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1 DRP000009 DRA000009 Subsurface mine microbial mat metagenome Metagenomics microbial mat metagenome 259.6M 2009-08-20 JAMSTEC
2 DRP000160 DRA000160 Genome reconstruction of previously uncultivated lineages of thermophilic archaeotes Metagenomics microbial mat metagenome 174.3M 2010-04-13 JAMSTEC
3 DRP000458 DRA000449 Microbial diversity in deep-sea methane seep sediments presented by SSU rRNA gene tag sequencing Population Genomics uncultured prokaryote 2.2M 2011-09-12 JAMSTEC
4 DRP000490 DRA000471 Comparative study of subseafloor microbial community structures in deeply buried coral fossils and sediment matrices from the Challenger Mound in the Porcupine Seabight Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 119.5M 2011-10-05 JAMSTEC
5 DRP000590 DRA000564 Metagenomic analyses of the viral communities in (hado)pelagic sediments Metagenomics marine sediment metagenome 114.1M 2012-03-09 JAMSTEC
6 DRP000591 DRA000565 Microbial community structures of active black or clear chimneys sampled from Kairei and Edmond hydrothermal fields in Central Indian Ridge. Population Genomics uncultured marine microorganism 13.9M 2012-03-14 JAMSTEC
7 DRP000600 DRA000572 Whole genome sequencing of Halococcus sp. 197A Whole Genome Sequencing Halococcus agarilyticus 103.4M 2012-06-04 JAMSTEC
8 DRP000646 DRA000615 Impact of Seismogenic Fault Activities on Deep Subseafloor Life Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 254.9M 2012-04-06 JAMSTEC
9 DRP001019 DRA000980 Microbial diversity in organic rich pelagic subseafloor sediments presented by SSU rRNA Metagenomics prokaryotic environmental samples 109M 2013-03-27 JAMSTEC
10 DRP001072 DRA001030 An improved hot-alkaline DNA extraction method for deep subseafloor microbial communities Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 236M 2013-06-05 JAMSTEC
11 DRP001073 DRA001031 Metabolically active microbial communities in marine sediment under high-CO2 and low-pH extremes Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 19.9M 2013-06-05 JAMSTEC
12 DRP001076 DRA001034 Deep mud-volcano biosphere in the Nankai accretionary wedge Population Genomics marine sediment metagenome 263.8M 2013-06-06 JAMSTEC
13 DRP001080 DRA001038 Phylogenetic analyses of Palpitomonas Transcriptome Analysis Goniomonas sp. ATCC PRA-68
Palpitomonas bilix
123.8M 2013-06-11 JAMSTEC
14 DRP001173 DRA001118 Whole genome sequencing of Loktanella cinnabarina LL-001 Whole Genome Sequencing Limimaricola cinnabarinus 268M 2013-05-22 JAMSTEC
15 DRP001183 DRA001127 Whole genome sequencing of Brevundimonas abyssalis TAR-001 Whole Genome Sequencing Brevundimonas abyssalis 245M 2013-05-22 JAMSTEC
16 DRP001191 DRA001135 Whole genome sequencing of Sphingobium sp. KK22 Whole Genome Sequencing Sphingobium barthaii 369.5M 2013-09-06 JAMSTEC
17 DRP001208 DRA001152 The phylogenetic position of Tsukubamonas globosa Transcriptome Sequencing Tsukubamonas globosa 82.3M 2013-02-17 JAMSTEC
18 DRP002414 DRA002478 Whole genome sequencing of Novosphingobium sp. MBES04 Other Novosphingobium sp. MBES04 944.2M 2014-08-08 JAMSTEC
19 DRP002499 DRA002518 16S rRNA gene diversity, Microbial diversity of the Challenger Deep water column. Other uncultured marine microorganism 468.9M 2014-09-17 JAMSTEC
20 DRP002620 DRA003271 Whole genome sequencing of Aneurinibacillus tyrosinisolvens LL-002 Other Aneurinibacillus tyrosinisolvens 532.5M 2015-01-20 JAMSTEC