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1 DRP000381 DRA000377 Study on the intrahost genome alteration in L. monocytogenes Whole Genome Sequencing Listeria monocytogenes 692.4M 2011-01-19 NIHS_BFR
2 DRP000596 DRA000568 Genome sequencing analysis of Campylobacter jejuni ST-4526 isolated in Japan Whole Genome Sequencing Campylobacter jejuni 302.1M 2012-05-25 NIHS_BFR
3 DRP000786 DRA000755 16S rRNA pyrosequencing analysis Targeted sequencing uncultured bacterium 69.8M 2012-09-27 NIHS_BFR
4 DRP001227 DRA001165 Draft genome of L. monocytogenes 1/2b strains Lm_0003, Lm_0008, and Lm_0010 Whole Genome Sequencing Listeria monocytogenes 314.9M 2013-09-30 NIHS_BFR
5 DRP001230 DRA001168 Draft genome sequence of Clostridium botulinum type A(B) strain in a foodborne infection case in Japan, 2012 Whole Genome Sequencing Clostridium botulinum 95.6M 2012-06-05 NIHS_BFR
6 DRP003254 DRA002464 16S rRNA bacterial community associated with radish sprouts Other uncultured bacterium 1.8G 2014-08-29 NIHS_BFR
7 DRP003276 DRA002513 16S rRNA pyrosequencing analysis for elucidation of bacterial community associated with lighly pickled vegetables Other uncultured bacterium 1.7G 2014-09-16 NIHS_BFR
8 DRP003296 DRA002552 Draft genome of L. monocytogenes 1/2b strains Lm_0014 and Lm_0020 Other Listeria monocytogenes 2.8G 2014-09-24 NIHS_BFR
9 DRP003326 DRA005223 STEC from wild deer Other Escherichia coli 4.3G 2016-10-25 NIHS_BFR
10 DRP003534 DRA003070 Draft genome of Campylobacter coli CC_036 Other Campylobacter coli 748.7M 2015-03-02 NIHS_BFR
11 DRP003552 DRA003071 Draft genome of Campylobacter coli CC_037 Other Campylobacter coli 828M 2015-03-03 NIHS_BFR
12 DRP003602 DRA005731 Campylobacter jejuni and coli associated with a large outbreak in 2016 Japan Other Campylobacter coli
Campylobacter jejuni
1.4G 2017-04-15 NIHS_BFR
13 DRP003612 DRA003527 16S rRNA pyrosequencing of bacterial community associated with lightly pickled vegetables Other food metagenome 3.1G 2015-04-25 NIHS_BFR
14 DRP003674 DRA005847 Draft genome sequences of Clostridium botulinum Azk2012 strain Other Clostridium botulinum 52.3M 2017-05-02 NIHS_BFR
15 DRP004077 DRA004501 Bacterial community structure of lightly pickled vegetables throughout revision of prerequisite program Other food metagenome 2.7G 2016-03-01 NIHS_BFR
16 DRP004132 DRA006667 Bacterial community structure in the intestine of Sika deer Other gut metagenome 888.2M 2018-03-26 NIHS_BFR
17 DRP004263 DRA004777 Bacterial community structure associated with game meats in Japan Other food metagenome 1.4G 2016-06-02 NIHS_BFR
18 DRP004307 DRA004848 STEC from wild deer meat Other Escherichia coli 1.3G 2016-07-01 NIHS_BFR
19 DRP004323 DRA007065 Campylobacter coli from swine Other Campylobacter coli 2.6G 2018-07-09 NIHS_BFR
20 DRP004795 DRA008001 Bacterial community structure of surface wipe samples at restaurant in Japan Other surface metagenome 1.8G 2019-01-27 NIHS_BFR