Project Detail : PRJDB6731

Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeGenome Sequencing

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Project titleamoA genes repond to long-term fertilization
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AOA and AOB amoA genes were determined to examiend effect of long-term fertilization on AOA and AOB community structure in an acidic Ultisol. The field experiment ran for 27 years and comprised seven treatments: no fertilization (control); inorganic NPK fertilizer (N); inorganic NPK fertilizer + lime (CaCO3) (NL); inorganic NPK fertilizer + peanut straw (NPS); inorganic NPK fertilizer + rice straw (NRS); inorganic NPK fertilizer + radish (NR); and inorganic NPK fertilizer + pig manure (NPM). The main objective of this study was to examine the effects of long-term fertilization on nitrification and associated functional microbial groups (AOA and AOB amoA) in an acidic Ultisol. To achieve this, soil samples from a long-term field experiment was collected and analyzed using quantitative PCR and high-throughput sequencing. We hypothesized that long-term fertilization would exert significant influence on nitrification activity and abundance and community structure of AOA and AOB
Release Date2018-07-22

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Organism namesoil metagenome
Taxonomy ID410658