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1 DRP000621 DRA000590 Tick microbiomes revealed by Batch Learning Self-Organizing Maps (BLSOMs) Metagenomics Amblyomma testudinarium
Amblyomma variegatum
Haemaphysalis formosensis
Haemaphysalis longicornis
Ixodes ovatus
Ixodes persulcatus
Ixodes ricinus
160.5M 2012-06-06 HU-RCZC
2 DRP000644 DRA000613 Whole-genome sequencing of nine Theileria parva strains. Whole Genome Sequencing Theileria parva 6.2G 2012-07-24 HU-RCZC
3 DRP000948 DRA000913 Comparative genomic analysis of Leptospira interrogans isolates from Japan and the Philippines Whole Genome Sequencing Leptospira interrogans serovar Australis
Leptospira interrogans serovar Autumnalis
Leptospira interrogans serovar Canicola
Leptospira interrogans serovar Copenhageni/Icterohaemorrhagiae
Leptospira interrogans serovar Hebdomadis
Leptospira interrogans serovar Manilae
712.7M 2013-01-17 HU-RCZC
4 DRP001038 DRA000997 Tracking the Taylorella equigenitalis outbreaks with whole genome characterization. Whole Genome Sequencing Taylorella equigenitalis 14.8G 2013-04-10 HU-RCZC
5 DRP001190 DRA001134 Discovery of a Novel Nairovirus Random Shotgun Sequencing viral metagenome 189.8M 2013-09-05 HU-RCZC
6 DRP001804 DRA001731 Microbial population analysis of tick salivary glands; a possible strategy for the surveillance of bacterial pathogens. amplicon analysis organismal metagenomes 155.6M 2014-02-21 HU-RCZC
7 DRP002366 DRA002561 Shrew fecal metagenome Other gut metagenome 1.7G 2014-10-03 HU-RCZC
8 DRP002652 DRA002619 Whole genome analysis of Thogoto virus isolated in Japan Other Thogoto thogotovirus 32.2M 2014-10-28 HU-RCZC
9 DRP002748 DRA001239
Bacillus anthracis strains isolated in Zambia genome sequencing project Other Bacillus anthracis 9.9G 2013-11-03 HU-RCZC
10 DRP003267 DRA004164 RNA-seq Analysis of Tree shrew liver Other Tupaia belangeri 4.5G 2015-11-13 HU-RCZC
11 DRP003359 DRA004338 Application of Optimistic protein Alignment of Reads for genome sequencing of mouse picobirnavirus Other mouse gut metagenome 568M 2016-01-14 HU-RCZC
12 DRP003666 DRA005314
RNAseq of ARNAX treated tumors Other Mus musculus 35.7G 2016-12-05 HU-RCZC
13 DRP003710 DRA003818 Endogenous viral sequences detected in an Ixodes scapularis-derived cell line Other viral metagenome 1.5G 2015-08-03 HU-RCZC
14 DRP004163 DRA006698 shogun metagenomic analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 14.4G 2018-04-02 HU-RCZC
15 DRP004164 DRA006697 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in HKU Other freshwater metagenome 8.5M 2017-02-09 HU-RCZC
16 DRP004176 DRA006775 Metagenomic analysis in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand Other soil metagenome 5.9G 2018-04-12 HU-RCZC
17 DRP004181 DRA006774 Metagenomic analysis in Bangkok, Thailand Other freshwater metagenome 9.1G 2018-04-12 HU-RCZC
18 DRP004196 DRA006806 16S rRNA amplicon analysis in BKK Other freshwater metagenome 547.9M 2017-02-06 HU-RCZC
19 DRP004224 DRA006389 Transcriptome of Theileria orientalis Other Theileria orientalis 8.8G 2017-11-24 HU-RCZC
20 DRP004238 DRA002645 Genome analysis of Mukawa virus Other Mukawa virus 23.5M 2014-11-10 HU-RCZC