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1 DRP000513 DRA000489 Bacterial community of Korean traditional fermented foods Metagenomics food metagenome 55.6M 2011-11-28 KFRI
2 DRP000811 DRA000780 Bacterial community of chinese soybean pastes Metagenomics food fermentation metagenome 138.1M 2012-10-11 KFRI
3 DRP004502 DRA005167 Analysis of the gut microbiota in DIO mouse fed bentonite Other mouse gut metagenome 1.4G 2016-10-05 KFRI
4 DRP004603 DRA005283 Korean gut microbiota Other human gut metagenome 1.1G 2016-11-23 KFRI
5 DRP004605 DRA005286 Preventive effect of probiotics in radiotherapy Other human gut metagenome 2.4G 2016-11-25 KFRI
6 DRP004630 DRA005300 Bacterial community of jeotgal. Other food metagenome 41.7M 2016-12-02 KFRI
7 DRP005332 DRA006040 Nutrikinetic study of genistein metabolites in ovariectomized mice Other mouse gut metagenome 2.9G 2017-08-04 KFRI
8 DRP005532 DRA006266 Bioavailability of isoflavone metabolites after Korean fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) ingestion in estrogen deficiency-induced rats Other rat gut metagenome 5G 2017-10-24 KFRI
9 DRP005622 DRA006354 Analysis of the rumen microbiotawih resistant starch-degrading bacteria fermentation Other bovine gut metagenome 873.7M 2017-11-23 KFRI
10 DRP005811 DRA006545 Microbial community analysis of beef tenderloin Other food metagenome 2G 2018-02-06 KFRI
11 DRP005831 DRA006554 Analysis of the gut microbiota in DIO mouse with AO356 supplementation Other mouse gut metagenome 1.5G 2018-02-13 KFRI
12 DRP005874 DRA006616 Analysis of the gut microbiota in DIO mouse fed DMCS Other mouse gut metagenome 4.7G 2018-03-01 KFRI
13 DRP005995 DRA006695 Pectin fermentation on the human feces Other human gut metagenome 3.2G 2018-04-06 KFRI
14 DRP006863 DRA006215 Microbial diversity on cafeteria kitchen Other surface metagenome 484.6M 2017-09-26 KFRI
15 DRP007054 DRA008111 Effect of raw potato starch on the gut microbiome and metabolome in mice Other mouse gut metagenome 1.5G 2019-03-12 KFRI
16 DRP007113 DRA008223 Difference in the Effect of Probiotics on Obesity Related Markers according to Enterotypes Other human gut metagenome 5.4G 2019-04-01 KFRI