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1 DRP000897 DRA000863 Illumina sequencing of CFIm68 binding regions in Hela cells Epigenetics Homo sapiens 4.1G 2012-11-26 OSAKA_FB
2 DRP002677 DRA002606 Mouse Evolution Project Other Mus musculus 1.5T 2014-10-20 OSAKA_FB
3 DRP003043 DRA004229 Transcriptome analysis in ES1 expressing rods of zebrafish Other Danio rerio 2.7G 2015-12-09 OSAKA_FB
4 DRP003307 DRA004753 Histone modification in chicken Other Gallus gallus 129.4G 2016-05-24 OSAKA_FB
5 DRP004109 DRA004555 Carp retina mRNA de novo assembly Other Cyprinus carpio 4.7G 2016-03-14 OSAKA_FB
6 DRP004374 DRA004944
Screening of cell competition genes Other Mus musculus 18.2G 2016-08-02 OSAKA_FB
7 DRP004559 DRA005234
Analysis of epigenetic modifications in the chicken cells Other Drosophila melanogaster
Gallus gallus
601.8G 2018-07-19 OSAKA_FB
8 DRP005892 DRA009715 RNA sequencing of sorted vegetative cells of Dictyostelium discoideum Other Dictyostelium discoideum AX2 6.8G 2020-02-28 OSAKA_FB
9 DRP006340 DRA010587 Quantitative gene expression analysis of early postnatal hippocampal development in wild-type and Pol?-deficient mice using RNA-seq Other Mus musculus 7.1G 2020-07-25 OSAKA_FB
10 DRP006768 DRA008212 Arothron sp. Other Arothron carduus
Arothron diadematus
Arothron firmamentum
Arothron hispidus
Arothron immaculatus
Arothron manilensis
Arothron mappa
Arothron meleagris
Arothron multilineatus
Arothron nigropunctatus
Arothron reticularis
Arothron stellatus
1.1T 2019-03-21 OSAKA_FB
11 DRP007318 DRA008445 Gene expression analysis of zebrafish fin melanophores and xanthophores. Other Danio rerio 2.4G 2019-05-21 OSAKA_FB