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1 ERP000086 ERA000182 Contrasted patterns of organization and evolution of the wheat gene and transposable element spaces revealed by megabase level genome sequencing Whole Genome Sequencing Triticum aestivum 2G INRA
2 ERP000818 ERA041426 Whole Genome Profiling provides a robust framework for physical mapping and sequencing in the highly complex and repetitive wheat genome Pooled Clone Sequencing Triticum aestivum 3.5G INRA
3 ERP003654 ERA242203 Sequencing the Triticum aestivum chromosome 3B Other INRA
4 ERP003880 ERA250272
Micro-Tom MM cultivar resequencing. Population Genomics Solanum lycopersicum 58.3G INRA
5 ERP004317 ERA267137
Origin and ecological selection of core and food-specific bacterial communities associated with meat and seafood spoilage. Metagenomics food metagenome 1.3G INRA
6 ERP004720 ERA284058 Differential expression of chemosensory transcriptomes in two stains of Sesamia nonagrioides Transcriptome Analysis Sesamia nonagrioides 19.7G INRA
7 ERP006076 ERA327057
The Genowine project: Comparative genomics of wine and flor strains Other Saccharomyces cerevisiae 62.8G INRA
8 ERP006134 ERA327058
Engineering the pentose phosphate pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using an evolutionary engineering based strategy. Population Genomics Saccharomyces cerevisiae 21.1G INRA
9 ERP006135 ERA320170 Reduction of ethanol yield and improvement of glycerol formation by adaptive evolution of a wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae under hyperosmotic conditions. Population Genomics Saccharomyces cerevisiae 31.6G INRA
10 ERP006742 ERA349805 Equine cartilage and bone miRNA repertoires Transcriptome Analysis Equus caballus 45.2G INRA
11 ERP007717 ERA206887 The SOS response controls intrinsic resistance to cephalosporins Whole Genome Sequencing INRA
12 ERP009536 ERA409699 Integrative computational approaches reveal the Saccharomyces cerevisiae pheno-metabolomic profile. Other Saccharomyces cerevisiae 32.9G INRA
13 ERP012870 ERA525997 This study shows that S. aureus is more versatile than recently concluded. First, mutants selected on the FabI inhibitor triclosan are about 100-fold more frequent when fatty acids are available. A novel FASII bypass target is identified as FabD, a malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylase. Other Staphylococcus aureus 3.4G INRA
14 ERP014571 ERA581453 Draft genomes of Anaplasma phagocytophilum from six cows, two horses and two roe deer collected in Europe Other INRA
15 ERP015142 ERA606777 RNA-Seq analysis in bovine muscle Transcriptome Analysis Bos taurus 55.9G INRA
16 ERP016310 ERA669900 complete genome of Enterococcus faecalis bacteriophage Idefix Other Enterococcus faecalis 15.9M INRA
17 ERP016643 ERA678450 Genome of B. cereus group strains with particular adaptation properties Other INRA
18 ERP016959 ERA694499 Genotyping by sequecing using RADseq for high resolutive linkage map construction in Fusarium graminearum Other INRA
19 ERP018586 ERA740473 BAC sequencing related to WRKY genes Other INRA
20 ERP018943 ERA741714 Starvation effect on the chemosensory transcriptome of Spodoptera littoralis larvae Other Spodoptera littoralis 312.3M INRA