Transcriptome of Japanese Rana frogs Other Rana japonica
Rana ornativentris
Rana tagoi tagoi
70.8G 2017-07-27 SOKENDAI
6 DRP004373 DRA006434 Fluorescent protein gene family in Acropora digitifera Other Acropora digitifera 6.9G 2017-12-20 SOKENDAI
7 DRP004377 DRA006292 Genetic variation and expression difference in Acropora digitifera Other Acropora digitifera 143.2G 2017-10-28 SOKENDAI
8 DRP004866 DRA004559 Identification of genomic islands of speciation in Lake Victoria cichlids Other Haplochromis pyrrhocephalus
Haplochromis sp. 'macula'
79G 2016-03-15 SOKENDAI
9 DRP004875 DRA007628 Circatidal rhythmic expression in mangrove cricket Other Apteronemobius asahinai 112.1G 2018-11-27 SOKENDAI
10 DRP005799 DRA006766 Analysis of gene expression differences between humans and apes Other Gorilla gorilla gorilla
Homo sapiens
Pan troglodytes
Pongo pygmaeus
54.8G 2018-04-14 SOKENDAI
11 DRP005801 DRA006309 Genetic variation in Acropora tenuis Other Acropora tenuis 68.9G 2017-11-06 SOKENDAI