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1 DRP000518 DRA000494 Genome analysis of marine vibrios Whole Genome Sequencing Vibrio gallicus
Vibrio neonatus
Vibrio porteresiae
Vibrio ruber
405M 2011-11-29 HOKU_FS
2 DRP001917 DRA001844 Japanese brook lamprey transcriptome Transcriptome Sequencing Lethenteron reissneri 7.8G 2013-12-10 HOKU_FS
3 DRP001925 DRA001852 Transcriptome of Hokkaido salamander Transcriptome Analysis Hynobius retardatus 126.3G 2014-03-05 HOKU_FS
4 DRP002752 DRA004026 microbiota assessments of children's paddling pool waters Other uncultured microorganism 10.2M 2015-09-22 HOKU_FS
5 DRP003193 DRA004887 Transcriptome in granulosa layer of masu salmon Oncorhynchus masou Other Oncorhynchus masou masou 1.3G 2016-07-14 HOKU_FS
6 DRP003907 DRA004176 Sea cucmber gut microbiome Other gut metagenome
seawater metagenome
4.6G 2015-11-17 HOKU_FS
7 DRP004048 DRA004916 metagenome from soft coral Eleutherobia sp. Other coral metagenome 8G 2016-02-16 HOKU_FS
8 DRP004050 DRA004915 metagenome from marine sponge Mycale sp. Other sponge metagenome 7.7G 2016-02-16 HOKU_FS
9 DRP004276 DRA006833 New species description on genus Vibrio Other Vibrio algivorus
Vibrio aphrogenes
Vibrio casei
Vibrio litoralis DSM 17657
Vibrio rumoiensis
13.8G 2018-04-16 HOKU_FS
10 DRP006426 DRA009914 Genome sequencing of Vibrio species Other Vibrio aphrogenes 585.5M 2020-03-26 HOKU_FS
11 DRP006428 DRA010290 sea cucumber microbiome Other gut metagenome 1.8G 2020-03-26 HOKU_FS
12 DRP006464 DRA002596 RNA-seq analysis of alginate-grown Vibrio halioticoli cells Other Vibrio halioticoli 3.2G 2014-10-16 HOKU_FS
13 DRP006473 DRA002597 RNA-seq analysis of H2 producing Vibrio tritonius cells Other Vibrio tritonius 5.7G 2014-10-16 HOKU_FS
14 DRP006516 DRA010703 Morisatoumi Other fish metagenome 1.3G 2020-08-18 HOKU_FS
15 DRP006841 DRA007813 Seasonal_dynamics_of_sea_cucumber_gut_microbiome Other invertebrate gut metagenome
marine metagenome
sediment metagenome
2.4G 2018-12-25 HOKU_FS