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1 DRP000221 DRA000220 Whole genome sequencing of Oryzias latipes Hd-rR Whole Genome Sequencing Oryzias latipes 4.8G 2010-08-12 KEIO-SM
2 DRP003320 DRA002622 HIV-1 tropism determination Using NGS Other Human immunodeficiency virus 1 46M 2014-10-27 KEIO-SM
3 DRP003544 DRA005221 Mouse NS/PCs DNA methylome (PBAT) Other Mus musculus 938.6G 2016-10-21 KEIO-SM
4 DRP003709 DRA005931 CRISPR-Cas9 screen for PD-1 expression in 68-41 cells Other Mus musculus 554.4M 2017-06-30 KEIO-SM
5 DRP003895 DRA005993 PBAT analysis of murine iTregs induced under normoxia and hypoxia conditions Other Mus musculus 14.5G 2017-07-20 KEIO-SM
6 DRP004467 DRA006211 4C-seq for wild type and rearranged alleles at the Tfap2c-Bmp7 locus in mouse ES cells Other Mus musculus 8.4G 2017-09-21 KEIO-SM
7 DRP004563 DRA007475
Klebsiella pneumoniae isolated from patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis Other human gut metagenome
mouse gut metagenome
6.2G 2018-10-22 KEIO-SM
8 DRP004790 DRA007928 Genome methylation profile of iPSCs reprogrammed and/or maintenanced with 3i Other Mus musculus 28.8G 2018-07-19 KEIO-SM