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1 DRP002842 DRA002853 Bombyx mori cultured fat bodies transcriptome Other Bombyx mori 23.6G 2014-12-18 NBIODATA
2 DRP003107 DRA004723 allomyrina dichotoma spindle shaped cells Other Trypoxylus dichotomus tunobosonis 1.9G 2016-05-06 NBIODATA
3 DRP003620 DRA005765 Phenobarbital exposed CHO-K1 cells Other Cricetulus griseus 7.3G 2017-04-29 NBIODATA
4 DRP003914 DRA004159 CHO cells Other Cricetulus griseus 46.7G 2015-11-13 NBIODATA
5 DRP004102 DRA006639 Single cell transcriptome analysis of CHO-K1 cells Other Cricetulus griseus 20.5G 2018-02-27 NBIODATA
6 DRP004409 DRA007073 Genomes of microorganisms isolated from the midgut of beetle Other Enterococcus sp. nbd1048
Mucor sp. nbd1049
367.3M 2017-11-29 NBIODATA
7 DRP004695 DRA005398 Induced pluripotent stem cell (201B7) classified by morphological difference Other Homo sapiens 2.2G 2016-12-22 NBIODATA
8 DRP004803 DRA006016 Transcriptome of cultured CHO-S cells Other Cricetulus griseus 21.4G 2017-08-01 NBIODATA
9 DRP005126 DRA005860 CHO-DG44 Other Cricetulus griseus 32.6G 2017-06-02 NBIODATA
10 DRP005207 DRA005920 Mahafacyclin B exposed CHO-K1 cells Other Cricetulus griseus 5.6G 2017-06-27 NBIODATA
11 DRP005208 DRA006123 cis-/trans-Permethrin induced silkworm fat body transcriptome Other Bombyx mori 3.6G 2017-06-27 NBIODATA
12 DRP005211 DRA005919 Polyploid CHO cells Other Cricetulus griseus 11.3G 2017-06-27 NBIODATA
13 DRP005548 DRA006307 Japanese rhinoceros beetle larval hemocytes single cell transcriptome Other Trypoxylus dichotomus 14.9G 2017-10-31 NBIODATA
14 DRP006599 DRA010769 Kabutomushi Genome Other Trypoxylus dichotomus 18.8G 2020-09-02 NBIODATA
15 DRP006838 DRA011291 kaiko RNA-seq culture with Leaves Other Bombyx mori 19.9G 2020-12-21 NBIODATA
16 DRP006855 DRA007812 Thermal hysteresis in CHO K1, a Chinese Hamster (Cricetulus griseus) Ovary derived established cell line Other Cricetulus griseus 15.4G 2018-12-29 NBIODATA
17 DRP006936 DRA008075 Cell culture with semiconductor devices materials Other Cricetulus griseus 23.6G 2019-01-24 NBIODATA