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1 DRP001294 DRA001229 Novel giant siphovirus from Bacillus anthracis features unusual genome characteristics Whole Genome Sequencing Bacillus phage vB_BanS-Tsamsa 167.2M 2013-11-21 GBSF_UCD
2 SRP004854 SRA027228 Sequencing and genomic analysis of lettuce Transcriptome Analysis Lactuca sativa 15.7G 2010-12-13 GBSF_UCD
3 SRP202463 SRA902781 Sequencing CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS Other Carthamus tinctorius 30.5M GBSF_UCD
4 SRP202464 SRA902782 Sequencing CENTAUREA MACULOSA Other Centaurea maculosa 30.2M GBSF_UCD
5 SRP202465 SRA902783 Sequencing CENTAUREA SOLSTITIALIS Other Centaurea solstitialis 31M GBSF_UCD
6 SRP202466 SRA902784 Sequencing CICHORIUM ENDIVIA Other Cichorium endivia 21.7M GBSF_UCD
7 SRP202467 SRA902785 Sequencing CICHORIUM INTYBUS Other Cichorium intybus 28.9M GBSF_UCD
8 SRP202468 SRA902786 Sequencing HELIANTHUS ANNUUS Other Helianthus annuus 47.9M GBSF_UCD
9 SRP202469 SRA902787 Sequencing HELIANTHUS ARGOPHYLLUS Other Helianthus argophyllus 24.2M GBSF_UCD
10 SRP202470 SRA902788 Sequencing HELIANTHUS CILIARIS Other Helianthus ciliaris 16.8M GBSF_UCD
11 SRP202471 SRA902789 Sequencing HELIANTHUS EXILIS Other Helianthus exilis 24.1M GBSF_UCD
12 SRP202472 SRA902790 Sequencing HELIANTHUS PARADOXUS Other Helianthus paradoxus 20.9M GBSF_UCD
13 SRP202473 SRA902791 Sequencing HELIANTHUS PETIOLARIS Other Helianthus petiolaris 21.2M GBSF_UCD
14 SRP202474 SRA902792 Sequencing HELIANTHUS TUBEROSUS Other Helianthus tuberosus 33M GBSF_UCD
15 SRP202475 SRA902793 Sequencing LACTUCA PERENNIS Other Lactuca perennis 22.9M GBSF_UCD
16 SRP202476 SRA902794 Sequencing LACTUCA SALIGNA Other Lactuca saligna 23.6M GBSF_UCD
17 SRP202477 SRA902795 Sequencing LACTUCA SATIVA Other Lactuca sativa 59.5M GBSF_UCD
18 SRP202478 SRA902796 Sequencing LACTUCA SERRIOLA Other Lactuca serriola 38.9M GBSF_UCD
19 SRP202479 SRA902797 Sequencing LACTUCA VIROSA Other Lactuca virosa 23.1M GBSF_UCD
20 SRP202480 SRA902798 Sequencing TARAXACUM OFFICINALE Other Taraxacum officinale 32M GBSF_UCD