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1 DRP000881 DRA000850 Alteration of the Structure of Humic Acids by Bacteria from the Deep Subsurface Miocene and Pliocene Formations in Northernmost Japan. Metagenomics groundwater metagenome 160.6K 2012-10-31 H-RISE
2 DRP005349 DRA006057 Microbial community analysis in the terrestrial subsurface lignite seam of the Tempoku coalfield, Hokkaido, Japan. Other groundwater metagenome 2.5G 2017-08-09 H-RISE
3 DRP005993 DRA006757 Enriched microbes from lignite in the presence of lignite-H2O2 reaction solution Other coal metagenome 1.1G 2018-04-05 H-RISE
4 DRP006177 DRA009889
Draft genome sequences of 2 bacterial isolates in the genus Desulfovibrio. Other Desulfovibrio psychrotolerans
Desulfovibrio subterraneus
2.3G 2020-03-23 H-RISE