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1 DRP000086 DRA000086 Survey of short RNA expression after interference of RNAs expressed from retrotransposons Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 222.8M 2010-01-27 RIKEN_OSC
2 DRP000087 DRA000087 Survey of short RNA expression after interference of RNAs expressed from retrotransposons Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 691.1M 2010-01-26 RIKEN_OSC
3 DRP000155 DRA000155 CAGE analysis of whole adult brain and whole embryo rat transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Rattus norvegicus 4.4G 2010-02-14 RIKEN_OSC
4 DRP000169 DRA000169 Linking new promoters to functional transcripts in small samples with nanoCAGE and CAGEscan Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 19.4G 2010-04-19 RIKEN_OSC
5 DRP000206 DRA000205 A comprehensive survey of 3' animal miRNA modification events and a possible role for 3' adenylation in modulating miRNA targeting effectiveness Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 2.5G 2010-07-16 RIKEN_OSC
6 DRP000216 DRA000215 knockdown CAGE Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 9.7M 2010-08-09 RIKEN_OSC
7 DRP000372 DRA000368 Unamplified Cap Analysis of Gene Expression on a single molecule sequencer (HeliScopeCAGE) Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 15.2G 2011-03-25 RIKEN_OSC
8 DRP000402 DRA000396 The short non-coding transcriptome of the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi Transcriptome Analysis Trypanosoma cruzi 55.3M 2011-04-29 RIKEN_OSC
9 DRP000426 DRA000418 Chromatin associated RNAi components take part in active transcriptional regulation in Drosophila small RNA Drosophila melanogaster 2.7G 2011-07-14 RIKEN_OSC
10 DRP000436 DRA000428 454 libraries of PCR products for T cell receptors in regulatory and conventional CD4-expressing T lymphocytes Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 1.1G 2011-07-25 RIKEN_OSC
11 DRP000459 DRA000450 Novel AID target loci sharing unique features with immunoglobulin genes Whole Genome Sequencing Homo sapiens 16.7G 2011-09-13 RIKEN_OSC
12 DRP000464 DRA000455 pre-miRNA profiles obtained through application of locked nucleic acids reveals complex 5’/3’ arm variation including concomitant cleavage and polyuridylation patterns Transcriptome Sequencing Homo sapiens 15.3G 2011-09-23 RIKEN_OSC
13 DRP000493 DRA000474 O60-DA: Deep-RACE analysis of vomeronasal receptor loci. Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 150.8M 2011-10-12 RIKEN_OSC
14 DRP000494 DRA000474 O61-DA: Deep-RACE analysis of olfactory receptor loci. Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 315.2M 2011-10-12 RIKEN_OSC
15 DRP000495 DRA000475 Promotome analysis of A9 and A10 neurons. Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 3G 2011-10-11 RIKEN_OSC
16 DRP000515 DRA000491 O60-JA: Deep-RACE analysis of vomeronasal receptor loci Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 6.3M 2011-10-23 RIKEN_OSC
17 DRP000516 DRA000492 P12-CA: RACE analysis of BC1 and SNCA transcripts Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 5.9M 2011-10-12 RIKEN_OSC
18 DRP000520 DRA000496 Evaluation of Manual and Automatic prepared HeliScopeCAGE cDNA Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens 31.4G 2011-12-10 RIKEN_OSC
19 DRP000566 DRA000540 Site-specific DICER and DROSHA RNA products control the DNA damage response Transcriptome Analysis Mus musculus 11.9G 2012-04-20 RIKEN_OSC
20 DRP000578 DRA000552 Suppression of barcode bias in high-throughput transcriptome analyses utilizing template switching Transcriptome Analysis Homo sapiens
Rattus norvegicus
5.4G 2012-05-10 RIKEN_OSC