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1 DRP000501 DRA000480 Analysis of small RNAs in EGFP-Neo knock-in mouse testes small RNA Mus musculus 495.9M 2011-11-14 NIBB
2 DRP000561 DRA000535 transcriptome analysis in root nodules and arbuscular mycorrhiza during Lotus transcriptome analysis in root nodules and arbuscular mycorrhiza during Lotus japonicus root endosymbioses Transcriptome Sequencing Lotus japonicus 136.4G 2012-02-13 NIBB
3 DRP000629 DRA000598 transcriptome analysis of Lotus japonicus Transcriptome Sequencing Lotus japonicus 97.2G 2012-03-19 NIBB
4 DRP000935 DRA000902 Genome-wide mapping of DNA methylation in the Ciona intestinalis sperm genome by CAP-seq Epigenetics Ciona intestinalis 4.2G 2012-08-02 NIBB
5 DRP000940 DRA000907 Comparative transcriptome analysis between alga-free and alga-bearing Paramecium bursaria Transcriptome Sequencing Paramecium bursaria 46.6G 2012-08-23 NIBB
6 DRP001022 DRA000982 Burkholderia_RPE64_Genome Whole Genome Sequencing Caballeronia insecticola 547.8M 2013-05-02 NIBB
7 DRP001027 DRA000987 Complete Genome Sequence of Burkholderia sp. Strain RPE64, symbiont of the Bean Bug Whole Genome Sequencing Caballeronia insecticola 32.6G 2013-04-03 NIBB
8 DRP001131 DRA001084 Helicobacter pylori methylome analysis Epigenetics Helicobacter pylori F16
Helicobacter pylori F30
Helicobacter pylori F32
Helicobacter pylori F57
Helicobacter pylori P12
88.9K 2013-07-10 NIBB
9 DRP001270 DRA001205 Symbiont-containing voluminous jelly as an extraordinary maternal gift for overwintering insect nymphs Whole Genome Sequencing Enterobacteriaceae 6.9G 2013-10-18 NIBB
10 DRP001319 DRA001254 De novo sequencing and characterization of transcriptome in the american cockroach Periplaneta americana Transcriptome Sequencing Periplaneta americana 11.3G 2013-12-11 NIBB
11 DRP001918 DRA001845 transcriptome analysis of roots in Lotus japonicus. Transcriptome Sequencing Lotus japonicus 2.7G 2012-03-21 NIBB
12 DRP002314 DRA002232 Burkholderia_RPE67_Genome Whole Genome Sequencing Burkholderia sp. RPE67 1.8G 2014-04-28 NIBB
13 DRP002447 DRA002955 Sarracenia purpurea RNA-seq Other Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa 24.8G 2015-01-19 NIBB
14 DRP002580 DRA002725 RNA-seq analysis of Daphnia pulex reared under female- and male-inducing conditions Other Daphnia pulex 53.5G 2014-11-14 NIBB
15 DRP002682 DRA002581 Transcriptome analysis of non-infected roots in Lotus japonicus. Other Lotus japonicus 6.9G 2014-10-10 NIBB
16 DRP002720 DRA002913 RNAseq from three castes of the Camponotus japonicus Other Camponotus japonicus 69.7G 2015-01-15 NIBB
17 DRP002784 DRA002591 Transcriptome analysis in Rhizophagus irregularis Other Rhizophagus irregularis DAOM 181602=DAOM 197198 27.5G 2014-10-02 NIBB
18 DRP002806 DRA004128
RNA-seq analysis of alligator gonad during sex determination Other Alligator mississippiensis 75.8G 2015-11-04 NIBB
19 DRP003253 DRA002462 Transcriptome analysis during legume-rhizobium symbiosis Other Lotus japonicus
Mesorhizobium japonicum MAFF 303099
152.1G 2014-08-28 NIBB
20 DRP003256 DRA001121
The Japanese morning glory genome sequence Other Ipomoea nil 844.7G 2015-11-16 NIBB