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1 DRP005482 DRA008219 Metaviromic analyses on crane fecal samples Other Crane-associated adenovirus 1
feces metagenome
64.3G 2019-03-26 KYOTO_IFLMS
2 DRP005506 DRA008912
Analyses of micro RNA expressed from cells persistently infected by simian foamy virus derived from Japanese macaque Other Homo sapiens 8.6G 2019-09-03 KYOTO_IFLMS
3 DRP006410 DRA010411 RNA-seq analysis of fibrotic livers from Treg specific Amphiregulin KO mice. Other Mus musculus 42.3G 2020-06-17 KYOTO_IFLMS
4 DRP006940 DRA011435 Identification of feline foamy virus-derived miRNA Other Felis catus 2.5G 2021-01-24 KYOTO_IFLMS
5 DRP007142 DRA011794 RNA epigenome and epitranscriptome of influenza A virus Other Influenza A virus 607.4G 2021-03-31 KYOTO_IFLMS
6 DRP007328 DRA012085 RNA-seq of uninfected cells Other Homo sapiens 4.6G 2021-05-22 KYOTO_IFLMS