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1 DRP000419 DRA000412 mRNA-seq of petiole laticifer of mulberry Transcriptome Sequencing Morus alba 24M 2011-07-04 KYOTO_IT
2 DRP004055 DRA005909
Hybrid dysgenesis of natural strains in Drosophila and piRNA Other Drosophila melanogaster 1.2G 2017-06-21 KYOTO_IT
3 DRP004147 DRA006162
RNA-seq of Ficus carica latex Other Ficus carica 25.2G 2017-09-12 KYOTO_IT
4 DRP006113 DRA006841 ALS and piRNA 1 Other Drosophila melanogaster 405.1M 2018-05-13 KYOTO_IT